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Re: Military Retirees & Secrecy

From: Dave Vetterick <veterick@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:46:44 -0600
Fwd Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 05:16:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Military Retirees & Secrecy

>Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 11:20:16 -0800
>From: Susan Watson <susanwatson@earthlink.net>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Re: Military Retirees & Secrecy

>[Non Subscriber Post]

>I have been following the postings on this thread with great
>interest as I am the daughter of the referred-to officer.


>I can see from the postings here that there needs to be some
>clarification. My father is no coward.


Nothing said in any of these posts intended or implied cowardice
or any disrespect of any kind toward your father, or to his
sticking to his oath. My father served as honorably as any.
He will be 81 in May. But that doesn't mean his positions are
always correct. He, like your father I suspect and many of that
generation, have old fashion notions. Nothing wrong with that.

>Last night I had a long talk with Dad. The issues raised on this
>List woke my curiosity once again. As I got deeper into trying
>to pick his brain for answers I felt a sense of shame. The
>conclusion that I have arrived at is this:

Shame? Not necessary at all in my opinion.

>Never once has my father swayed from his loyalty and commitment
>to this country. There is honor in this man's heart. He holds to
>his pledge in spite of the fact that he is grievously
>disappointed in the direction of our nation. It would be
>disrespectful for me to attempt any further extraction's of
>information, I am closing the book. I can at least honor the
>man....if not the country that created him.

>Thank you all for your responses.
>Susan Watson

Loyalty, commitment, and honor are not the issues nor were they
ever brought into question. Only if you were being deceitful in
extracting information would you call it disrespectful.

Your father may be the exception. But many, including my own
dad, stubbornly hang on to old ideas even when it's to their own
detriment. Mainly because they don't know about or don't
understand current ways. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I get my father to change by educating him, and at his own pace.
I give him articles, books, etc. and he eventually comes around.
Not always by any means, but often enough.

I suggested you do the same by getting the facts about how long
oaths are expected to be kept. By letting him read some books by
a fellow military man like Col Corso, or even exchange e-mail
with retired military men like Col J. Bond Johnson and George
Filer. They know about Roswell & UFOs as your Dad evidently

If he doesn't want to even think along these lines then so be
it. But out of respect for your dad, at least arm him with
everything he needs to make his own rational and educated
decision based on present day standards. Not based on fear from
30 years ago that may not be real today.

There is no disrespect or shame in this. If you believe humanity
has the right, and would be better off knowing about ET, then
the greater disservice is in letting him depart without making
an informed decision about telling his story.

If you wish to discuss this further privately, I'd be happy to.

Dave Vetterick

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