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Doc Barry August 18, 1927 - January 13, 1999

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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:38:14 -0500
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Subject: Doc Barry August 18, 1927 - January 13, 1999


URL: http://www.sightings.com/ufo2/docb.htm

Doc Barry Of 'What's Up Doc' Passes On 1-13-99 1-17-99

Doc Barry, well-known internet commentator and pundit has passed
on. He was a unique man who didn't mince words in his sometimes
ascerbic and biting essays. But Doc's wonderful sense of humor
and irony were always lurking...waiting to pounce on the reader.
He always seemed to laugh at the right things and viewed life
through the eyes of someone who sees far more than the average
soul. In tribute, we are reposting one of his most recent

Rest well, Doc. You've earned it.

Doc Barry's Early
Predictions For 1999
By Doc Barry <docbarry@webtv.net>
What's Up Doc?
C.=A91998 by Doc Barry
The Sun will rise in the East every day. There will be floods,
tornados, hurricanes, lightning strikes, forest fires,
mudslides, avalanches, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, plane
crashes, train wrecks, ship sinkings, assassinations, wars,
human rights abuses, destruction of rain forests, and politician
sex scandals.

Another pharmaceutical company will not release its new drug
study because it concluded the placebo worked almost as well as
the drug and without side effects.

Rumors will circulate on the internet about the NSA's plan for
handling massive landings of extraterrestrial spacecraft. The
plan shows how the ET's will be given grants of reserved barren
lands for setting up separated ET communities. Missionaries will
be assigned to offset the infidel religious beliefs of the ET's,
and CIA staff training experts will assist the ET communities on
operating gambling casinos.

BUT ALSO IN 1999 -------
A boy and girl will walk hand-in-hand from the school bus after
their first kiss. A new mother will look down with happy tears
at first glance of a live new infant on her chest.

A father will tell his six-year-old daugther to stand on top of
his shoes, as he teaches her how to dance. A young boy will yell
to his family, "I made the team".

A young girl will be jumping up and down happily, waving her new
driver's license. A woman at bedside in the nursing home will
say, "No, I'll stay and feed her, she's my Mother".

A young father, will command his wife, "Hey, do what I tell you,
stay here with the kids, I'll go in first, it could be

A female lover will ask, "But why marriage now?", and he
replies, "Because I want to keep you all for myself".

A mother will wipe tears from her daughter's eyes, as she
explains that new teeth will come in, and she will be pretty
when she grows up.

A grown daughter at her father's hospital bedside, will say, "I
want to thank you after all these years, for never telling
Mother, just like you promised, you Dad, are the greatest".

An elderly former teacher will wipe away a tear, as she watches
the candidate on TV celebrating his election, as she holds his
thank-you note for keeping him after class, and making him

I predict life will go on in 1999, cats will rub against you,
dogs will wag their tails when they see you, birds will sing,
babies will cry, children will be running and laughing, and
humans will love and need each other.

Life, will be enjoyed in 1999, it's great, enjoy it. Happy New

--Doc Barry


From: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Stargate/5518/

Doc Barry and I were friends for 33 years, and neighbors for the
past seven; Wednesday, January 13th he was admitted to the
hospital with congestive heart failure... he didn't survive.

I'll miss him a great deal, but I won't grieve anymore; not in
the accepted sense of the word, I did that yesterday; from now
on, I'll celebrate his life--

I'll celebrate his life daily with remembrances of our daily
laughter, and with the line: "It's great to be alive in Phoenix,
Arizona" which was followed up immediately with George Burns'
line: "At my age it's great to be alive ANYWHERE!"

I'll celebrate his life daily with the solace I'll find in the
additional laughter evoked by the many, many memories we created
and shared...

But most of all, I'll celebrate his life daily with the memory
of the man; a warm, sensitive human being whose kindness and
generosity knew no bounds... I'll remember Doc Barry as a man
who defined the word "FRIEND"... I'll miss him!

Bud Kolb
In Celebration Of My Friend's Life
Doc Barry
August 18, 1927   -   January 13, 1999


"Swamp gas, mogul balloons, dummies wearing parachutes identified as
ET's, flares with maximum burn time of six minutes, number of Communists
in the state department, single bullet and lone gunman, Vietnam War was
just retribution for the Gulf of Tonkin incident, rescue of medical
students on Grenada, 2,000 Panamanian deaths justified by Noriega's
capture, CIA officers were not in the drug business, and "the truth
shall set you free"
                                        ... Doc Barry - 18 Sep 1998


Goodbye John, you made me <G> - a lot.


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