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RAMS - The '200 Questions' For Hoagland

From: Robert A.M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 00:29:47 +0000
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:49:17 -0500
Subject: RAMS - The '200 Questions' For Hoagland

Debate Questions for Richard C. Hoagland
from Robert A.M. Stephens,
and aborted by Art Bell on the night of 12-30-1998.

Prepared from sources that have interfaced and had experiences
with Richard C. Hoagland. In addition, personal questions
gleaned from 22,400 emails--phone calls over a period since
10-20-1998 to 1-20-1999 to Stillwater Mills, my company.

Prepared also from the Enterprise Mission web site from

Questions 144 through 199 have been omitted since they were
pertinent and exclusive too NEXRAD weather data as featured on
the Enterprise Mission Web site, and answered by
representatives from the National Weather Service. For a full
report, you may consult Borderlands Research Foundation, at
http//:www.borderlands.com for answers to the false claims made
on the Enterprise Mission Web site.

(note: all references to events not related to the Enterprise
Mission can be, and in cases, have been already, verified by
the individuals-agencies involved)

1.  Why did you tell a Dr. Richard Sauder that Washington D.C.
was going to drop nuclear weapons on itself?


2.  Why do you allude that you get your references from an
inside Pentagon source, which would mean, pertinent to the
above verified question, that you are taking information from a
lying traitor?

3.  If you knew this information from this source, why did you
not tell and warn others besides Dr. Richard Sauder?

4.  If you did not tell or warn others about this impending
nuclear strike, and said strike had occurred, this would have
lent you to being accessory to wholesale murder on a gargantuan
scale. How do you reconcile this gross felonious incrimination
of yourself?

5.  You wrote the book regarding structures on Mars in the LA
county jail. Can you explain this?

6.  Why were you in jail?

7.  Are you still referring to the Pentagon insider who is a
traitor to the United States of America?

8.  You claimed the United States, during the summer of 1997,
that in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, was going to be
thermonuclearized, to get the gold that somehow lies
underneath. Can you explain this?

9.  What source of information did, or do you have, to make
such a claim?

10.  Is your source an inside Pentagon source?

11.  If you had this information and only warned the few people
who got your Enterprise Mission handout in various malls and
other outlets where you were passing this information out,  did
you try and warn authorities, your fellow Americans, that this
imminent event of horrific proportions was about to come visit

12.  If you did not, and the nukes fell on Phoenix, this would
make you an accessory to murder on a gargantuan scale. How do
you reconcile this gross felonious incrimination of yourself?

13.  Your warnings to Dr. Joe Gill, for which I stand corrected
in detail, consisted of warning him to leave the state of
Hawaii since an asteroid was going to go down inside the
volcano there and blow up the island. How did you get this
information of warning?

14.  If you had this information of early warning, did you tell
others so they would not also die?

15.  If you did not, why didn't you warn others besides Dr.

16.  If you did not warn others of this impending asteroid
going down the throat of the volcano and killing everyone in
Hawaii this would have made you accessory to murder on a
gargantuan scale. How do you then reconcile this gross
felonious incrimination of yourself?

17.  For the destruction of Washington D.C., the destruction of
the state of Hawaii, and for the destruction of the city of
Phoenix, what special equipment and early warning devices do
you have that gives you this strategic edge to apocalyptic

18.  Why did you loose your accreditation to all NASA centers
in the world for yourself and the Enterprise Mission? NASA
reports, and this information was on your web site on
12-1-1998, that is was because you lied to them?

19.  Why did you misrepresent yourself to NASA after they gave
you access to the KSC site in good faith?

20.  Why did you attempt to destroy the life of Dr. Bruce
Cornet after Dr. Cornet gave you exhaustive good service in
research and other endeavors?

