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R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

From: Robert A. M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 14:57:46 +0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 14:01:08 -0500
Subject: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

please post far and wide.

One Last Little Item From The 'Fraud' Robert A.M. Stephens

Hello everyone.  Since it has been universally disclosed and
concluded that I am a fake and a charlatan and a liar---in
essence,   a Fraud,  it should be fitting to close the last
final chapter on this debacle in true,  revealing fashion in the
same venue as my  undoing was set in motion.

So,  with that fact stated,  that last little item is still
those vexing 199 remaining questions I was invited to debate
with Richard  C. Hoagland,  esteemed plank owner of The
Enterprise Mission, but was deprived from asking.

And since there seemed to be a problem in understanding my
syntax of language,  which is English,  and through this
confused state,  Mr. Hoagland was unable to answer question
number 1,  its only fitting to be fair to Richard Hoagland to
answer that question on his own venue with no interruptions to
his own satisfaction.  Then,  on to question number 2 and so on,
until all 199 have been addressed.

So,  with all due triumph in mind for the winning team of
Hoagland-Bell & Co.  in round one in which if you don't like the
question,  shut off the questioner,  this time,  we just go
straight to  question number 2.  This and all others are based
solely on The Enterprise Mission web site.  No tricks.

And it stands to reason that since question number 1 proved to
be correct,  and since the ‘host’,  Art Bell,  would not allow
the question to be asked or answered,  it is then easy to assume
the other 199 questions are also true in charges of being lies.

Then  a re-engagement is in order.  To tidy up loose ends.  To
ferret out all 'Fraud'.

This is simple.  I and the other 20 million Bell listeners and
the others out there who still have all these questions need
addressment.  This is only fair in light of the awesome ‘truth’
endeavor that  Bell-Hoagland & Co. is under in coming forth with
said ‘truth’.

Conditions of debate:

1. Debate will be as originally outlined by Art Bell himself in
his phone call to my home.

2. Art Bell moderates Stephens ‘Fraud’ verses Richard Hoagland.
Debate title:  ‘Fraud’  vs. Richard Hoagland.

3. Debate runs all 4 hours as promised.

4. Debate is comprised of 200 questions based solely on the
Richard Hoagland Enterprise Mission web site from 12-10-1998.

5. No cut off by Bell because he doesn't like ‘Fraud’s’
questions to the debatee.

6. If all 200 questions are not answered to the satisfaction of
Richard C. Hoagland then another show will be dedicated for
Richard C. Hoagland and Fraud to conclude the debate format in
due venue.

7. After the debate has concluded,  the moderator,  the debater,
and the debatee are allowed to voice there assessments within a
reasonable time limit.   Art Bell will use no 'clickers' or
other editing or cancellation tools unless the debaters get
unruly or use profanities. Art Bell will not distort or edit
'Fraud' or Richard C. Hoagland.

8. Art Bell will read no phony preamble,  secret agent crap from
Tom Bearden or any other strange savant from the UFO community
to dramatize the issue as he did in the first 15 minutes on
12-30-1998.  Another words,  no phony crap.  The two debaters
present should be all the 'strangeness'  required for
showmanship and ratings.

Simple conditions.  And since Art Bell’s ratings have dropped
since 12-30-1998 this is an opportunity for Bell to  rescue his
show a little bit.

Errata -------- If Art Bell and Richard Hoagland refuse to
assent to the re-debate,  then a national press release will be
issued pertaining to the fact that Art Bell is not interested in
fair reporting,  but rather is interested in tabloid journalism
in its worst form with the intent to deceive.  This,  of course,
is in keeping the integrity of the UFO regime intact publicly
for complete intended credibility.

Too,  since Robert A.M. Stephen’s sanity is questioned two more
conditions should be considered at this time:  First,   a
professional medical report can and will be publicly issued
testifying that ‘Fraud’s’ mind is in fact,  sound,  ready to
deploy in planned debate which was aborted by Art Bell.  Second,
if this is still a question,  then a neutral debater will be
brought to bare under the title of ‘Fraud’ verses,  Richard
Hoagland.  Same format,  different debater.  The debatee,
Richard C.  Hoagland,  can then have the choice to indulge in
the unusual luxury of either debating the original ‘Fraud’  or a
surrogate ‘Fraud’ in name only.

Just as we found out that Robert A.M. Stephens is a virtual
‘Fraud’  in every way a person can be a fraud,  it is only
fitting,  and being absolutely objective,  that the UFO Culture
weed out ALL ‘Fraud’  for the betterment of the whole culture
and field of endeavor combined.  Under the present
circumstances,  only the first element of the ‘Fraud’  has been
revealed,  ala  Robert A. M. Stephens.    The second possible
Fraud concerned with this issue remains illusive,  by choice.

The field of UFOs and everything under this umbrella of study
must not let this immutable unanswered clarity go unchallenged,
or,  then,  everyone and anything having a connection to it
comes to question.  Or, put in  even clearer terms,   this UFO
field of study then must conclude upon itself that it is
infected with a form of ‘selective disinformation’.  And that
further testifies to itself that what is good for forcing the
‘guvmint’ to come clean,  is not the same protocol that is
implemented for the UFO culture and its ‘own’, like Richard C.
Hoagland and Art Bell and others,  to come ‘clean’ too.   One
must then serve the other or all is lost.  And since like
Stephens' lie was found,  there was also the first 'lie' that
was found out in the beginning 'debate' on the Art Bell show
made by Richard Hoagland,  then it stands that the other
possible 199 lies need to be revealed also.

Quite logical,  actually.  Quite fair too,  for credibility

Since that then becomes an immutable fact,  it brings us back to
the first post I ever mentioned on the Montana UFO:  “if the
field of UFO studies does not police itself in the eyes of the
investigator, all parties,  then how be it any doors of
disclosure will ever come about from  outside the UFO regime

This assessment still,  then,  stands as a glaring beacon of
immutable truth.

Let the re-debate then be so scheduled.

Far and wide,  let the Art Bell-Richard Hoagland entertainment
juggernaut note your feelings on this subject with emails as
soon as possible after you figure out what you should do for

You should direct all demands for clarity and disclosure to the
great UFO cultural triad:  Art Bell,  Richard C. Hoagland of the
Enterprise Mission,  and CAUS.  Do not tell me your thoughts,
since I am publicly answering this already herein.

And lastly,  should Bell-Hoagland & Co.  refuse the re-debate,
along with the press release,  the 200 questions will also be
released on the internet for the UFO community itself to then
present to the parties of concern for answering on their own.
Of course, I will answer them on the release before hand since
no one will counter them and thus,  it will then be up to the
great Triad to respond with  why they aren't lies.....

....and then prove it.

Imagine.  200 possible lies as perpetrated by long standing
savant's of the UFO community.  One lie was already proven to be
a fact by the esteemed Dr. Richard Sauder.  And that was only
question number 1.

199 to go fellas.

Make your voices of truth intent heard.

‘Fraud’ has.  So should you.

As mentioned in my last previous public post,  this should
‘cover’ about everything.

Robert A.M. Stephens
'The Fraud'
Robert  A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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