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Alfred's Odd Ode #289

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 06:11:21 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:45:38 -0500
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #289

Apology to MW #289 (For January 16, 1999)

Come on up -- I'll fill your bucket, and I'll give you much to
chew when I show you what's around to be assessed.  At first a
little scary, when the ground begins to quake, but the shakedown
is deliverance to discover that you're blessed! You'll have what
keeps your button pushed -- have everything you need, a place to
study facts you lack to bring you up to speed. A place to lay a
tired brow that's clean and smells just right. An engagement of
your faculties that's yours alone -- no need to fight. . .It's
an unpolluted meadow, or a river rife with fish. It's finding
there are _other_ ways to be successful -- rich. It's receiving
due respect from those you work to keep _afloat_. It's not
suffering their sneers, derision -- or failing while they gloat.

Happy satisfaction (?) or despair in their distraction as they
milk your very _glands_ for what they have.  And you'll do
without a piss break, so you won't have much to drink, and your
wounds will see no medicine or salve.  While they short you on
the front end -- your *specific* contract pay, they will short
you on the back end to erode your health away. But fan detested
gonads (!), then, to sell their toxic soap, decrying sex (which
happens!) as the _wage_ of Satan's joke. And _them_ the ones so
teasing (!), as they rub it in your face! And them the ones
you're pleasing when you give in to disgrace! It's why we're
taught to keep sex _dirty_ -- a forbidden price is _high_. If
sex was honored . . . natural (?) -- the _price_ goes down, is
why <g>.

Their tease regarding UFOs is wall to wall TV! They're in our
papers/magazines -- displayed for you to _see_. Festooned with
woo-woo music, and a digitized effect, we're jerked beyond
credulity, so the facts will lose respect. The mainstream keeps
it's distance, and the NASA  stays aloof! They won't go on the
Jeff Rense Show! They won't _discuss_ the truth. They're not
open and forthcoming, and it's said they might conspire with the
forces of *convenience* that may keep us from our hearts desire!

It could _mean_ that we're autonomous, and too strong to be
assailed -- on the lip of newer wonders that some *Starfolk*
might detail.  It could _simply_ mean there's starfolk, and a
lot of them out *there*. We discounted Drake's equation (when we
_could not take_ the number's dare)!  Let sleeping dogs alone,
we whined (but out of mean convenience). Our lives we've based
on futures that _exclude_ our craft and genius . We make our
strained assumptions putting castles in the air, and deny the
watching Starfolk that have always hovered there.  From time
gone unrecorded they have been in human skies. Have they made
their long recording of _our_ litany of lies? They'll play it
for us soon, perhaps, then wait for _your_ denial. When crying's
done we'll find, I'll bet, absolution's clean and final. The
future that we plan is surly gone, I am assured, but the future
that replaces it is bigger, grander -- pure.

The future that's portended will be seen and _not_ pretended,
and the satisfaction gained will awe inspire! We will live
beyond pretensions, and ignore our class distinctions as we
build on firmer ground than what's now _known_ to be conspired!
We will build upon new ethics in a wealth of new eclectics that
we knew not were abundant in our fog. And we'll find that our
behavior's more inclusive -- it's our SAVIOR, while =E9litists see
their error in the past, and all along. C'mon up and fill your
bucket with the facts you haven't chewed yet, and don't worry
that it tastes a lot like crow -- it may taste a little worse
before you finish what needs chewing, but then tasting, far, far
better than you know!


Restore John Ford!

Explore the Alien View!
Ponder the Wit & Wisdom of Ching Chow!


<Updated 8 January>

John Ford Restoration Fund -- Send your checks and
money orders to _me_, Alfred Lehmberg
(cut out the lawyers, they got their's) at:
304 Melbourne Drive, Enterprise AL, 36330. Strict records kept.

"Only thin, _very light_ envelopes with a return address will be
accepted <g>." ~~~ $225.00 pledged -- $125.00 collected ~~~

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake.

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