21.  For what motivation would you do something like this to
this man and his family?

22.  Why is there a plethora of unsolicited mails and phone
calls to my place of residence, origin to over two dozen
professional people in the UFO community, who fairly wish to
litigate you and from a personal level, want to do extreme harm
to your person for what you have allegedly done to them in
every way imaginable, financially, economically, theft of
information, defamation, theft of moneys, loitering,
embezzlement, and verbal assault on their professional

23.  After talking to Walter Cronkite (Hudson Institute, alumni
reporter brief), why does he not recollect you whatsoever nor
does he remember you whatsoever at KSC or at any other NASA

24.  The Washington Post of March 22, 1996, called you a, "a
flake, fake, liar, a nutcase, a fruitcake, etc". Please explain
why they would say this to the general public?

25.  Exhaustive research shows there is no Angstrom Medal.
Explain this?

26.  A Mr. Joe Firmage in part, funded a grant to you to
disclaim or prove that your claims were true or false. You
disappeared and to my knowledge, this research endeavor has
yielded nothing for the money you were so entrusted to deploy.
Explain this?

27.  Goddard Space Flight Center wants your hide. They inform
me and others, particularly an LA Times reporter who wishes to
remain anonymous, that he was there when you were there also At
Goddard. You photographed copied photos from the moon flights
and other space missions, while the pictures were laying there
on copy tables under glass. Thus, the natural reflection is now
what you are claiming is structures and such on the moon and
elsewhere.  Your photos and claims are fakes and frauds. Why
have you done this?

28.  The very photos on your Enterprise Mission site, in
general, when checked with the photo archive at NASA-JSC, shows
that they are crystal clear and have not the reflections as the
Goddard photos have that you have used. Goddard says the day in
question they were in a hurry and the photos had reflections.
They regret this. You have exploited a falsehood. Why have you
done this to the public at large?

29.  Why do you not wish to be on any other radio show to
debate these very questions organic to your world online, but
only on Art Bell?

30.  It is perceived by many that you are involved in collusion
with Art Bell as an entertainer and nothing more . Respond to

31.  Are you under paid contract with Art Bell and Jacor
Enterprises as an entertainer and thus conclusive to such an
agreement in normal practice thus precludes you from answering
questions to your claims, and appearances on any other shows
other than Art Bell? Explain this perception and charge by

32.  You have a page sequence of 'Fireballs Over Turret Peak'.
The photos you have used are taken from various NASA archives
and are solid rocket motor exhaust plumes from vehicles on
ascent from either KSC or from Vandenberg AFB. The craft in
each case has been removed with a graphic software program. Why
have you lied and presented falsified photos to the public at
large in the attempt to deceive them?

33.  You have never worked for NASA. You are known as being
insane. Explain?

34.  You post no NASA release statement for all these falsified
photos, no different than I had to have Michael Theroux do at
borderlands when he hosted my page and had the Smithsonian-NASA
link to my painting sample at NASA Headquarters. In this case,
I painted the painting, yet, legally, I had to post the
copyright and ownership data for the public at large that it
was NASA's. Why haven't you done this too for all these
falsified and stolen photos on your website?

35.  For the Pegasi star signal, what special equipment and
early warning devices do you have that gives you this strategic
edge to an impending landing on Turret Peak Arizona for the
morning of December 7, 1998, over assets owned and operated by
NORAD and DoD and other strategic agencies that were immutably
not aware of this star signal?

36.  Did you have another inside source at DoD or elsewhere
that brought this revelation of exclusive data to your

37.  If you had this information, and knew of it, why did you
only notify the public online, rather than NASA and other
agencies that did not have this information and could have
assisted you in this finding?

38.  Why is it that the high school you attended, and the man
you stole his name and identity from for the Pegasi hoax, a one
named Paul Dore, have such similar names. The mathematical
coincidence is too great for serendipity for this conundrum.
Justify this?

39.  Why would you elaborate on Paul Dore, using and stating
his person, when he asked you to quit using his name?

40.  Why does the whole Pegasi event trace itself back to you
and you exclusively along with crude assistance from Terry Tim

41.  You harp incessantly on the 'Masonic' connection and its
activities regarding NASA when in fact, it is the Mormon
connection that is the prime issue back before 1986. Yet, this
is never mentioned. The Masonic nonsense is basically a lie.
The Mormon connection is far more compelling and a fact. Why do
you selectively ignore one for another?

