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'Eprime' In Action

From: John W. Ratcliff <jratcliff@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 00:33:44 -0600
Fwd Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 09:17:42 -0500
Subject: 'Eprime' In Action

In some message I posted on UFO UpDates a while back, I made
disparaging remarks which included Jeff Rense of
<www.sightings.com> fame.  A few members of the peanut gallery,
lurkers all, e-mailed me grand huzzah's for calling Hoagland to
task, but tsked, tsked, me for including Rense with that hoary
horde of paranormal pontificators.  While Jeff Rense probably is
fairly rational in real life, the fact remains that his web site
continues to sponsor articles about speech reversals, and other
irrational nonsense, thus thrusting him into the category of
'part of the problem' rather than 'part of the solution.'

Still, always wanting to pick up some new folklore, I now find
myself cruising his website with the frequency I once reserved
for realdoll.com. Scary thought.  Our old friend Michael
Hesemann has an article up there today defending Billy Meir
against his 'nasty witch' of an ex-wife.  Good for him, huzzah
Mr. Hesemann, huzzah!

I am unabashedly a big fan of Robert Anton Wilson, though I wish
he would write more.  I've gotten burned at least three times
purchasing books in the last couple of years that I thought were
new, which ended up containing nothing but material he had
written years before.  Buyer beware they say. The danger of
purchasing over the internet bites us all at least once or

In one of RAW's fine books he proposed a relativistic mode of
speech that I seem to recall he dubbed 'e-prime'.  Eprime was a
way to parse language that amounted to little more than
qualifying every statement one made relative to their own
personal belief system.  I believe this was designed to forment
more productive communications between members of we ape men and
women. Reading Michael's article, with extensive pull quotes
from Billy, made me wonder.  I wondered what Billy's claims
would sound like converted to e-prime.  I think it might sound
something like this:

Billy Meir: "My contacts with extraterrestrial human entities
began in the 1940s when I was still a very young boy. "

Eprime Meir: "In the 1940's I had an experience that, to me,
seemed to be contact with some people who wanted me to believe
they were extraterrestrial.  I was only a young boy at the

Billy Meir: "When Sfath visited me, his point of origin was the
Pleiades/Plejares; Asket, on the other hand, came from the DAL
Universe, a parallel universe to ours-a twin universe."

Eprime Meir: "When I had the vision which I interpreted to be an
extraterrestrial being named Sfath, my perception of this
dialogue was the he claimed to be from the Pleiades/Plejares;
and the being I visualized as Asket, gave me the impression that
he believed himself to come from some sort of parallel universe,
not unlike the fictional mythologies put forth by many of our
writers of fantasy literature, such as 'Alice In Wonderland.'
Question posed to Meir: "Where do the extraterrestrial
intelligences come from and why do they visit us? "  (Author's
note, the question itself is hardly phrased in eprime, which
says quite a bit about Mr. Heseman when you think about it.)

Billy Meir: "The extraterrestrial with whom I maintain contact
come from the Pleiades/Plejares constellation. However, this
constellation, as I have mentioned, is not identical to the
Pleiades we observe from Earth in our own
space-and-time-configuration at a distance of 420 light years.
They are only approximately 62 million years old and as hot,
blue suns, the Pleiades are absolutely incapable of supporting
any form of life, either purely spiritual or material forms.
The Pleiadians/Plejarans are visiting us on Earth because they
are directly associated with a particular terrestrial group who
originally came to Earth from the Lyra-Vega systems-which also
exists in another space-and-time-configuration shift from the
Lyra-Vega constellations we know."

Semi-Lucid Sometimes Rational Eprime Billy Meir: "These visions
which I had failed to communicate any factual or verifiable data
of any kind, but instead used vague and meaningless terminology
which cannot be expressed in any concrete terms."

There's really no point in going further  The fundamental flaws
in logic are rather obvious.  For example, while it is quite
possible that human beings have the experience that they are
contacted by angels, aliens, devils, or elves, this does not
mean that what these critters have to say carries any more
weight than gossip we might hear third hand.   I've never seen a
UFO, never seen a ghost, had a vision, or had any kind of
paranormal experience. I do have dreams, which seem pretty real
when I'm having them, so that is the only personal experience I
have to draw as an analogy.  Perhaps if I were Moses, Saul,
Steven Greer, Billy Meir, Joseph Smith, or even Joseph Firmage,
I might have a totally different perspective.  If Christ walked
into my bedroom, or Jehovah rattled my cage, I might have a
completely different attitude.

I just now recall, I misspoke in my earlier statement.  I have
had a paranormal experience.  We had quite the Virgin Mary
apparition scare here in the St. Louis region some years back.
Crowds in the tens of thousands. As the objective observer I
went to see if I could catch a bit of the old Fatima sensation
in a personal bottle.  I did have the experience of witnessing
an anomalous event.  In an objective and detached fashion I
believed myself to have the experience of seeing brilliant
flashes of light around the altar during the height of the
ritualistic chanting experience. My polling data of other
attendees indicated that everyone I spoke to had experienced the
same phenomenon.  While pretty much all concluded this
phenomenon to indicate proof positive of some ghostly entity
dubbed 'virgin mary', I was hardly prepared to take such a
massive mental leap and jump to that conclusion.  Were I to
conjecture _any_ sort of paranormal theory, I would suggest that
if you put tens of thousands of people together chanting and in
focused meditation, that they themselves were the most likely

While it is pretty clear to me that people have paranormal
experiences, and this remains darn tooting interesting, this
says very little as to what the origin or genesis of those
experiences are.  To date about all we could say, having
examined UFO evidence for decades, is that, yeppers, this
phenomenon is part of human experience.  What they are, their
genesis, purpose, motivation, nature, or any other aspect
regarding it is complete conjecture based on a hopelessly
limited dataset.

But, _why_, _why_, if someone has this kind of an experience do
they immediately endow this experience with such awe, reverence,
and unbridled belief?  Quit their jobs, start up web sites,
destroy their lives all following the unproven claims perceived
through a visionary experience? Perhaps it's time to be less
skeptical of the contactee and a bit more skeptical of the

Just a thought...

John W. Ratcliff

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