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From: Mike Farrell <mikefarr@midcoast.com.au>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 03:24:42 +1100
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:04:25 -0500
Subject: PROJECT GUFONE Search


This is Australia Calling!

Greetings UFO Video Enthusiasts Everywhere...and a special hello
to researchers in America and England!

Here is a list of important Television UFO Programs that we will
not be able to see or in some cases, we will have to wait years
to see. We are trying to bypass the normal global media network
policies, politics and procrastination, so we can share with UFO
researchers in Australia and New Zealand the kind of shows that
you may take for granted in countries like America and England.
We have also established a video exchange network to help gather
and circulate this UFO TV Video material to other countries in
Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia. In
return, we can offer you UFO TV programs and "UFO raw footage"
from around the world. We have footage and interviews from
English and Non-English speaking countries, with translations
provided in many cases.



NBC will air new serious look into the alien abduction
phenomenon and the work of Whitley Strieber. Program will be
broadcast in USA On February 17, 8-10:00pm. Implant removal
operations will be shown!



An exciting new documentary on the alien abduction phenomenon is
to be screened by The Learning Channel in USA on 18th January.
It's possibly the most comprehensive program on the subject ever
produced, and features interviews with the likes of Budd
Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mack, Whitley Strieber, Travis
Walton, and Peter Robbins.  There's also a rare interview with
Linda Cortile, and footage of one of Budd's Support Group
meetings. There are also interviews with Philip Klass, Dr.Chris
French and Dr.Susan Blackmore.

Expect furious Internet debate on this one!



A new television series looking at UFOs, alien abductions,
cropcircles, cover-ups and conspiracies.  Called "Watch the
Skies" it will be screened by Grenada Television on Tuesday
nights at 7.30pm.

On current plans, the first program is due to be screened on 5th
January. Those interviewed include Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar
Mitchell and respected ufologist Timothy Good.



A documentary set to air March 3 on The Learning Channel.

Pictures of flying saucers strike a dramatic image.  But
documentary filmmaker James Fox says it will take the testimony
of credible witnesses like Astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon
Cooper to change public opinion and force the government's hand.



Union Skyline Pictures of London are including raw footage of a
UFO and plane crash from Israel as part of their upcoming three
part series "Riddle Of The Skies", which will be broadcast by
Channel Four in the UK and RTL in Germany.

(What's the dates on these, please?)



The BBC is currently filming a a seven episode TV series
"Millennium TV- The Big End". It's the first program being shown
on Sunday 27 December on UK national TV. It's expected that the
program on cattle mutilations will be shown on Sunday, 10 Jan.


PROJECT GUFONE needs your help!

We are trying to bring all UFO researchers everywhere "up to
speed" on the available televised UFO programs, witness
interviews, news, talk shows, and raw footage that is in the
public domain today. This way we can all put our minds to work
on the same evidence at the same time. We expect 1999 to be a
landmark year in quality network broadcasts and skywatching
videos. We exchange the video material from our own countries at
our own expense. No money ever changes hands. This way we can
operate under the protection of the International Fair Trade
Doctrine to copy and exchange broadcast material for educational
and research purposes only, but not for commercial gain.

We are looking for reliable video contacts in America and
England who will tape these upcoming TV programs listed above
and send them to us, in exchange for the same kind of important
material from other countries around the world. We provide
conversion to your tape format at no charge to you. This
includes NTSC, PAL, SECAM, M-PAL, or N-PAL.

The first 'good-video-samaritans' to respond to our plea, will
become  members of PROJECT GUFONE (Global UFO Newsvideo
Network). Once accepted, you will receive an inventory of video
material to choose from for exchange, plus will be added to our
private GUFONE mailing list for dedicated UFO and Paranormal
Video Enthusiasts _only_!

This new UFO video PROJECT GUFONE is designed to broaden our
global view of the UFO Phenomenon, and give us more reason to
act locally. It is established in honor of the 'PROJECT 1947' by
Jan L. Aldrich, which still motivates UFO researchers everywhere
to help gather personal accounts, newspaper clippings, reports,
and government documents from the early years of Modern Ufology.

Imagine if we were able to gather, exchange and show _all_ the
UFO 'amateur home videos' and Television UFO Newscasts and
Special Programs collected from around the world at any given
time. Then we might find that the "Big Picture" of worldwide UFO
sightings and encounters would have a greater and more
convincing impact on researchers and the curious public alike.

The sharing and showing of this video material would reaffirm
and further expose the universal nature and appeal of the UFO
Phenomenon to everyone watching TV.

This PROJECT GUFONE hopes to put the fate of these UFO
Newscasts, Programs, and especially the UFO "amateur home
videos" back into the hands of the people, where it belongs. We
accomplish this by gathering and sending these UFO videotapes to
each other, from one country to another, so we can all learn and
benefit from what we discover about the UFO phenomenon, it's
nature and it's meaning. Thus in the process, we may find that
the answer to the UFO Mystery lies NOT in what we think it is or
might be, but in what we haven't thought of YET!


"We are going to see more and more of these visitors from space
and before too long, the evidence will be incontrovertible. That
you will have on your television screens concrete evidence, that
the ships are here and that they are real and that they're not
fantastic things cooked up to make movies." (public statement
from contactee at Giant Rock UFO Convention in 1958)


That time is almost here!
We can help put that "incontrovertible concrete evidence"
on television screens all over the world!

The fact is, people are conditioned to "believe" what they see
on TV, that's why we have to use this medium of exchange. The
medium is the message, and the message is: "The Truth is Closer
than we Imagine!"

As Director of PROJECT GUFONE, I invite you to visit our web pages
for further details on the

Keith Basterfield Australian Researcher's Network at:


The UFO Research Group of Sydney, NSW. at:

Please contact me directly with your interest, questions,
comments, or exchange offers. Let's help each other to share the
evidence! Let's help all Researchers to see what's already out

email: mikefarr@midcoast.com.au

It's the least we can do!
Thank You for Your Consideration,
Mike Farrell
Director of PROJECT GUFONE '98
(Global UFO Newsvideo Exchange)
P.O.Box 2526
Port Macquarie
New South Wales 2444

"And since seldom do instruments record flying saucers, it's the
people who report seeing them that are the most significant way
of getting at the Truth!" (J. Allen Hynek)

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