42.  What registration wave did you deploy to confirm the
Pegasi signal?

43.  What was the Heim-Wave coefficient for determining the
artificial nature of the Pegasi signal?

44.  What part of NORAD's Fence Database did you have access
to, to confirm the landing was going to be on Turret Peak,
Arizona,  or that registered such?

45.  Why do you not embrace all number recurrences over and
above 19.5 and 33 for your highly strange and peculiar

46.  Why do you not use the more common and stranger recurrence
numbers like 22, 77, 4.5, 99.7, 50, .125, 37.5, etc. which show
up far more frequently than 19.5 and 33 in even stranger places
and occurrences in our lexicon?

47.  You have only a high school education. Explain?

48.  At what point did you gain full registration for the
Pegasi intruder space ship?

49.  Why do you hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to
make your claims which are fraudulent, then prohibit anyone
from contacting you for further information?

50.  Why do you postulate hyper dimensional physics claims, but
use false and gross error of math, or no math at all, to
substantiate your claims as is normal conventions of protocol
in science?

51.  You postulate hyper dimensional physics. Thus, then,
explain the mathematics fact, called an argument, of the simple
equation of +SOL><-SOL/E-squared. Which is the baseline for
anything that is a warping of our space time place?

52.  What is the interfacing of Femptophoton research in
relation to hyper dimensional physics?

53.  Under Turret Peak, you state that some machinery was
turned on in very large caves and tunnels. Dr. Richard Sauder,
the foremost authority on this anomaly, strongly refutes your
statement. Explain or counter Dr. Sauder's assessment?

54.  I had Model Railroad friends, which is my indoor hobby,
and whom live in Phoenix, go up to Turret Peak to explore for
old railroad and narrow gauge mining data. They are not UFO
people or know anything about you or the Pegasi ship. They
reported back to me on the 7th, and the 8th of December, 1998,
that there was nothing up there out of the norm at all. Explain

55.  You talk and postulate a lie of demented fashion about
horizontal snow, occurring with no wind, and that it is falling
somehow,  which for anyone living in snow prone areas, roughly
80% of the country, reacts to your stated claim as if you are a
clown and is laughable by such a postulation as you present
such on your web site. How do you reconcile this strange
statement and the public's reaction to such inaccuracies?

56.  Why did the police have to be called on you by the family
of Laura Lee and her husband who threatened you with law
enforcement intervention if you would not move out of their
home and not leech off them any more. Explain this?

57.  You discuss some metaphysical connection to all our being
with regard to six sided snow flakes. This is a scientific lie.

58.  Why have you and Mike Bara stolen, non copyrighted
material on your websites from The Weather Channel, Unisys,
Accuweather, and other copyrighted and not for repost data?

59.  Why do you use triangles and other symbols on the blurry,
stolen, Mars images on your web site to justify your peculiar

60.  Why do you omit the clear, recent photos of Mars, to also
try and lend to your postulation of faces and cities and such
on Mars--which in these latest photos we see what appears to be
a varved, geophysical escarpment by natural conditions. Explain

61.  What you have on your web site looks like blurry photos of
a checkerboard game. What is it we are suppose to see in these?

62.  Why do you have such a long running record with being
found afoul with the law?

63.  Define the Moon for rotation around the Earth and its own
axis--in known orbital mechanical terms?

64.  Define the Earth for rotation around the Sun and its own
axis--in known orbital mechanical terms?

65.  You claim and postulate items that are not science but
gibberish. In this, please define high school level astronomy
terms. One would be, define a light minute?

66.  Define a light day?

67.  You postulate that you know a great deal about space and
NASA. Why is it that you have never ever worked for NASA, any
more than I have, yet you claim you have?

