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Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

From: Ed Stewart <ufoindex@jps.net>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:33:50 -0800
Fwd Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:30:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

>Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 19:56:55 -0800
>From: Steve Jones <svjones@jps.net>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction Phenomena


Greetings, Steve Jones:

Are you the same Steve Jones that is so much in love with
himself that has difficulty writing a sentence without the word
"I" in it?  Are you the same Steve Jones that plotted with
Richard Boylan to invade my privacy and to go through my trash
cans? Are you the same Steve Jones that lied to Joe Ball and got
him from your then BBS to threaten myself and family causing me
to file a petition in court for a restraining order, the results
of which were a signed confession by Joe Ball that you were the
instigator of the whole affair? Are you the same Steve Jones
that was ostricised from the Sacramento UFO Group (SUFOG),
kicked out for life from the FIDONET UFO discussion group by the
then owner and moderator and from John Powell's BAMA UFO
discussion groups? Are you the Steve Jones that has lost most of
his friends in the UFO field, including posters to this list
such as Clark Hathaway, because of your insidious lies and
fabrications? I believe you are!

>I have had about 10 years of experience with informal
>observation of numerous individuals who have allegedly
>experienced an abduction involving what they described as a none
>human entity. I come at this, not from the standpoint of a
>clinical professional (although I have a degree in Psychology,
>where I specialized in perception and information processing),
>but rather as a Folklorist ( also am degreed in Anthropology and
>have done graduate work in fringe religions and cults).

Steve Jones, throughout the 90s and before, has been an
automobile service order writer writing up repair service orders
when people bring in their cars for checkups. That is how he
makes a living and how he comes to the UFO field.

>I have
>been doing this type of work for over 30 years now, starting
>with the lore that is very prevalent in the Mount Shasta area of
>California back in 1968.

I first met Steve Jones during the time that Richard T. Miller
(author of Star Wards published by the Solar Cross Foundation
and known hoaxer from the 1950s) was promulgating another hoax:
An underground alien site in the Plumas National Forest in
Northern California back in 1992.  Steve Jones has a reputation
around the Sacramento area: "I never heard a UFO story I didn't
like". Steve Jones was a supporter of Richard T. Miller.

>Although I have seen instances of what could be described as a
>"Stockholm syndrome" (falling in love with your abductor)type
>of reaction, for the most part, these people have experienced
>some very deeply seated trauma.

Why don't you be a little bit more honest. You without any kind
of medical training have convinced alleged abductees to be
placed under hypnosis and under control by you and inflicted
trauma on them yourself. I still have the video tapes given to
me by Chris Stratten that visually show the type of
"investigator" you are.

>I have three very close friends who

I don't know of anyone that at one time was a "close friend" of
Steve Jones in Sacramento that still is. The only exception may
be Richard Boylan.

>have been in this situation and I can tell you that they really
>do not like to open up about it. This includes one who has been
>a combat veteran and has done special ops work for the U.S.
>Army. One of my cases also involved an ex-Navy Seal who
>disappeared in Travis Walton style for over 8 days. He was so
>traumatized that upon recovering, he reported directly to his
>ex-commanding officer, who just so happens to be very high up in
>the chain of command.

Blah, blah, blah! Tell your acquaintance Michael Christol, who
posts to this list, about it. You know, the guy that travelled
all the way to California from Kentucky to see the UFOs you
alleged to be observing everyday with your alcoholic friend.
Only to find out on arrival that the alleged UFOs were shy and
didn't want to be noticed by far away strangers.

>The point here is the abduction scenario, regardless of what
>people would like to make out of it in defense of their
>particular world view, is something that needs very serious
>scientific inquiry. This is precisely what motivated John Mack
>to do what he has done, regardless of the consequences.

Why don't you tell the list about your support for Richard
Boylan and your real feelings?

>Continuously over the past decade I have heard the rants of
>those who demand that proof be personally delivered to their
>doorstep and this continues to this day. To be frank, I have
>long ago grown bored of this, however nothing would give me
>greater pleasure than to take some skeptics right up to the
>side of a large craft and let them touch it themselves. Who
>knows, sometime in the future, this might happen.

Before it happens, people on this list and especially abductees
and experiencers, need to know what you Steve Jones is all
about. You are without a doubt about the worst thing that can
happen to an abductee/experiencer. Caveat Emptor.

Ed Stewart

Ed Stewart ufoindex@jps.net|So Man, who here seems principal alone,
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