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Re: Strange Goings-On At Roswell International

From: Moderator, UFO UpDates - Toronto
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:24:40 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:24:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Strange Goings-On At Roswell International

From: Wendy Connors <ProjectSign@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Re: IUFOMRC (UFO Museum in Roswell)

Greetings to the Lists:

The following was sent to me from Faeylyn Wylder the former
webmaster of the museum's website.

Wendy Connors


Would you mind forwarding this to those who read it? I wanted to
clear up the matter of the payment on the domain name:)

In the recent editorial by Jim Chambers, is mentioned the fact
that I had paid for the IUFOMRC domain name. Given the very
confusing series of events, it is easily misunderstood. I was
asked to pay for the domain registration with my credit card,
which I did, and the museum reimbursed me at a later date.

The following is my own recounting of what happened, so as not
to leave anyone with the wrong impression regarding the
IUFOMRC's actions - - which have been with careless indifference
given the best construction.

In brief, The International UFO Museum and Research Center in
Roswell, NM has procured a website that I created and have
valued at $300,000.00, including 3003 original pieces of art, 5
major site renovations, my articles, and my time, with no regard
for the agreements I had with the museum.  They are not giving
me credit for my work, they falsely represented me in a legal
InterNic document, they made false allegations about me to my
peers on the internet, and I have no rights to reclaim my
copyrighted work without a costly leagal action, as there were
no written agreements. Everything I am about to tell you can be
proven or substantiated by those involved directly, such as Deon
Crosby, Dennis Balthaser, and InterNic.

I am a professional artist, and have among other things,
designed t-shirts for Hallmark Cardís Shoebox div. I decided
that it might be a good idea to learn how to create websites,
and In 1996, Deon Crosby, the director of the International UFO
Museum and Research Center, asked me to create a site for the
museum. Deon allowed as how the museum could not pay me
anything.  I was fairly new to websmithing, and saw in it an
opportunity to make my artwork known on the internet, thereby
getting work, so I agreed to do it. Deon was explicit with me
that the site would be a collaborative effort, and that I would
retain my rights to my artwork.

In setting up the IUFOMRC online, I was asked by the museum to
put the InterNic charges on my credit card, as they did not have
one. I did so, not realizing that I would therefore become the
legal registrant of the domain name iufomrc.com . When we
realized this, I made it very clear to everyone involved, that I
held no claim on the domain name. I never tried to hide this
fact, mentioning it casually to Dennis Balthaser, and others. I
also informed Delores, the museum secretary, last October, that
InterNic would be sending a bill in January or February.

I worked over 8 hours a day on the website. Deon was very busy
at the museum, therefore, out of 300 pages on the website, 7 of
those pages contained information the museum gave me, in
addition to the Newsletters. The rest were a result of my own
research and work, which Deon or Dennis would then approve for
inclusion on the site.

As a result of the vast media attention given "Encounter 97",
the 50th anniversary of the alleged Roswell crash, the website
became very popular, linked from CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, The
Smithsonian Magazine, NPR, etc. I was awarded with the Lycos Top
5%, the Lycos Editorís Choice, USA Today, L.A. Times, and many
other coveted awards on the internet.


In 1998 we were notified by Rob Mc Connell in Canada, that the
website was voted top site on the Internet in Canada and
England, and Jeff Rense of Sightings on the radio called it one
of the great sites on the net in an interview he had with Bob

In the Fall of 1998, Deon Crosby resigned as director of the
IUFOMRC, and the running of the museum fell into the hands of a
newly hired office manager, who proceeded to fire many key
workers. Some workers were volunteers, others were contracted,
and some were employees of the museum. I sort of fell into the
contracted agents category. By then the museum had agreed to pay
me $50.00 a week for maintaining the site. They had agreed to
$100.00 a month prior to that, and would pay me 6 months in

In late October, the library assistant and the museum operations
manager were fired, and my duties were altered. At that time I
was fairly certain I would be fired as well.  For 14 days I
waited to get a response to a very nice letter I wrote asking
for clarification of my new duties. During the 14 days I waited
to get a response, I maintained the site.  On Nov. 4, 1998, I
got a hostile call from the office manager. She did not tell me
during the call that she had removed my access from the site,
nor did she tell me that she had had all of my data from the
InterNic data base removed.

When I had discovered what happened, I called Mark Williams,
owner of The Host Pros server that the museum site was on,
asking him why he would remove all of my information from
InterNic, knowing the legal implications, as I was the legal
registrant of the domain name. I was just curious, as I had
assured the Max Littel and therefore the IUFOMRC Board, I
assumed, that I would do all I could to help transfer the
domain, and that I would never harm the site in any way.