68.  You've never been a consultant either, Why do you claim

69.  Why are there so many people who claim you've taken their
money from them and ran away and never paid them back or did
what you were suppose to do with said finances and are charged
by these people as being a felonious malicious person?

70.  Why do you insinuate NASA lies all the time, when
multitudes want desperately to prove it is you that is the
pathological liar and out to commit extreme malice toward those
around you---but they somehow are never given a voice by Art
Bell to counter these claims and acts by you against them.
Explain this?

71.  It is asked why I would pick on you. This is quite inane
for a question, but for debate sake it is simple. You attack
NASA and NASA cannot respond. I can. I do. I have. It is you
who is a loud child of the macabre', that writes letters to the
Whitehouse, NASA, and other agencies with claims that leaves no
one a response. The result is that the entire UFO culture, just
and unjust alike, is lumped in together. I take issue with
that, now that I am here, and the plethora of lies that you
postulate but insulate yourself under the entertainment skirt
of Art Bell and anonymity on the internet so no one can
confront your claims. You are a double standard in every move
you make. For that, I take issue. I have left myself wide open.
I have seen others take me to task and prove with data my
claims and offerings are the truth. You do not operate under
that protocol. The next question proves this immutably. Respond
to this truth of charge at your person and volitional

72.  Regarding Mars and Cydonia, on your web site, you state
categorically, "It's A Face". Since there are over 143,000,000
miles separating us from Cydonia, the very outfit that provided
you and I with those photos for you to make that claim
disagrees with you, how then can you make such a conclusion?

73.  Since Cydonia 'Is A Face!!' in your convicted assessment,
then, what extra machinery and equipment and technology do you
have or are using to derive this absolute conclusion?

74.  Would you share this technology that allows you to
formulate a statement of fact that Cydonia is a face with other
agencies or parties such as NASA?

75.  Are you able to know the difference between a statement of
fact and the ability to formulate a premise?

76.  Your radar ring claims on your web site are lies and
fabrications as proven by representatives of the NWS. How do
you explain this?

77.  How do you attack me on STS-48 and STS-80, when this is my
line of work and I say that what is seen in these two videos,
and all other STS flights, is the same anomaly of normal in
flight, on orbit, operations.  Regardless of Kasher or any
other 'expert'. I am the expert on this issue and everyone in
this field will call me,  not that I am in error, but a liar.
You are the liar of fact. Defend this rightful charge. How can
you lie on a subject when you do not have the means or
technology to prove the claim?

78.  What technology do you deploy to attain the musical signal
from Pegasi, a system of stellar objects that are rife with
conditions that would be quite difficult to sustain or nurture
any form of non radioactive life form, let alone one that can
play music?

79.  You not only erred but are a liar in response to the Black
Duck Minnesota Submarine ELF array, even when provided with the
commanding officer of the facility that you could call or email
or fax and verify that it is a real facility. Explain this
patent falsehood on you part, exhibited twofold, which you did
not, have not apologized for?

80.   You uttered that my question on the Art Bell show was
character assassination against you. How can a question as to
why our nation's capitol was going to nuke itself, as claimed
and stated by yourself and verified, constitutes character

81.  Why does Art Bell insulate you from inquiry?

82.  Why do you insulate yourself from inquiry?

83.  Why did Arthur C. Clarke call you, "his highly imaginative
fictional friend"?

84.  You falsely allude that gravity, the weak force in this
time-place, has something to do with multi dimensional events,
when in fact it is the manipulation of time and +SOL that is
the true effect. Explain this falsehood as claimed by you?

85.  Being absolutely objective, how in God's name can you
possibly be among the "pioneering top ten' in space, or
anywhere else?

86.  When you categorically lie to the public, and are proven
as such, why do you not issue a retraction when caught, like
what I have revealed about you and what the borderlands
research group has revealed?

87.  You state categorically that NASA killed SOHO. You claim
this is circumstantial. That NASA would blow up its own
spacecraft. You are lying. Refute my charge with facts?

