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And The Truth Shall Set Its Fee...

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 03:18:43 EST
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:00:37 -0500
Subject: And The Truth Shall Set Its Fee...

Dear Errol, Skeptics, Believers and Faith Healers...

Allow me, alas a mere mortal, an opportunity to evaluate your
performance, as a group. Of course, I refer _ONLY_ to those few
of you who are the culpably ignorant. You know who you are.

You are the folks who understand the phenomenon of alien
abduction better than those of us who have actually had the
experience.  You are the ones who gravely pontificate about what
you know the phonemenon to be, or not to be.  There is no
question.  For when you have the answers to all the questions,
there are no longer any questions, eh?

You are the ones who tell us what we've experienced.  You are
the ones who are the experts (remember my personal definition of
an ex-spurt.... which is to say a has-been drip).  You have
spent years, decades, researching the question.  You have
decidedly heaved in an orgasmic lurch, to the conclusions to
which you have arrived, by simple logic and reason.  Not one dot
of emotion in the decision.  Not at all like us, the abductees.
We are the emotional critters. God, you can dress us up but you
just can't take us anywhere, can you?

And when you speak, like that bull in the commercial, everyone
stops what they are doing and turn to listen... listen to the
wisdom.  And look out for the spoor.

But I must tell you that the result you seek is not the result
you garner. No. When I read some of the drivel I at first become
angry at such stupidity, such pigheaded non sense.  After a
while I tell myself, hey, the guy is trying. Very trying,
indeed.  Later, as I think further on the opinions you vector
vomit (from a distance) I realize that there is no respect for
you.  There is only disrespect.  There is no admiration. There
is only the image of a fool.

Here I sit, knowing what I and others like me have experienced
and known to be so in our reality, listening to you and laughing
in anger, to know something to be so and have someone tell me it
is not so.

Let me give you an example of sorts.  I was asked to appear as a
witness in a trial.  I said to myself, there is nothing to worry
about.  I have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of,
nothing in my past which would even out a dent in my
credibility... all I must do is tell the truth.  Now, what can
anyone do to malign the truth, or cause it to be a falsehood?
What is, is.  What is not,
is not.

I am the naive fool.

For a total of fifteen hours I was beaten about head and face,
body and soul, heart and intellect, finding myself the
defendant, not them.  The lawyers, God bless their black hearts
(some of them) did their level best to impugn my credibility.
They must have spent tens of thousands of dollars researching
everything they could find in my life.  I found myself defending
not only the truth, but the person behind it, me.  I found out
that truth can be reduced by doubt and innuendo.  I defended
myself and in the end, the case was won. It was my testimony
that did it.  But I had suffered so much that I seriously doubt
I would ever volunteer again, to do my duty.  I was drained.  My
body and my very soul had been abused... by bad people.  You
have to be bad to attempt to do to another what these attorneys
attempted to do to me.  They lied and cheated and ill-used

Is there an analogy in this?  You bet there is.  For me at
least.  The same is true when I hear innuendo and doubt cast
about as if it were truth... someone else's truth, about the
abduction experience.  What is, is.  What is not, is not.

Unless you are on the witness stand, being interrogated by
people who would defend their truth not because it is truth, but
because it serves them to claim it is the real truth.

The moral?

You, you who speak truth, I worship you.  You, who speak your
truth, I admonish with this caveat.  Your truth may be a lie.
And you must live with that.

My truth is truth.  I can live with that.


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