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Re: Confirmation?

From: Mike Farrell <mikefarr@midcoast.com.au>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:37:34 +1100
Fwd Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:14:11 -0500
Subject: Re: Confirmation?

>Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 00:09:31 -0500
>From: bruce maccabee <brumac@compuserve.com>
>Sender: bruce maccabee <brumac@compuserve.com>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

Hello Updates List,

>In particular, it advertises the Aug. 6, 1997 Mexico City
>video....  which I demonstrated, at the studio which produced
>the NBC show, is a likely hoax (background imagery smeared by
>hand motion; UFO image never smeared by hand motion).

To Bruce and others concerned with the validity of this Mexican

It's hard to argue with the analysis that qualified
professionals like Bruce Maccabee and Jeff Sanio (MUFON) have
provided to the global UFO research community. Those of us who
sit on the sidelines can only be grateful for their dedication,
time and efforts to help clarify the Truth.

But at the same time, we see the videotaped interviews with
eye-witnesses to this questionable event on Aug. 6, 1997, and we
have to ask; How do we reconsile the witness testimony with the
computer analysis?

Consider this excerpt from my year-end UFO video report from

One eye-witness to the Aug. 6th Mexico saucer was 13 year old
Cassandra who said: "I was scared! At first it was still, then
it was wobbling, and then after it balanced, it shot out to the
corner of the building and disappeared!"

Cassandra did not see the TV program by Jamie Maussan that aired
this video on Mexican TV on Sunday, Sept. 28th. She described
the saucer to investigators before seeing the video, which she
then said was exactly what she saw that day in the street.

Another important witness was about a mile north of the building
where the saucer was filmed. The young woman in her late 20's,
Annie Lask, said she had been on the roof of her house on Aug.
6th, when the saucer hovered directly over her. She said, "It
was about 20 meters overhead, the outer rim was spinning real
fast and made hissing sounds. When I realized there was this
weird thing above me, I wanted to take a picture, but when I got
the camera up and turned back, it was gone!"

After the saucer left her in a purple static-like haze, Annie
does not remember getting down from the roof. (missing time?)
She said, "After that day, I've had constant  headaches
everyday, strong headaches, my eyes burn so bad and they still

In the recent lecture by Jamie Maussan at Leed's UFO Conference
in Sept. 1998, three more eye-witness interviews were presented.
(see Graham Birdsall's UFO Magazine for details on ordering
tapes from this British UFO Conference)

A restuarant manager in his mid 30's was looking up at the rainy
sky outside when he caught a glimpse of the saucer as it moved
behind the buildings. A man in his mid 40's, Alfred Rodriquez,
was in the street with a client, when he too noticed something
that appeared like a round spinning object move between the
buildings. And young David Lask described the same object as he
was outside riding his bike. He thought it was some strange kind
of plane, until he went home and found out his mother, Annie
Lask, had seen the same thing and was quite upset about it.

Jamie Maussan claims he found 12 eye-witnesses to this saucer.
I've seen film with 5 witnesses. Where are the video interviews
of the other 7 eye-witnesses? When will we get the opportunity
to see and hear all the evidence for this dramatic sighting?


Getting to the Bottom Line to the Aug. 6th "wobbling saucer":

Most experts agree that this video is a clever and expensive
"computer-generated hoax". But what about the eye-witnesses? At
least 12 people were out in the street on that cloudy rainy day
and saw something that was extraordinary, yet so brief, that no
one had a chance to call attention to it or to take a picture,
except, of course, the guy with the camcorder.

You listen to these witnesses and watch their eyes, and then
tell me they don't know what they saw or even lied about it just
to impress the UFO   investigators. There's much more to this
case than we are being told about, yet we are willing to dismiss
it so easily, just because it's too good to be true!

So, what are we to do with this eye-witness testimony? Throw it
out because it doesn't fit the "computer hoax theory"? How can
we all see and substantiate the videotaped interviews with these
seemingly honest and sincere ordinary people who happened to
look up and see something extraordinary? How many witnesses
would it take to cast serious doubt on the "computer hoax

There are many mysterious and unanswered questions about this
case, including the inability to get into those buildings where
the video was taken and find out if anyone saw this "saucer"
from inside those buildings.

Why are we always left in limbo with these "big and dramatic"
UFO cases? What does the ordinary researcher have to do? Go to
Mexico and do the investigative work himself?

Until we can zero in on an event like this Aug. 6th saucer and
pool our resources and abilities to get to the bottom line,
where the Truth must lie waiting for us, we will remain
suspended in UFO "limbo land".

And we wonder why ufology has such a "gullible reputation"!

Think Globally-Act Locally!
Mike Farrell

Director of Project GUFONE '98
(Global UFO Newsvideo Exchange)
P.O.Box 2526
Port Macquarie
New South Wales 2444

"And since seldom do instruments record flying saucers, it's the
people who report seeing them that are the most significant way
of getting at the Truth!" (J. Allen Hynek)

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