88.  You state lies incessantly about everything. Then if
anyone calls you to task about the lie, which is normal and
fair, you then attack them with malice rather than stating your
proof. Explain this juvenile and baseless one sided ignorant
string of self induced logic on your part?

89.  Your insanity is slowly encroaching upon you like a virus
consuming a host. Instead of going out and getting a job, where
do you intend to go with your macabre' claims of the absurd
that are so quickly disproven openly by so many?

90.  Have you ever really looked up the word, "Arcology"?

91.  You show photos of skyscrapers on Mars on your web site.
On the page in question you show one photo that is Mars, and
another that is Cairo, Egypt. Nice move. If you vector both
photos the same they show the same photograph. There are no
skyscrapers on Mars then. Explain this proven lie?

92.  Regarding the face and Cydonia. Are you really clear what
a 'rectified' photo is verses an 'unrectified' photo?

93.  Do you have a clue what you are espousing with statements
pertaining to question 92?

94.  You state that NASA somehow has purposely ignored certain
'geometry' in relation to Cydonia images. What grounds do you
have for these charges?

95.  Again, since you have access to technology applications
that NASA does not, rather than faulting NASA, wouldn't it be
prudent to share your technology with NASA to help them see the

96.  Why are copyrighted photos from NASA blank for association
and copyrighted by the Enterprise Mission. This is illegal?

97.  Do have any notion, in lucid fashion, what your
tetrahedral claims of everything NASA really conjures. Explain
this endless loop of virtual misinformation?

98.  Does NASA do ANYTHING right or constructive or inducive to
the mission at hand--beyond providing you with photos to self

99.  ABC is furious at your linking and name dropping of their
corporation. Explain this?

100.  Do you have a separate unmanned space program aside from
NASA and the United States' space effort, for which you are
able to derive your 'data' for claim and presentation?

101.  How many books did you write while in jail?

102.  There is a recurring theme in your overall disposition
regarding anything astronomical and NASA related. You insinuate
that NASA spends all 'our' money (mine too, since I pay heavy
taxes for being self employed), on these massive and very
daunting undertakings off Earth. At the very last second, they:
blow up their own space craft, hide the possibility of new
planets, destroy evidence, wreck proof, fake photographs,
change data, fake launches, hide faces on foreign planets,
sneak all sorts of strange things past everyone including you,
lie incessantly about everything they do,  won't go and do what
you want, does foolish things within mission profiles rather
than look at cities and things which are obviously there for
the beckoning, bases every move on the next Mason meeting
outcome, Launches spacecraft only and after a thorough clearing
of all Egyptian symbolism, and tries its darndest to do the
most outlandish thing our species is engaged in--exploration of
the last frontier, only to quench out the findings at the last
minute. Then, have you ever gone to ask the fundamental


103.  For 1-20-1999, you claim a shot over the bow of.....what.
That NASA and the occultic involvement they have is such that
they shot a meteror at HAARP. This is a lie. Defend this?

104.  Why do you claim the fact of all things Europa and
oceans? When in fact John Lewis stated this hypothesis back in
June of 1971, when you barely were a lurid spark in Arthur's
eye. Explain this false claim by you?

105.  Why do you claim the 'face' enigma when this was first
stated by NASA and JPL people as the first photos were coming
in and they even posted the 'face' anomaly on the first
released prints, attributing the 'face' effect due to poor
camera resolution, altitude, sunlight angle, speed of orbital
passing, etc., in 1976. Explain this?

106.  In contacting NASA headquarters, they never received that
self serving, prolix, letter addressed to Dan Goldin,
pertaining to the Cydonia revisit, you have posted on your
site. Explain this?

107.  Why do you have the NASA logo backwards on your page, yet
you have all these photos taken from NASA and not one attribute
in thanks for providing the photos in the first place. This
would be normal professional venue in other 'rational' formats.
Explain this contempt for the very source of your being and

108.  In the Space anomalies area you have purported photos of
two objects related to the STS-80 mission flight. In one and
the other you show anomalies that register bigger than the city
of Seattle and San Francisco combined. That would be objects
that are an aggregate 455 square miles. Large objects. Yet, in
no Fence database registration during the mission flow of
STS-80 is objects of any proportions are shown in any other
venue for this period. Defend this lie?

