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Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

From: Steve Jones <svjones@jps.net>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 06:56:47 -0800
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:57:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

>Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 13:33:50 -0800
>From: Ed Stewart <ufoindex@jps.net>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction Phenomena

>>Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 19:56:55 -0800
>>From: Steve Jones <svjones@jps.net>
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>>Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction Phenomena

Greetings to all,

Ed Stewart has made some comments as to my character that I
would like to address.

1.  First of all, Ed is correct as to my avocation. I have been
an automobile service professional for over 20 years. This gives
me the opportunity to talk to people from all walks of life,
which is something that I enjoy. I seriously doubt that anyone
here is a professional UFOlogist. Occasionally I run into
someone who provides a piece to the puzzle. You would be

2.  The comments that Ed has made about my plotting with Richard
Boylan to invade his privacy are patently false and he knows it.
I have known Richard Boylan for many years and although we
markedly disagree with each other on many of the aspects of an
alleged alien presence, I still respect him for his
perseverance. Contrary to Ed's statements, I have never and I
repeat never gone through anyone's trash. Ed on the other hand
has a real problem with Richard Boylan. At Rich's trial, Ed was
in the front row.

3.  Joe Ball was a user on the BBS that I ran here in
Sacramento for about 2 1/2 years. We started to meet for coffee
and discuss UFOlogy and several incidents that involved a couple
of Joe's friends. Joe told me that he was an ex-US Air Force
security guard. He lived and to my knowledge still lives within
100 feet of the NW boundary of the base property surrounding
McClellan AFB. As such he was able to observe much of the daily
going's on at the base, which has historically played a key part
in the development of advanced aircraft. It is a matter of
public record that the base has the only hanger that is capable
of x-raying a complete airplane. They also have a very
specialized fabrication facility that as an example, completely
redesigned and modified the F-111. In addition to being an
ex-security guard, Joe is allegedly 1/2 Cherokee indian. As I
unfortunately learned, he doesn't take to harassment kindly. He
knew that I really didn't like Ed, as he has not been the
easiest of people to coexist with over the years. If my stating
to him that I didn't like Ed could be construed as inciting Joe
to do what he did, so be it. As for my actually inciting Joe, I
could care less what the man signed. He is a family man, who was
in the process of completing a workman's comp case. He was also
retired military and I'm sure that this played a part in this
case. What he stated is simply not true, regardless of what Ed
would like to believe. He was over a barrel and he knew it. The
event that really brought things to a head occurred on a Friday
in early February of (as I recall) 1994, when several NASA
planes started to arrive at McClellan, along with about 8 Marine
Harriers. They all parked on the tarmac close by a hanger that
is situated near the boundary at the SE end of the runway. This
hanger is very broad and was open to the north to were through a
pair of field glasses, Joe said that there was a very unusual
plane inside. He stated that previously the hanger had held two
KC-135's side by side and that this craft almost filled the
hanger by itself.

Later that evening Joe called me and told me that they had
pulled the plane out (it took two tugs to do it) and that the
craft had at shortly after 10 PM on that Friday night blown
straight up (as in an anti-gravity style takeoff) through a thin
1500 foot cloud layer, punching a hole in it. Within a day or
two from this event, Joe told me that he had gotten a crank call
at 4:00AM from a person that he thought was Ed. As I have
stated, Joe doesn't take well to threats, and while driving him
home from one of our coffee meetings, he simply asked me where
Ed lived and while driving south on Watt avenue I pointed out
his house and a matter of fact manner. I never, and I repeat
never insinuated that Joe should do anything negative towards
Ed. Joe did this of his own volition. Later on during the week
when I was away from the house at work (at about 10:45AM), Joe
dialed into my BBS and posted a very negative and threatening
message on the system, which went out with the mail that was
picked up before I got home. The result of this was that both
Joe Ball, myself and my BBS were banned from FIDO-UFO. I was not
banned for life from BAMA. John Powell did become pretty
disgusted with the tone of the dialog on echo that he had
inherited from Scott Ecker (no relation to Don). To say that I
got screwed was a mild understatement. For the record, it really
didn't bother me for that long, as the BBS was a pain and I only
put it up as an alternative to Ed's.

