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Re: What's the point? A rant

From: John W. Ratcliff" <jratcliff@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:24:18 -0600
Fwd Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:32:03 -0500
Subject: Re: What's the point? A rant

>From: Sam Pepys [mailto:pepys1@hotmail.com]
>Sent: Thursday, January 21, 1999 4:52 PM
>To: jratcliff@att.net
>Subject: Re: Flaming Pie Plates

Sam wrote the following comments to which I replied...:

>>There IS no Roswell.

Something crashed.

>There are no saucers in area 51.

Wouldn't know, never been there.

>The gov't probably has studied the phenomenon. I look at it
>this way - if there was contact, if we did have artifacts, we'd
>know about it.

We do.

>People can't keep secrets, it's not in our nature.

Plenty of people have spoken. Lot's of people speak on lots of
subjects, and they are ignored. Whether it's biological weapons
testing, radiation testing on babies, rapes in the military,
etc. etc. Some people spoke for decades, and were ignored, as
crackpots, lunatics, or folks without proof. None of these
subjects became 'accepted' until _The Perpetrators_ finally
admitted it decades later. Every time I hear the statement
'people can't keep secrets', I wonder, am I the only person who
watches 60 minutes? About once every couple of years they
actually manage to uncover something which we find out was in
fact a successful conspiracy of silence maintained for decades.

You state that people can't keep secrets, which sounds nice.
People do blab, they are called security risks. We call those
folks members of congress, hippies, free thinkers. Those with
top level security clearance do _not_. Not if they want to
protect their career, which is based upon that security
clearance. For what rational reason would they speak? To what
benefit? Secrets are power, people retain their power. For
Christ's sake, I write computer video games for a living, hardly
Roswell, and I don't go blabbing the secrets about how my games
work. In _business_ I sign non-disclosure agreements which have
serious penalties if I reveal proprietary information. I _honor_
those agreements.

People who are in the military or defense industry are charged
with keeping secrets. They can, and do, keep them for decades.
History has proven this to be _fact_ over and over and over

My current boss used to be in the military industrial complex.
He cannot, and will not, reveal any information of any kind
whatsoever about his work. He has discussed with me about the
nature of military classification. According to him when a
military project is budgeted, a major portion of the budget is
dedicated to security alone. According to him, even after
leaving his position to return to the private sector, he has
spot security checks, follow ups, and random encounters by phone
or in person from people who test him on issues surrounding his
previous work. He has never spoken to me about any detail
whatsoever of any kind regarding his specific work in this area.
He is extremely nervous about the subject ever getting raised,
and I try to respect this, my curiosity be damned.

When tens of billions of dollars are spent by intelligence
agencies to maintain secrets you can rest assured that is
exactly what happens. Have you ever seen what happens when
someone goes through the kind of security checks required to get
high level security clearance? It is a robust process to say
the least, with issues of honor, duty, patriotism, and the
ability to keep secrets of the utmost importance. When security
oaths are given, when violation of that oath means, by
definition, an act of treason with all the penalties that
implies, let me assure you these are honored.

Ask your average Air Force grunt about UFOs. They don't keep
their mouths shut. Do they tell you it's all bunk? Hardly, my
own random sampling has produced story, after story, after
story. Declassified military documents show not only a very
high level of interest in the phenomenon, but a long record of
encounters. Forget about asking the local hillbilly about UFOs,
start asking military about them. The reactions I receive are
as follows. (1) Don't know anything about them. (2) Yeah,
here's this list of encounter experiences we had off the deck or
our carrier.... (3) When I was sent to military intelligence
training here is how we were briefed.. and (4) The higher you go
up the food chain the less is said and the more serious the

Why would this subject be kept such a secret? Why would those
secrets be honored? Ever consider the fact that it's _their
job_ and are acting in the best interest of the American public
from an invasion of our air space by a subversive and dangerous

In the end people keep secrets to protect their personal
interest, and there is no benefit of any kind for someone to
speak publicly on these matters. Some rare few do, nonetheless.
We label them nuts, crackpots, lunatics. Which, perhaps, many of
them are.

You mentioned in a previous message, Betty Cash Lundrum. Think
the gummint treated her honestly, truthfully, and in a
forthcoming fashion?

And then there is the whole issue of how you keep subjects like
UFOs secret. The _Art_ of dissinformation has a long and rich
history, well worth researching in it's own right.

Sorry for the long rant, but to suggest secrets of great
magnitude cannot be kept is not only an expression of naivet=E9
but also blind ignorance towards the facts of history.


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