109.  How can objects of these proportions escape anybody's
registration that are on your 'map' overlay of the western
third of America?

110.  In fact, these objects you purport on your space
anomalies page, would be visible to the naked eye on Earth in
broad daylight. Yet, there is no report of these anomalies by
anyone but you. Explain this?

111.  Why is there not a reference for these maps, as would be
in any disclaiming revelation process?

112.  Along with being furious with you, ABC and Ted Koppel
want to know why his picture is on your web site in the fashion
it is. Explain this?

113.  On 4-17-1997, you claim there will be more analysis on
STS-80. It has been 21 months. There is still not any mention
of 'new' analysis by you. When will this additional analysis be

114.  Being redundant, how do you have the technology and math
deduction skills, along with Art Bell, Kasher, and others to
make the deductions you do and claim, when the assets at NASA
and its contractors cannot make he same deductions as you.
Explain this awful discrepancy that effects me personally and
my work with NASA?

115.  Why do you not have a secret source in the NRO, since
that would preclude needing one in the Pentagon, since the
Pentagon is akin to a giant clerk's office in administration,
not the harbinger of facts?

116.  You claim that my attack of you and your data is
unfounded and I'm stupid. Yet my claims against you and that
others have made against you, have shown to be fact, no
subjectivity to it. Then, when you are shown to be wrong, you
resort to this is all some disinformation and slander campaign.
How can this be inquiry on one side and that is okay, and
slander on the other. This is illogical so explain this?

117.  When you redundantly lie as you do, on nearly everything
on your website and in public statements, and are found out,
you run your mouth in convolution rather than admit the wrong
and move onward. Why?

118.  You are perceived as a liar, a charlatan, a bahl mahl, a
faker, a phony, a criminal, a jerk, a man on the border cusp of
insanity.  These are not subjective conjectures made by
otherwise mean people. These conclusions are made by people in
this field of study as your self, at times being in this far
longer than yourself. They are made strictly by the assessment
of your chosen demeanor and actions. The question then is why
this chosen venue of personal presentation?

119.  Since you will not admit you are a lair and an agent
provocateur of trouble, and yet others when mistaken admit such
or when they are so bold to discredit themselves, they rely on
others to re-verify them and their claims, why do you not
subscribe to the same truth of revelation.

120.  John Pike is the preeminent NASA watchdog scientist. He
is utterly brilliant. In his often scathing criticisms of NASA
he errors, as we all do. In these events he rushes to the fore
showing and admitting and apologizing for his error, then moves
on to the next topic. I had to do the same when not being aware
of Mr. Czarnik.  Finally, there was such a man and I posted
accordingly my error. But in your venue, this was not a venue
for further credibility, no, that meant that everything about
me past and current and future was in error too. Under this
strange protocol, which is a strong percentage of the UFO Field
of Practices, then, being fair, you should be tarred and
feathered by this same group. How come the selective
endorsement of people and data?

121.  You are a horrific pathological liar in the eyes that
have dealt with you and the agency's you have slandered.
Journalists that are aware of you say, "Richard Hoagland is a
shameless man named 'Strange'. He embraces a form of scientific
terrorism--mixing a little tiny grit of truth, with a mind
filled macabre'". (Lennis Bee-Iron, The Village Voice, 1998,
the preeminent gay publication in America today, science page).
Since this is an accurate assumption, and I would agree with
this, how can you justify the claims you make in general to the
mainstream and other fringe elements such as the Village Voice
in continued practice?

122.  My data, claims, statements, revelations, and activities
have been proven all true by outside parties from my self. This
should be the outcome. In your case, when out and out lying is
proven to be the fact, you do not acknowledge this same outcome
of revelation about yourself. Why?

