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Re: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

From: Robert A. M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:59:09 +0000
Fwd Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 00:34:48 -0500
Subject: Re: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

>Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 22:36:07 +0000
>From: Dave Ledger <dledger@cableinet.co.uk>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Re: R.A.M.S. - A Parting Shot?

>First and foremost, I fail to see how you can possibly put all
>of the anomalous objects, clearly seen in the STS-80 footage,
>down to waste ejections from the shuttle and such-like. This is
>absurd! One of the objects in the footage seems to be very
>large (main object) and does not behave in a manner consistent
>with space junk or Ice. This large object appears to be under
>some kind of intelligent control at least from what I can see.At
>one point it seems that there are two additional objects which
>seem to be on intercept/rendezvous type courses toward the large
>main anomaly.(Space Junk?) Also if it is indeed space junk and
>ejected waste etc, why do all the objects seem to move at
>different speeds? Are they all caught in different thruster
>blasts of different strengths? from different directions?
>Perhaps you can clarify this point for me.

I have answered this in great depth in 9 differnet venues, in
detail, over and over. Still, I am told I have not. This logic
virtually escapes me. It is virtually hopeless. Here it is
again, you need to get the color tapes of these missions from
JSC-NASA. They are FREE. They are in color. They are complete in
every detail. They have everything there that the lay person can
derive at a fair and logical conclusion. If you want additional
backup, then get ALL mission tapes from STS-1 to STS-80. This
way you can see the 'UFOs' in every single mission to date. I
know this answer is not what you and Kasher and others want to
hear and for that I have no response. Please look at all the
tapes and then see for yourself that EVERY mission is embroiled
with thousands of UFOS, or, gee, there just might be something
to what that crazy NASA is saying about the missions and ejecta
from the spacecraft.

You figure it out. I give up.

And knock off the truculent nonsense. Asked a reasonable
question without the innuendo of you being deceived before you
even get an answer.

After you have seen the tapes, and reviewed them, you will know
what everyone else knows, inside the agnecy and out. If you
still 'know that NASA is lying', great. UFOs all over place in
space around the shuttle. Sounds great to me.

>Ok, I take it this is the STS-48 mission we are talking about
>here. My problem with this is that the alleged RCS motor
>firing,(flash in bottom left corner of screen on clip) fires at
>a particular angle,(say towards 1 o'clock) if that is what is in
>the clip as you say. If this is indeed the case, then why does
>the anomalous object leave the shot at a totally different angle
>than that of the alleged thruster blast? (approximately 2-3
>o'clock) Surely if it was the thrust moving the ice/junk
>whatever, the anomaly would have been blown in a similar path to
>the alleged jet blast from the shuttle.The direction that the
>anomaly leaves the shot from, suggests some kind of resistance
>to the alleged thruster blast direction.Can space junk and Ice
>do this?

What you describe suggest nothing without the full color tape
and a shuttle operator's manual. The ship is in line 90 degrees
to the plume blast. When the RCS fires, in the color tape, RCS
number 17, which is firing, at 2.2 pounds thrust at 1000 feet
per second, egresses from the motor nozzle with a plume fan of
140 degrees in all arcs. Its effect blast effects the area
around it in a 179 degree arc. If anything was laying, floating,
alongside the orbiter, it too would be effected and moved away
from its original location. It would effect all ejecta in the
vicinty in varying degrees.

>Secondly, the anomalous object was also observed to change its
>track again a second time, further out from Earth, which seems
>to kick the RCS motor explanation into touch as far as I can
>determine anyway.

In the color tape of the whole event, even more ejecta appears
into the light bowl and is kicked and shot around and out away
from the orbiters right side. It is a maelstom of activity. The
tape of the mission, including what is in question, is in full
color. It is replete with everything one coul want to knw and it
looks entirely different than the blurry, scratchy, B & W images
as seen on the net.

>Thirdly, when you touched upon the Shuttle missions in your
>post, you did not even acknowledge the fact that there was more
>than one anomalous episode connected to the STS-48 shuttle
>mission. About 6 was it?

No, 2 distinct events and I covered every single facsimilie of
the mission. I state this. You state that I didn't. It is your
call to do your own clicking on the net, which isn't too tough,
and go to Sightings and others sites where my written and oral
dissertation is archived. But as I told Roger Evans, I think it
is virtually hopeless. You will not call JSC and get the tapes,
you will not research your claims further, Kasher wouldn't even
consider a little closer look at his BS claims after I offered
the full color tape for review and lecture at the U of O. Its

>Also what was the anomalous object recorded on film,leaving
>Earth at a high velocity on the STS-80 mission? Too many
>relevent questions left unanswered I think. What I can tell you
>without being an expert in this field is that this particular
>incident was definately NOT Ice or Ejecta', so what was it?

You are correct. It is NOT ice or ejecta, although this material
is there in the tape at times, but because it is a shroud-LCMR
cover from the payload bay pallet array for the foil covering
mounting of the satelitte in the cargo bay before launching that
you are referencing. In the full color tape of the whole mission
sequence you can see it all. There are quite a few of items
that have not, did not clear the cargo bay and the camera has
registered them.

The snide reamark about me having all the answers is flawed and
wrong. I do not have very many answers on most things, period.
In regard to some events regarding STS and NASA I have a limited
number of items to offer. After that, my chest of data is
finished. I'm not the end line on anything. I offer what I know
and what I have been exposed to not by intent, over 20 years.
That is all. When it is done and offered, I am no more than a
reference. I am not a UFO person.


Robert A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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