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The Truth

From: The Kairos <thekairos@the-word-is-truth.org>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 01:33:27 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:33:35 -0500
Subject: The Truth

Hello friend,

My name is Joseph P. Firmage.

Broadcast messages from me will not be frequent, so don't worry
about me cluttering up your mailbox.

Following this brief introduction, I have provided below a URL
which will direct you to an "editor's cut" condensed edition of
my book, The Truth, published on November 25th, 1998. This
condensed edition is first available only in a Microsoft Word 97
file format, other formats will be added later. A hardback
version of the complete book as it stands will become available
later this year. I understand and appreciate that it is
impossible for many of you to allocate enough time to read a
several hundred page book, particularly online, so I have taken
the time to provide a proper summary of its contents and claims.
I've spent millions of dollars to communicate this information
at no cost to you, so it is not asking much to take a quiet
moment and at the very least read this shortened version. I
don't ask that you believe, just that you read and consider.

The Truth represents a rather large hypothesis, whose overall
conclusion has enormous implications for every single human on
Earth. I have written the book from the perspective of a
generalist, with the collaboration of many well-respected
specialists. The specialization in which I have been most deeply
educated is computer science, and more recently, the Internet
economy. But that's only the latest step in my particular

It started from a passion for the stars, sparked by wondrous
science fiction shown throughout my youth. It grew into a
commitment to science, and physics in particular. The desire to
comprehend the deepest functions and meaning of physics evolved
into a study of scientific anomalies - always where fundamental
new discoveries emerge. Unfortunately, 5-10 years ago, such
anomalies found no root in a rational explanatory hypothesis,
and therefore the underlying observations have been rejected by
science. Frustrated, I left the domain years ago to concentrate
exclusively on a growing involvement in computing and
communications and various related enterprises.

Sparked again 14 months ago by one of the most remarkable events
in my life to date, I returned to these domains to study more
recent developments, now aided by the communications reach of
the Internet. I found extremely well-respected scientists whose
remarkable new theories began to clearly explain the anomalies.
The pieces of those old puzzles then began to assemble into a
majestic picture, motivating me to return attention to studying
a broad cross-section of works as a generalist. Adding fuel to
the fire is a growing understanding that the future of our
biosphere and our civilization is at risk and depends in
fundamental ways upon the types of discoveries I discuss on the

Why are generalists useful to the world? Because we predict the
future for the whole of civilization, not simply a single branch
of study. As within any field of specialists, many generalists
are frequently wrong and many generalists are frequently right.
I've chosen to put forth a testable hypothesis which is
concisely stated in 17 phrases. The details underneath these
phrases are each important, but more important is the coherence
of the overall pattern. It is certain that several of the
details in a work of this scale are incorrect. But the
plausibility of the overall hypothesis requires only that there
is good evidence for each primary logical step.

Naturally, there should be a lot of evidence supporting each
logical step in order to make the assertions I am making. I
believe such evidence is now in print, across my book and in
those books referenced by me.

You might think that I am distraught over wild exaggerations in
the press and the resulting possibility of damage to my
credibility and career, given my choice to communicate this
information so publicly. Indeed, though I am no longer with the
firm, I have helped to create a $2+ billion dollar enterprise at
the pinnacle of the Internet communications revolution just
before the dawn of the new millennium. It's a great place and
time to build a career. But, actually, I am more excited than
ever before in my life, despite the frightening challenges we
all face that I describe below. What I have put together is
quality information, I have studied it for over a decade, and
its implications are an order of magnitude more fundamental than
you have imagined. The implications fire the imagination.

This book simply does not fit into the class of the fringe or
fantasy. I do not mean to diminish the works of others who've
tackled this subject matter, for I have built my hypothesis in
part upon their preliminary research into a phenomenon almost
completely foreign to open science. But whatever the ultimate
truth may turn out to be, it will have to explain all of the
subjects addressed in this book, for everything in this book
observes significant phenomenon that are or have actually
occurred. I am not aware of an alternative theory that connects
each of these large pieces. One thing is certain: there is a
human saga, and we must decipher every major clue discussed in
this book to understand it.

Even granting this, you may ask why I should bother doing this.
Why should I not keep this to myself, and pursue whatever
passions I have as a private study?

Why? Because you are my brothers and sisters in a sense more
meaningful than the cultural frameworks we use to separate
ourselves into groups: we are all part of the race of homo
sapiens beings, a fragile yet ancient creation just now waking
up to its potential. I care about you, and I am deeply concerned
for our shared long term future, the legacy we shall leave. We
are destroying our children, our culture, even the ancient
biosphere that made us, as we encourage a mindlessly
uncontrolled praise of wealth. The Earth has a water cycle and a
carbon cycle. It must have a profit cycle. And it will, even if
it becomes so disfunctional as to fail humanity, before
returning to health. As the great scientist Carl Sagan long
maintained, the discovery of extraterrestrial life will
ultimately become the single greatest unifying force ever for
humanity. We will need that kind of unity to overcome the next
century's challenges.

Meanwhile, the Cosmos beckons us, as if to say "demonstrate the
judgment to deserve access to this domain".

In this story, the CEO in me has become a human being, the
scientist has turned from a pessimist to an optimist, the
skeptic has opened his mind, and the spirit in everything I have
sensed with clarity. Whether you agree with my conclusions or
not, if a critical number of us can cross similar thresholds in
our pursuit of truth, in whatever direction it may lead each of
us, a genuine transformation of our society will occur.

Welcome to The Truth


a story that will go on forever. Print this out, it's about 240
pages long. Take it to a quiet place, and read it through at one
time. If you find it as fascinating as I do, please forward this
message to as many people as you can. My primary objective is to
spread this knowledge as far as possible. We can all agree to
let the history books determine whether my hypothesis is

The complete book, and a recently started personal journal that
will track its evolution, can be found at

And to my brilliant co-authors, thank you again.



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