123.  You show signs of dementia, and it is worsening, how do
you intend to rectify this anomaly coming upon your person?

124.  Dr. Steven Hawkings is an astrophysicist, among other
things. He makes far wilder claims about our time-place and our
being than yourself. Yet, since he bases his outlier
postulations on known science as a baseline, he is highly
respected. In your case, since you take the road of
entertainment and tabloid type venue, you are perceived as a
'NUT'. Why have you chosen this latter route, rather than the

125.  You have threatened people with intimidation and worse.
It is why the very 24 or so people that have come forward to
provide information on you, wish to remain anonymous, for which
I do not agree with them at all and I have stated it to every
person who has contacted me. In this, however, should you
continue in this felonious behavior, someone will finally take
you to task. What will you do when you find yourself surrounded
by the very public you have deceived, and they want the truth
from you, or at least an apology?

126.  You discredit NASA at every turn. It is my long standing
agency I've been intimately involved with. Thousands of times
greater than your involvement with this same agency. Neither of
us work for NASA directly. You never have. I have come along
and wish to defend this agency against your stated lies. Why
then is my action, to seek truth and divulge lying by you and
Art Bell and others, and confirm this, is called somehow 'bad'
by you and this industry. But it is perfectly 'good' for you to
continue to traffic lies unchecked. Explain this conundrum of
selective moral center?

127.  At the bottom of the rational food chain, you could
resort to, "I'm having fun", or, as Art Bell does when trapped,
says, "it's entertainment". If this is the case, and it is, why
can't I and others like me also indulge in this practice with
the same unquestionable endorsement you enjoy?

128.  The attorneys representing the family members of the dead
regarding the Hale-Bopp comet fiasco hold you and Art Bell in
part, responsible, for inciting macabre' claims of ships and
other vehicles riding the plume veil of the comet itself. They
are amassing a massive lawsuit against you and others suspected
of perpetrating this heinous disinformation juggernaut that may
have led to these people to take their own lives. Explain this?

129.  What is your technology you have garner to which allows
you to assess the Hale-Bopp data you espouse that NASA and
other agencies do not have at their disposal of deploy?

130.  With this technology you have, and since you are able to
garner data that no else can, would you be willing to share
this special technology with others so they may know what you

131.  You seem to be alone in your endeavors of discovery.
Science and discovery learned is accomplished by cooperation
among all assets available. You are the only one on the planet
who approaches this from a singularity. How can this be?

132.  How can you be the only one privy of this data you
espouse, and with such selfishness,  you will not share this
findings of new data with the very agencies that could and
would substantiate your claims as fact. Explain this peculiar

133.  Within the mind of an Art Bell and yourself, you become
'confused' with straight questions of verifiable fact. But when
a guest is asked, "how many times did you hit the alien", this
is past off as 'truth'. How can this be the case in your mind
if someone then comes forward and asked to verify these claims,
as has been done with me?

134.  If NASA lies at everything they do, which you strongly
suggest, why do you rely on anything from them, like photos and
such, at all?

135.  For 4-9-1997, you indicate that there is proof of some
connection to hyper dimensional physics to this page
presentation. There is none. Explain this?

136.  For 4-18-1997, you postulate with odd graphics and photos
from NASA archives, nebulous, vague, insinuation about comet
Hale-Bopp having a companion, an ulterior motive for being what
it is. Why would you use NASA photos and data, who is a proven
perpetrators of lies by your assessment, to substantiate your
claims. It is one liar using the data from another liar to tell
us a truth. Explain?

137.  For 5-1-1997, you post why NASA would not come on air
with Art Bell and yourself to debate the Hale-Bopp topic of
data for which NASA tried to have Art Bell present NASA
findings with the same fairness as the claims made by you and
others. NASA steadfastly refused which incensed you. The reason
NASA would not appear is because Art Bell, protecting you, his
boy, would have cut off and censored NASA. In light of recent
circumstances, you want o dispute this statement made by me?

