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RAMS - Gersten To Stephens

From: Robert A. M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:57:22 +0000
Fwd Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 02:12:49 -0500
Subject: RAMS - Gersten To Stephens


>Since you have decided to address an e-mail to me with a
>distribution list of about a dozen, I thought I would send you
>an open letter. Interesting who you seek attention from.

>I have no quarrel with you and am not sure why you continually
>refer to me, Hoagland and Bell in the same context. Are you
>trying to make a point? Is there something on the CAUS website
>you find intentionally false? Is there something that I have
>said about you not true? On the other hand, I would love to
>cross-examine you about everything you have stated in the
>past...on any radio show of at least one hour. Maybe we should
>find out if anyone still wants to listen to you 'debate' anyone
>about ten questions, let alone 200, afterwards.

>My main concern in calling you that night was to ask about
>NORAD/Fence...something that you had repeatedly stated that you
>had access to through your NASA affiliation. You refused to
>discuss the subject and told me that you no longer would provide
>any further information.

>I see that you have now resurfaced, after promising me that
>night that you no longer would having any involvement with
>anyone associated with the UFO phenomenon. I guess your word is
>as good as your ability to tell truth.

>You and I both know what we talked about for over 60 minutes
>that night. You admitted that you lied about several things.
>Though you never admitted it, I now believe you lied about your
>access to classified NORAD/Fence records. I also believe you
>fabricated the information pertaining to NORAD's identification
>of both the Montana and Phoenix UFOs.

>Though I have seen Michael Theroux's website concerning a radar
>system possibly similar to what you were describing, I have
>little doubt that you knew about that website before Michael
>posted it, and probably modeled your answers to CAUS based upon
>it. IMHO you have no access to any military security system,
>let alone classified information.

>The information you supplied CAUS was obtained from information
>in the public domain and not beCAUS of any 'inside' information.

>It appears that you are not presently employed and spend most of
>the day surfing military related websites for information that
>you then tell everyone was learned from your contacts.

>And what is the reason you have resurfaced? To assist the UFO
>field in learning the truth? Or maybe to provide CAUS with a
>weekly report of the 100-220 intruders a day that you have
>stated are entering our airspace. Or maybe help explain why we
>are experiencing a sudden increase in meteor/fireball activity
>throughout the planet. Or maybe to help CAUS determine what
>these triangular UFOs are? For some reason...I don't think so!

>You have resurfaced to show us the negative side of
>ourselves....the attacking, profane and disrespectful side. The
>shadow side that seeks attention by defaming others rather than
>anything constructive of our own. The part that believes it
>needs to lie about itself in a vain attempt to acquire some
>false self-esteem and importance.

>You have been shown to be a liar. You have admitted to being a
>fraud. Your 'confession' was also self-serving since I informed
>you that I would be posting the contents of our interview in
>that night's CAUSupdate. To lessen the effect, you gratuitously
>posted your 'confession' in an attempt to ridicule it. You no
>longer have any credibility.

>If you have a personal problem with Richard Hoagland or his
>work, take it up with Richard. He has a fax number. If he
>ignores your correspondence, that is his choice. I, and
>hopefully most other People, are fully capable of judging
>Richard on the merits of his past and present work and
>statements. When were you elected 'prosecutor?' I suggest you
>find a more productive way of getting attention.

>Peter A. Gersten


Dear Peter,

Do to the rest as you have done with me. That is fair. And that
is the point.

Please click on the link below. I had my work in the Smithsonian
at age 30. I do not need further 'attention' or I sure as heck
wouldn't be living in St. Ignatius Montana, pop:439, in the
middle of America's last buffalo commons, on the Salish-Kootenai
Indian Reservation, in a place the size of New Jersey and
Maryland combined with a population of 7700 people.

Do to the rest as you have done with me. That is fair.


Robert A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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