4. Regarding Ed's comments on my supposedly being ostracized
from the Sacramento UFO Group, which was an informal discussion
group that met once a month on a Sunday at a pizza parlor, that
too is patently untrue. I resigned as co-moderator because I had
just accepted a very lucrative service advisor position (yes,
that is one of the positions that I have held over the years in
the automobile business), and it required that I worked on the
weekends (for a $45,000 a year position that required working
just 4 days a week, what would you do). When this occurred, I
handed the job over, of my own volition to another of the
originating people in the group.  An interesting event then came
to pass. Ed, who had become increasoingly belligerent with me,
made a totally out of character sincerre request to me to make a
public statement to the group regarding my choice of
replacement. His motivation for this was there was another
person who was vying for leadership of the group, and Ed wanted
to cut this off. His name was John Maylone and he was part of
the 50's Van Tassel group from Southern California. At the time
the discussion group attendance would range from about 10 to as
many as 25. Once we had a picnic that was attended by almost 75
people. Shortly thereafter, Ed took over the moderatorship of
the group and it is my understanding that large numbers of the
group went elsewhere to talk. Many went with Maylone.

5.  Regarding the comments on Richard Miller, Ed is correct. He
and I did meet at the time that I was looking into the validity
of Miller's claims about a landmark (USGS marker peak) in the
northern Sierra Nevada mountains called Pilot Peak. Richard had
claimed that there was an alien pressence there. I made several
trips to the place after the initial one with Ed, and have
publically stated on numerous occasions that I have never found
anything to comfirm the allegations. Since there is always the
possiblity of a transient paranormal aspect of this phenomenon,
I have never closed the book on this particular case however.

As for Richard Miller, I personally like the man. He is a very
personable person, just like Richard Boylan. From my background
in the social sciences and my over 20 years in customer
relations, I have learned to be pretty tolerant of people's
views. I do have an aversion to belligerence and that is were Ed
and I ultimately parted ways.

6. Regarding Ed's comments on my allegedly advocating hypnotic
regression to anyone, this too is patently false. In fact, I am
not really a big fan of this methodology, as I agree with the
skeptics assertion that the patient can be led. I have a similar
position on channeling. As for video tapes from Chris Stratton,
the only ones that I am aware of are the ones that he digitally
enhanced from the couple down in Calaveras. There are no videos
of me attempting to direct anyone. I have taken people on
"sightseeing tours" much like the one's that I took Mike
Christol on up to Bowman Lake (where Sean Michael Morton has
experienced sightings just prior to his attending the 1991 Las
Vegas Conference) and down to Calaveras, which has a history of
sightings (some of which have been shown on local television
news shows). You comments on the "shyness" of the UFO's is
laughable. I have never said any such thing. I simply told
people of the history of the area and if they wanted to go, I
either told them how to get there, or took them myself. I have
alsways enjoyed "outtings" and we had lots of fun doing these,
as Mike will atest to. Simply good times with good friends.
Nothing more and nothing less.

7. As for the close friends issue, you are really way off the
mark here. My close circle of friends is still intact. In fact,
I have made numerous new ones. Regarding my allegedly alcoholic
friend, who regardless of this is a good person, yes I still
hang out with him. It seems that his knowledge of certain
historical events in UFOlogy have not gone unnoticed by at least
some folks, including Jacques Vallee, who bought him dinner and
discussed several issues. He has also spent time on the phone
with some major scientific people. He was, as a matter of
record, one of Marcel Vogel's lab technicians when the Meir
metal was tested.

In closing, the good people of this List do not desearve this
kind of dialog. This is what ultimately denigrated the FIDO
echos. I respect what Errol is doing here and will not
discuss this thread any further. For several years now, as
Michael Christol will attest to, I have stayed away from computer
discussion groups. I simply get more things done by doing this.
I continue to this day to go at this endeavor from a folkloric
point of view, fully aware that most of what is said is lore,
rather than fact. There is, however, a germ of truth in all of
this, regardless of comments to the contrary. Far beyond good
people like Corso, Michael Wolf, and others who have had the
guts to come out and discuss this, there are hundreds of others
who talk privately about it. Oassionally one comes across one
of these special people. Even though they often only speak of
it in guarded terms, the occassionally provide key pieces to
this most illusive puzzle. It is a simple method, and it works.
The puzzle has, over the years, become much more clear.

Steve Jones

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