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Re: Re: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

From: "Robert A. M. Stephens" <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 21:40:17 +0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 14:40:52 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

>UFOLAWYER1@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 1/16/99 5:17:34 PM Mountain Standard Time,
>sti3818@montana.com writes:

>>We got 199 questions to answer.


>Maybe so...but you are the last person to accuse anyone of
>anything.  You have shown a propensity to lie and a total
>disregard for the truth. When you decide to tell the truth about

>your background...instead of lies...then you can challenge
>someone else's truth.  Each of our truth's starts at home.

>I agree that all statements, including Richard's, must be
>carefully scrutinized by professional people.  You are simply
>not that person...since you are neither truthful nor a
>scientist.  You are merely another person seeking attention at
>another's expense and reputation.

>And you had told me on the telephone that you wanted no further
>involvement in this area or these People.  That you would no
>longer e-mail anyone and sought no further attention.  Were
>those statements to me just more of your lies?  Or is it simply
>that you have no control over what you say and do?



Hi Peter,

Good rational mail.  I have sent you verification,  on
everything I have stated publicly.  I have sent links to you
personally since your interview with me on the phone,  verifying
SR-71,  Fence,  exobiology,  etc,  etc,  by those hundreds who
write me daily doing their own research.  Everything was and is
true.  Not not some psycho induced conjecture based on fantasy
and stolen embellished photographs from NASA archives.

I have lied about nothing.  Nothing.  My background,  like the
felonious records and erroneous lies of others, hidden and
selectively ignored by this industry,  is about to be revealed.
Just like me,  since I don't see you or anyone else putting
their money where their all searching mouth is in ferreting out
true fraud,  I'll do what you have demanded of me.  That is

My background in service to the United States is not subject to
public domain and never will be.  Period.  If that isn't good
enough,  then you should demand the same from others,  or leave
it alone.  You can do that as you see fit.

I am the foremost to bring forth the other 199 questions that I
was forbidden to asked.  Why did Hoagland tell Sauder to leave
Washington D.C.  because it was going to bomb itself.  Since you
are the third leg of the great entertainment triad of
Bell-Hoagland & Co. and you claim to be serious,  how come you
don't demand the same scruitny from him on such gravitous
questions.  My data,  from the Montana UFO to the present on
NEXRAD is true,  to the letter.

Until you get off the selective memory and censorship of the
industry,  your complaint is meaningless.

I told you you could quote anything of disclaimer in your
interview with me.  You decided to do just that.  But you did
not set back and think for a minute that if you did,  you must
do the same for all.  You have erred.  It is now you and the
great triad of UFO entertainement that must defend your selves
since I'm  already at the bottom of the totem.  Even a Fraud can
asked questions.

Why is it that through all this it is the Ph.Ds,  the serious
researchers,  the real people behind the scenes,  that flood my
mailbox with mail teaching me more about this industry and the
intruder enigma,  and asking questions in return.  Why the
thousands of mails since 12-30-1998 still pouring in in utter
support myself and utter contempt of my discrediting because the
great juggernaut didn't like the question.

You may call Kennedy Space Center,  at 407-867-1566,  the
general number.  Asked for Larry Mauk.  Asked Mr. Mauk of my
background with NASA documentation since 1982.  Then asked him
of my work for all the various vendors of aerospace since 1980.
Simple.  Asked about things I have not mentioned yet,  like the
artist in space project with Judith Resnik,  deceased astronaut,
Challenger,  1-28-1986.  And there is so much more.

And that is all we should be concerned with.   When you do,  do
the same for KSC public affairs,  since you'll be at the same
center,  and asked why Richard Hoagland has lost  his press
accreditation for himself and the Enterprise Mission in every
NASA center on Earth.

Because he lied to NASA.

I have not.

199 questions.  One was a lie and confirmed.  Either it will be
done by debate or publicly.

As for attention,  if you cared to check at Mutual News,  or the
National Gallery or the Smithsonian,  you will find I have had
enough 'attention'  for anyone in five lifetimes,  long before I
ever new about this thing online.  Attention is not the issue
here.  Because,  remember,  I'm a fraud Peter,  and who wants to
be proud of that.


Robert  A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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