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Alfred's Odd Ode #290

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 07:34:46 -0600
Fwd Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 02:46:18 -0500
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #290

Apology to MW #290 (For January 23, 1999)

Alarming! RAM Stephens is at best mere distraction, a ripple of
nonsense to scatter like wind in the murk we inhabit so _far_
from perfection amidst our intolerance, and fair weather friends
. . . At worst he's an agent of blackness and spies -- a stooge
for the *man*, a purveyor of lies. A man thus connected to spin
party lines -- a message confusing, cross purpose, and trying.
Perhaps he's a loser, a dreamer, complainer . . . with visions
of grandeur -- believer, campaigner. Perhaps he's bought in to
what's _shallow_ at best. Perhaps he's enslaved to what won't
stand its test. Perhaps he's a whacko, a public buffoon, or
someone who stopped with his meds a bit soon. Whatever he's
saying he's taking a gamble, if securing attention he's made an
example of all that works hard to discredit our interest in
*people from space* -- to _encourage_ disinterest!

He speaks with a sneer, like EVERYTHING's clear, but dodges the
questions that gesture and cheer -- or beg for their answers in
*things* that we've seen that _millions_ attest to, and remain
unredeemed.  He fronts for the ignorant shadows, of course -- he
fans up the murk like a crazy Kal Korff. And what are his
bonafides; what strange credentials are part of a makeup that
makes _him_ essential? He says he's a SEAL, or says that he's
not? What's his agenda? What has he got? A demand to Art Bell
for unlimited air time, to play twenty questions? Far better, my
RHYME!! <g>.

For me? For my money? He's personally insulting -- a little
revolting -- remote, deconstructing. He's a  block, or an
obstacle -- a hurdle we face on the gamut we run to touch Truth
on the face. He _has_ nothing new -- just trots out old argument
still used like a salve, or a fraudulent unguent.  He's
dishonest, deceitful, designing, disingenuous. He's conniving,
contemptible, a cad, and incontemptuous! Better men are
_destroyed_ for transgressions like these! Whither RAM Stephens?
Is he _different_? Oh -- please!

Perhaps Bell's a shill and Hoagland's a hoaxster. Perhaps
Knapp's a fake <g>, and Rense is a jokester. Nothing in
Stephens' promotes _their_ bad credit, and it seems that _he's_
worse than the ones he discredits.  And where are his proofs;
what's he forgetting? What mistakes has he made, and why is he
fretting? His approach is quite manic, a _frenzy_ at rest --
thousands of E-Mails (but he answers mine best). He has all the
answers, and he's here to put _right_ all the hounds of _my_
ignorance -- _my_ cognitive blight!  I resent his intrusion like
his piss on my leg. He tells me it's raining!! To differ, I beg.
The tone is more strident, but it sings the old song, balloons
and old swamp gas -- just strings us along.

We *know* that there's something that watches out there. We
don't guess its purpose while it sits there and stares. And the
*boys* unelected have *info* galore -- you can bet it means
changes -- I'd bet, _evens_ the score. But _they_ are struck
_clueless_, so grasp to their chests what their pay and
position, or their excess suggests.  Stephens makes ridicule,
and mocks all those things that perplex, and confound us; he
taunts, sneers, and pings. He gibes proclamation with airy
aplomb,  but his sarcasm's worse, a disparaging _bomb_. He
chaffs, and he razzes, but he's smelling the fear of a change to
his world view that's bearing down -- near.

And what is his program? What's his agenda? He's trying as hard
as he can to offend ya' <g>. Where's he get off? What is his
plan? What's the connection. Why's he have fans? I'll just bet
they inhabit a rabid right aisle; I'll just bet their soft hands
hide a predator's smile. Yes -- there _are_ secrets, clandestine
and dark that are buried in dungeons, and cellars, or parks.
Along with no Santa Clause there's evil conspiracy to dump on
the masses elitist indecency. We've corrupt institutions! We
_wallow_ in lies that _don't_ come from Hoagland, Art Bell, or
what flies!  It's justice for sale to the moneyed elite. It's
dependence on lawyers, and cops on the beat. It's worship for
doctors, and honor for priests. it's money to scientists who
march to the beat.

It's him and his manner that typifies loss of all that the
cosmos could give us at _cost_. His eyes look away from the
light that would shine if we _looked_ for real answers -- and
questioned our finds. And I find it _strange_, and a little bit
_odd_ that he came on the scene as Firmage gave a nod. Is RAM
the planned balance to confound our credulity? Is it RAM that
makes waves to promote our stupidity? Who's the _big_ liar? Is
it Hoagland, or Bell (?), or can RAM take his chip shots from
the bunkers of hell?


This one went on a bit long. Sorry.

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