138.  For 6-17-1997 you claim to have proof of scientific
origins of reverse speech revelations that somehow suggest that
NASA is further lying. When this page is accessed, it is gone.
Explain this?

139.  For 1-20-1999 you still persist that NASA is ensconced
with masonic worship. This page in particular about the 'bow
shot' is blatant. I work for the agency in question for detail
data with STS and other work. I have known and have provided
links for proof to NASA directly that you are lying
consistantly. Why do you persist on deceiving the public at

140.  For 4-21-1997, you divulge a proof of statement that
somehow a physical mechanical entity, the Hubble Space
Telescope, is ensconced in hyper dimensional physics. In
contacting the management of HST they not only do not have a
clue what you are saying, but say it is not even in the paucity
of science as it is known and does not make sense. Explain

141.  For 4-22-1997, you divulge and demand that an
investigation be summoned to examine NASA's proven lies about
'artifacts' on Mars. NASA did this with the latest photos. It
shows Cydonia to be a varved geo-eroded escarpment. Until we
set up a few backhoes up there, at 143,000,000 miles distance,
this assessment is at least fair. NASA put its money where it
was charged to do so. Why haven't you?

142.  For 12-4-1997, you claim there is a connection of some
sort between Saturn and the Sun in hyper dimensional physics.
All things on balance, I say you are full of crap. Please
defend that I am in error?

143.  For 5-6-1998, you asked rhetorically when is a crater not
a crater. You then show a very normal, abrupt edged geologic
formation that is abundant my the million of occurrences on our
own planet (I look at one of these anomalies out my upstairs
window in the graphics room up on the side of the 10,000 foot
elevation of the Mission Mountain Range---it's in the form of a
'face'). You then take this natural feature and claim it is
artificial. You are lying. Explain this?

144.  Questions 144 to 199 pertain to the claims and statements
made by Richard C. Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission regarding
NEXRAD radar and other weather related data,  which has been
proven to be false, lies, misinformation, and other unfounded
claims, by elements of the National Weather Service and NOAA
with the assistance of Borderlands Research Foundation. The
latter site has the answers to the intended questions herein.

200.  In your various claims I challenge them on all, all
subjects. You have failed to prove them to be what you claim.
You have been refuted at every turn. You persist to lie and
present falsehoods.

In my case, I postulated I was a fraud. It was proven to be not
so--that I am in fact, who I say I am. Outside parties have
proven this. Others still came forward on my behalf, taking
issue with the spurious claims against me.

From the beginning two names and addresses appear on nearly
every mail from me. In each case these two individuals are Scot
Bowlin and Michael Osborne.

Scot Bowlin goes back with me for 15 years. He worked at NASA
and has since moved on. I'm not sure what he is up to
currently. I did asked him to monitor my mails and involvement
in this 'field' of study. He verifies my personal claims as
best as he is able to on his own volition. I did not asked him
to come forward.

Michael Osborne is an Advanced Photo Interpreter for the
National Reconnaissance Office. He is, in essence, a spy. He
has been watching this too from the beginning and has made no
comment publicly. He will verify me if needed. He has divulged
no secrets or anything else pertinent to the security of the
United States of America. This event amuses him greatly. His
assessment is that this community of 'researchers' is not ready
to recieve any congnizant information openly since it suscribes
to selective endorsement of postulated data that is spurious at
best, false at the worst. I agree.

There, now, that is some facts. My last question, then, since
this list of questions is going up the chain way above NASA,
will you admit you have lied repeatedly to this online and off
line community pertaining to the UFO culture,  claims about
NASA and other statements filled with pathos. Will you admit
this, since I did the same pertaining to myself when it wasn't
true, to get others to defend me on their own, which they did.

Will you answer these questions now?

If not, and others within this 'field' allow you to do what you
do, then this undustry needs to be kept right where it has put
itself. The 'giggle' factor of choice for Everyman everywhere.


Robert A.M. Stephens
NASA Documentation Program
Stillwater Mills

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