Mark told me that the office manager had told him that my
ownership of the domain name was just one of my "little dirty
tricks" I played on the museum. As I stated previously, this was
a simple mistake, and well known to everyone involved at the
museum. As for dirty tricks, I am at a loss as to what she was
referring to. She did not know me - no one at the museum knew me
very well, many of them had no idea who I was. I just worked on
the site day in and day out. It was all I did for 3 years. If
anyone has been tricked, it was I by them. Obviously she told
Mark this to get him to do what he did, regardless, my
reputation has been sacked.

When the office manager informed me that they were getting a new
webmaster, I suggested to her, in the spirit of my agreements
with the museum that the art was mine, that she allow me to post
the site I had always had in such a case, that contained all of
the 7 pages of information the museum sent me, and the
Newsletters. That was not a malicious request. It was a backup
plan, until the new webmaster could design a new site. That is
when I was told that none of the art was mine and that the
museum had bought it for $600.00. It would be laughable if it
were not so pathetic an attempt.

At this point I called my lawyer who recommended that I call
Mark and ask him to let me post the site containing all of the
information the museum gave me. It is a nice site. Nothing wrong
with it at all. Of course he declined, but suggested that I as
the registrant of the domain name could post whatever I wanted
to at the iufomrc.com url. I declined to do that, all though
technically it was within my rights, I felt that would be
unethical in the end, and I felt that it would be better to try
and reason with the museum as to our agreements, and have them
release my work, as they should have, back to me.

January 4, 1999, the museum made a "legal name change" with
InterNic, without informing me, in spite of my assurrances to
the board and to Mark Williams, and the new webmaster, that I
would help them transfer the name.  I called InterNic to see how
this was accomplished without my being notified, as I was the
legal registrant. The legal name change involves the
registrantís signature being notarized. I have asked for a copy
of this document from InterNic, but I have been told that they
may or may not send it to me. Seeing as how I was bypassed
concerning a legal name change involving my company name, I am
somewhat surprised that I have not rights to a copy of the

Now the museum has an additional site http://www.iufomrc.org .
This site is the work of the new webmaster. He is using some of
my artwork, and my articles without any credit given to me, and
without posting my copyright. He was posting my awards and
awards that Jim Chambers and I were granted. He removed those
when asked.

I was given no other reason for my being fired other than the
"museum was making some changes".

I hope this will encourage webmasters, and people hiring them
alike, to get all of their agreements in writing. None of my
labors were worth it. I never had enough time to take any
additional work, so there have been no benefits to my 3 years of
dedicated service to the International UFO Museum and Research

I also want to state the importance of knowing that these kinds
of things can and do happen. While the InterNic domain
registration is a moot point in my own case, it is important to
know that just because one is the registrant, does not guarantee
a thing. The way InterNic is set up, it is possible for the
information to be manipulated easily - and by the time you find
out, it may be too late. In my case, the first move the museum
made was to remove my request that I be notified of any changes.
They then had Mark remove all of my data. That was in November
or December. Their final move was to change the name of my
company, UFO Lab NM to IUFOMRC, without authorization by me, as
I was not advised, nor did I sign the document - and it was
NOTARIZED that I had.  There wasnít even an InterNic tracking

More than any of the above, the thing that has mystified me more
than anything was the vehemence and blatant disregard with which
I was treated.  I do not live in Roswell, therefore my
relationship with the museum was cordially uninvolved to some
degree. I worked diligently on the website, as did Jim Chambers
for a time, to make the site the best representation of the
museum possible. We always attended to it, every day for hours,
and the site itself is proof of that.

Considering the above, I was stunned that when the axe fell the
museum board was not responsive, nor interested, nor curious as
to what my agreements were with the museum involving my work and
my efforts. It seems to me to be the height of arrogance that
they somehow think my satisfaction in doing the IUFOMRC site
alone was the sole motivator for me in devoted three years of my
life, literally to the site. Should anyone question that I am
perhaps over-stating this, I think that all who knew me and
worked with me would say I may be understating it.

I think in the end, all we have are our oaths, and our honor is
measured by our willingness to uphold our agreements. I more
than upheld my end of the agreement, and in the end was not even
given a decent reason for being fired. I have to assume that the
International UFO Museum and Research Center as a whole
condones, if not encourages, the unethical acts that have been
taken against me and others, considering their indifference. The
other construction is, of course, that they did not know any
better. I did my best to inform them.

Faeylyn Wylder

Subj: For the record
Date: 99-01-22 14:23:07 EST
From: Ufolab NM

>Sorry guys - just saw a mistake! Please forward this letter if
you have not already forwarded the other. I said "I" was awarded
the top lycos award, etc. I had meant to say "*It* was awarded"
referring to the site. This is not an accurate statement. The
site was not awarded. It was my work and Jim's that was awarded.
Therefore, it needs to read Jim Chambers and I were awarded,
which I have now corrected. Sorry Jim - an honest typo!

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