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RAMS - Cleanup The Corners

From: Robert A. M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 11:54:20 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 19:14:17 -0500
Subject: RAMS - Cleanup The Corners

Robert Collins wrote:

>Yep; Stephens is no fraud in my mind
>but likes to tease and brag about how
>Art Bell et al are so right about him:
>Sort- a- pulling their chains and he enjoys
>it...so let the show begin ...??


>Jeroen Wierda wrote:

>>Hehehe.... I really start to have some respect for R.A.M.S. by
>>now. He puts Art Bell, Hoagland and others in shorts. And they
>>don't like being exposed as entertainers, where they know that
>>95% of the "ufo-world" think that they are reliable sources of
>>information. I HOPE this Stephens character makes people
>>waking up to the scams, and see the theories and stories that
>>are sent out by the entertainers for what they really are:
>>That is entertainment.

>>Jeroen Wierda


To you, Jeroen, RMC and the rest,

You all get it. This is enlightening. The point was even if one
claimed he was a fraud others took it to task and found out it
was different and all was true. Thus, it makes sense if someone
like Bell asked a guest, "how many times did you have sex with
the alien," it then makes sense also to research this claim and
exchange out a little.

When Peter Gersten will 'quote me' in an interview, its wise to
get it all, and not take a claim of activation, or nebulous
number association, or any other claim, and then look a little
closer at it. This is fair. When Bell edits a guest without
recourse, it is best to find out what exactly went on for fact.

If Hoagland has stolen NASA pictures on his web site, and he
does, and claims they are 'Fireballs' over Turd Peak, when in
fact they are solid rocket motor trails complete with exhaust
plumes and the vehicles removed crudely from the original photo,
it stands to reason other photos on his site are Frauds too. And
then too, the claims associated are also Frauds.

Asked questions. If not, this 'field' of study will continue be
the 'giggle' factor for Everyman everywhere. I honestly do not
think any of you and the rest involved wish that. So, police

Case in point: NASA and other 'guvmint' folks I've known for
over 25 years think I'm nuts for even getting involved with this
culture. I have been in it now for 100 days or so, other than a
few mails over the years when I would drop in to see what in the
world was happening, and have found many very serious and
genuinely warm people, which is contrary to my initial
assessment that I have written about just 2 months ago. I now
feel that many of these folks need a more serious voice and
support. In this, I find myself now defending elements of this
culture that I laughed at internally a short time ago. If
someone like me can be sucked into this field in seriousness,
and must defend himself to 'officials' about the lies and
delusions of people like Hoagland and others, then I think
others must feel the same.

Then speak out. It doesn't hurt.

They've done it to me, and I don't believe for one minute I've
offered anything to this field of study out of harm or malice. I
do not think correcting Gersten and his followers on SR-71 was a
bad thing, even when he still will not accept fact over his
selective pride. I don't think the shuttle, Norad, Norad/Fence,
the implants, the intruder assessment, the Montana UFO, and many
many others items I have offered to this culture was or has
been, to do harm to it. Why the attack on my person for this by
Bell-Hoagland-CAUS & Co. Bara and some others on the outer
fringe of reality for these things escapes me.

Another words, its okay for Hoagland to have lies and stolen
photos and claims that are simply false on his page, in public
writings, and on air exclusive to Art Bell's radio show. This is
totally acceptable. But if someone comes along and claims there
is 1.4 million implants worldwide since 1937 and give book
reference origins to the very first case reported in China, then
gee, lets attack this person until he is a 'Fraud'.

This is simply outside the pale of rationality and the big Triad
of UFO Entertainment can discredit me and others all they wish,
but it does not hide the fact they are ensconced in veritable
lies, trafficking such without a check or balance, hiding behind
the nebulous world of digital exchange on the internet. And
offering virtually nothing and this has been proven and is
claimed by me and now multitudes like the above letters and the
400 to 600 I'm getting again daily state or claim the same. They
are all very pissed and sometimes can't articulate it well, but
the point is there. If you're gonna do in a Stephens out of
hand, and his data turns out to be fact, then we better look
inward at the other, more questionable elements of our industry.


It is unacceptable for Art Bell, of all people, to openly make
fun in some veiled dark manner, someone like Dr. Richard Sauder,
which is approaching the absurd, is laughable, is the ilk of the
demented in true form. There is other 'Freak Shows' for Bell to
marry and court on the payroll of his show for entertainment.
But to then go so far as to suggest anything untoward the
professionalism of someone like Sauder is virtually insane.
Being, of course, absolutely objective.

And not one of these people referred above are 'professionals'
in anything. However, Jeff Rense, Dr. Bruce Cornet, Dr. Richard
Sauder, Dr. Joe Gill, Michael Theroux of Borderlands, Joe
Firmage, Hal Puthoff, David John Oates, and even Paul Dore who
isn't even in this culture, and still many others are
professionals in their fields. And they have spoken or offered
true, insightful, and granular, usable information for all of us
on various topics. Even Paul Dore, just in clearing his name,
has shown many true, fair, in depth background revelations on
those responsible for using his name that we could all implement
in our own quests for searching out all sorts of information.

I nor many many others beyond those already mentioned have done
any malice to anyone in this field. That should be remembered.
It wasn't I who attacked anyone's intimate service to the United
States. It wasn't I who cut off anyone after being invited to a
'debate' on a radio show.

But I can state, being absolutely objective, with absolute fact,
that there are those in this UFO culture who intentionally are
out to do great harm and issue great shards of disinformation
that is, and has, and will, only hurt this field of study
further. Why, I'm not certain.

And keep in mind, the people in question are the ones who are
true liars in every way. They have stolen and falsified photos
on their web sites, they will harbor and hide from the public a
man who told a professional researcher that our nation's capital
was going to thermonuclearize itself. They will hide a man who
has lied to NASA to where he longer is welcome on any NASA site
in the world. And the list goes on and on.

You are forwarned. And the very people who really count in this
industry, have done nothing untoward to anyone, and these are
the ones these charalatans of dark purpose will attack with true
dark malice, for absolutely no reason.

Think people. What in the world is the purpose of this
disinformation campaign by Bell-Hoagland-Gersten-Bara and that
whole ilk of the macabre'.

Wait till you see the 200 questions and just what Art Bell
didn't want you all to hear. Then, you, the public, can really
see just what disinformation and lies are all about. I have
received over 1230 mails as of this morning that DEMAND the
questions to be posted online publicly. Therefore, since Art
Bell weaseled out, protecting his little freak show from anyone
asking the 'Real Fraud' why he is a pathological liar of the
darkest form, I will then post those questions and answers by me
after a radio show wishes to field the questions to me and I
will asked and answer them each. Or, a radio host can asked them
and I'll answer them for Hoagland in absentia. Then they can be
posted for further study.

All things on balanace, that's fair.

Perhaps cleaning a little in these dark corners of the industry
is in order.

Just a thought.

Rational, good letters above. Thank you.


Robert A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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