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Re: RPIT Test

From: Larry Hatch <larryhat@jps.net>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 05:49:09 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 12:17:03 -0500
Subject: Re: RPIT Test

>From: John W. Ratcliff <jratcliff@worldnet.att.net>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: RPIT Test
>Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:35:07 -0600


>Quick comment. I've been more than slightly skeptical of the
>whole Roswell Photo Interpretation team hyperbole. Of course,
>the idea is kind of fun, especially reports of memos offering
>tantalizing details, a time capsule of the great mythological
>'first coming'.

>In the past I found it rather hysterical that the rhetoric from
>James Bond Johnson included statements like "can clearly be
>seen", in reference to blobs, blurs, and splotches. Most of his
>proffered evidence has compelled me to offer Mr. Johnson a gift
>certificate to Lenscrafters.

I had to laugh at one line in your messagew, the one referring
to Lenscrafters!

I am not referring to J. B. Johnson in particular, but to any
number of people who see the most intricate structures in what
looks to me like a pile of rocks or the like.

I do not have poor eyesight. I do wear reading glasses now
that I'm (well) past age 40, when I started using them.

Over and over we are asked to look at pictures of "obviously
artificial" structures when the only thing obvious is wishful
thinking on the part of the originator.

"Psychological projection" is too much of a buzzword for my
tastes ( tonight at least ) .. so I just call it wishful

Its a bit like the time I saw a missing loved one everywhere I
looked some years ago. Disappointing.

My eyesight was fine. I didn't need Lenscrafters, I needed a
bite out of the reality sandwich .. I needed

Anyone who wants pyramids on Mars will find them.  If they want
the BVM ( Holy Virgin ) to appear bad enough, She will oblige
them. Monsters are a dime a dozen.

The next time someone touts some rock pile or humus heap as a
railway line on the moon ( or Mars or ..... ) I suggest that
there are any number of good double-blind tests that may be
applied. This is way out of my turf, but there are plenty
of others who know how to design such experiments.

I've lost count of how many slow loading .jpegs and .gifs I have
wasted time on, only to find cracks in a dry lake bed, impact
debris, erosive features and other perfectly natural nearly
rectilinear extra-geological artifacts of nature alone.

If some alien presence is elusive, hidden or camouflaged on
Earth, is it likely "they" would put up the equivalent of a
neon sign within the range of telescopes or interplanetary

I think not.

Best regards

- Larry Hatch

= = = = =

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