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'Military Insider' Claims He Saw Humanoids And

From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose@get2net.dk>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:07:35 +0100 (MET)
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Subject: 'Military Insider' Claims He Saw Humanoids And

Source: The current issue of Flying Saucer Review
(Vol 43 No.3),




A Major Secret: A Member Of The U.S. Armed Forces
Tells Of "Chupacabras" And Humanoids Captured In

By Jorge Mart=EDn,
Editor of EVIDENCIA OVNI, and FSRConsultant.

Translation from Spanish by Gordon Creighton
from EVIDENCIA OVNI No. 10, 1996.

Confidential Revelations From A Former Member Of A
Top-Secret U.S. Army Unit Specialising In Recovery Of
Ufo'S And Capture Of Alien Entities.


[In a recent issue, FSR 43/1, I gave an article by Jorge Mart=EDn
relating the top-secret revelations of an American Army Officer.
(Operation Curtain: Joint Military Exercises with Aliens?) It is
evident that Se=F1or Mart=EDn has very good contacts in these
important military quarters, and here is another report, from a
different U.S. Army Officer, that will also give you plenty to
think about! -Editor of FSR.]

We were recently contacted confidentially by a source who at
present still prefers to remain "anonymous" for reasons relating
to his own security, and who gave us certain infomation
apparently linking the mysterious "chupacabras", now plaguing
Puerto Rico, with....Roswell! This person approached us after
hearing one of our radio programmes on the Notiuno Channel at
10.30 pm on Thursdays.

Employing the pseuodonym of "Don Ernesto", this U.S. Officer,
now aged 70, offered to tell us what he knew about the
"chupacabras", which he says are linked with the UFO Phenomenon,
but -so he claims- are not offensive towards humans!

Initially he was extremely cautious in his approach, emphasising
that he had worked for U.S. Intelligence in very delicate and
classified matters, and that, were his contact with us
discovered, he would be " likely to face very difficult and
dangerous moments."

Finally, however, after considerable indirect contact, we were
able to meet with him in a public place in our capital, San
Juan, where our respective credentials might be exchanged, and
his revelations to us might begin.

Speaking with very great care, and carefully choosing his words,
he was able to satisfy us as to his identity, and also as the
nature of his past services.

He began as follows: "I=92ve been listening to your programmes for
quite some time, and I can see that you are a brave man, for
there is a lot of danger in all this UFO business, and I see
that you are the only who that dares to discuss things. But you
have got to be very, very careful.

"There are certain areas of the Government that don=92t want these
matters known. I know because I=92ve worked in Military
Intelligence myself, with a very high security grading, and I=92ve
been involved with some things that I now rather wish I hadn=92t,
and that I can=92t discuss with you."

His features as he spoke were grave and pensive, and I can only
say that if what he was telling me was faked, then he was a very
good actor. He went on to say that the whole UFO business was
now badly out-of-control and was creating a climate of hysteria;
and that some sort of statement from the U.S. Government was
long overdue in his opinion, and in the opinions of some of his

And, in particular, he was worried about the general panic in
Puerto Rico about the "chupacabras", which he said are of no
danger to humans, whether adults or children.

We asked how he knew this, and he said he knew because he had
seen them, that the creatures are extraterrestrials, and that
the U.S. Government is fully aware of it.

He said his first knowledge of these matters went back to 1960,
and his words were as follows:- "I was stationed at Fort Sill in
Oklahoma, and I and other personnel boarded an aircraft there,
and were taken to Roswell Base in New Mexico, touching down en
route at Wichita Falls. And at Roswell we saw the creatures in
sort of cages. I don=92t know exactly whether we were on the main
Roswell Base or not, but anyway, it was close near there. (
About the alleged Roswell Crash in 1947 I know nothing -that was
13 years earlier. )

"One of the entities that I saw there was similar to what was
later shown in the TV film about the Roswell Crash, though
certain of its features were different."

When we asked him how the features differed, he replied that
what he had seen in the cage at Roswell "was taller -about 6 ft.
high, with very tiny ears. Like humans; it had a very fine,
thin, velvety sort of down as hair. And it had a friendly,
benevolent gaze, with sad-looking, dispirited eyes, as though
lost, a stranger, and asking for something, or waiting to talk,
but as though nobody could understand


For the rest of this extraordinary story, see the current issue,
vol. 43/3.

Here is a picture of Jorge and Marleen Martin outside their home
in Puerto Rico.

=A9Flying Saucer Review Library of Congress copyright FSR
Publications, Ltd. 1981. Contributions appearing in this
magazine do not necessarily reflect its policy and are published
without prejudice.

Gordon Creighton (Editor FSR)

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