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Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

From: Ed Stewart <ufoindex@jps.net>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:26:35 -0800
Fwd Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 02:47:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction

>Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 06:56:47 -0800
>From: Steve Jones <svjones@jps.net>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Re: Truth Detracting Elements of the Abduction Phenomena

>Ed Stewart has made some comments as to my character that I
>would like to address.

Your address of my comments is being forwarded to Joe Ball.  I
am sure he will love to read your comments. After all, at one
time he was one of your best friends and a support of all the
crap and all the chips on your shoulders that you carry with you
in your "investigations" of UFOs.

>2.  The comments that Ed has made about my plotting with Richard
>Boylan to invade his privacy are patently false and he knows it.

Unfortunately for you, not only were you and Boylan overheard by
a then Boylan abductee (this was held at one of Boylan's get
togethers at his own home) from who I first heard about their
trash hunting endeavors, but the third individual in the "plot",
Clark Hathaway (who posts to this list and who has disassociated
himself from both Boylan and Jones) has since confirmed it. And
you yourself admitted it to me in front of witnesses at Robert
Mitchum's gettogether in Concord, Ca. Did you forget about that?
Apparently so!

>At Rich's trial, Ed was in the front row.

You got that right. I was there with Clark Hathaway during the
closing argument session. We both wanted to insure that what
transgressed in the courtroom was reported later accurately,
which we both did much to the chagrin of Boylan supporters!

As for McClellan AFB, it is surrounded on all four sides by
residential housing. It is completely bounded with no room to
grow or add any flying assignments (i.e. a larger or parallel
runway). As a matter of fact, it is being closed do to its lack
of future utility.

>as the BBS was a pain and I only put it up as an alternative to

Why? There already was an alternative in place. You know, the
one you got your feed from. (GRIN) This is so hilarious. The
reason I accepted the BBS was that the previous owner did not
want Steve Jones to get it. Clark Hathaway, Jones close ex-buddy
for twenty years or so, has a lot to say on this. I ended up
providing Clark a link to his own BBS since Steve Jones shut him
out as he did everybody else and it became a private BBS only
for the benefit of Steve Jones alone.

>Shortly thereafter, Ed took over the moderatorship of
>the group and it is my understanding that large numbers of the
>group went elsewhere to talk. Many went with Maylone.

First of all SUFOG never had moderators, or group leaders.
Second of all Maylone never left.  You were the only one that
wasn't welcomed, not because of any official part of SUFOG, but
because everybody that went to SUFOG and ate pizza (the real
reason for the gettogethers) knew you for what you were: a
lying, sniffling, back-stabber, egotistical piece of crap! When
the local MUFON group, which we all supported except you, picked
up steam and became vibrant, SUFOG no longer had a purpose.

>As for Richard Miller, I personally like the man. He is a very
>personable person, just like Richard Boylan. From my background
>in the social sciences and my over 20 years in customer
>relations, I have learned to be pretty tolerant of people's
>views. I do have an aversion to belligerence and that is were Ed
>and I ultimately parted ways.

We parted our ways because you are at best, a disease, and at
worst, a predator.

>6. Regarding Ed's comments on my allegedly advocating hypnotic
>regression to anyone, this too is patently false.

I have a copy of every video you gave Chris for processing -
every last one of them including the one you leading a large,
somewhat obsese, subject.

>As for video tapes from Chris Stratton,
>the only ones that I am aware of are the ones that he digitally
>enhanced from the couple down in Calaveras. There are no videos
>of me attempting to direct anyone. I have taken people on
>"sightseeing tours" much like the one's that I took Mike
>Christol on up to Bowman Lake (where Sean Michael Morton has
>experienced sightings just prior to his attending the 1991 Las
>Vegas Conference) and down to Calaveras, which has a history of
>sightings (some of which have been shown on local television
>news shows). You comments on the "shyness" of the UFO's is
>laughable. I have never said any such thing. I simply told
>people of the history of the area and if they wanted to go, I
>either told them how to get there, or took them myself. I have
>alsways enjoyed "outtings" and we had lots of fun doing these,
>as Mike will atest to. Simply good times with good friends.

Interesting, all I know from the "outing" is what Michael
Christol told me at the North Carolina MUFON conferance.  Work
out your interpretation with him.

>7. As for the close friends issue, you are really way off the
>mark here. My close circle of friends is still intact.

I see, Chris, Mike, Joe, myself, all the SUFOG regulars and the
co-founder (you know, the guy that handed me the BBS instead of
giving it to you) and let's not forget Clark Hathaway who you
called a brother for over twenty years, all of them won't have
anything to do with you. Why? Because you are a disease at best
and a predator at worst.

>In fact,
>I have made numerous new ones.

I am sure you have.  But around here, people will know what to
expect from Steve Jones and it isn't the luminary "psychlogist
and folklorist" with over thirty years experience that you tried
to project yourself as in your original post. Here, I will make
sure your reputation will precede you.

>In closing, the good people of this List do not desearve this
>kind of dialog.

That is right. They don't deserve to be taken in by Steve Jones
and his ilk, a disease and a predator!

>This is what ultimately denigrated the FIDO echos.

If Don Allen is still around, he won't let that go unanswered.

>Far beyond good
>people like Corso, Michael Wolf, and others who have had the
>guts to come out and discuss this, there are hundreds of others
>who talk privately about it.

Let see, we now have Boylan, Sean Morton, Richard Miller, Vogel,
Corso and Michael Wolf among your identified heroes. I thing
that identifies more than anything else where the real Steve
Jones is coming from.

>Oassionally one comes across one
>of these special people. Even though they often only speak of
>it in guarded terms, the occassionally provide key pieces to
>this most illusive puzzle. It is a simple method, and it works.
>The puzzle has, over the years, become much more clear.

There you go, Steve Jones is closer to the truth than most.  It
works for him. Caveot emptor!

Ed Stewart

Ed Stewart ufoindex@jps.net|So Man, who here seems principal alone,
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