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Re: Keeping Secrets

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:35:14 EST
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:35:01 -0500
Subject: Re: Keeping Secrets

>From: Bob Young <YoungBob2@aol.com>
>Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 23:26:59 EST
>To: Updates@Globalserve.net
>Subject: Keeping Secrets

>Jim Mortellaro wrote:

>>From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
>>Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:14:52 EST
>>Fwd Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 08:51:03 -0500
>>Subject: Keeping Secrets


>>I was, in 1970, working on a project called NAGS.  This was the
>>acronym for Naval Advanced Guidance System.  It was one of the
>>means by which a Polaris Poseiden warhead would guide itself
>>towards target(s), as these were MIRV or multiple warheads.

>>The security at the facility was very, very strict. You needed a
>>top secret clearance just to get into the work area.  And that
>>work area was guarded 24 hours a day.  Beyond the human
>>security, you needed a special badge and code access to get
>>thru the door.

>>If there was anything about this project that was critical, it
>>was security.  About three months after I became one of the
>>Electro-Optics engineers on the project, and after numerous
>>security briefings by the military, by the project management,
>>by the company reps, by everybody, an article appeared in
>>Aviation Week and Space Technology which outlined _exactly_ what
>>this project was all about ...

>That's why it's called "Aviation Leak".

>>... including the top secret portions, which threatened corporeal
>>[sic] punishment and a cruel death to anyone on the project
>>who leaked information, even by accident.

>Does Mr. Mortellaro expect us to take this statement at face value,
>or is it a joke?  "Corporal punishment and a cruel death" for
>accidental leaking of information?

>Jim, can you cite one single documented instance in which
>punishments such as this have been authorized or applied in the
>United States of America?  I'm obviously not talking about the
>Rosenberg spy case, or the execution of NAZI agents during World
>War II. Please be specific with as many examples as you can find,
>or cite the applicable section of U.S. law authorizing such things.

>On the other hand, just since the end of the Cold War there have
>been a number of widely publicized real spy cases involving even
>such things as our wartime nuclear target list and sub operations
>codes where people have received prison terms.  None have
>received "corporeal punishment" or "cruel deaths".  The old KGB,
>on the other hand, was rumored to have thrown Soviet citizens who
>were our double agents, alive, into a basement furnace at Lubyanka
>Prison in Moscow.

Hi Bob and list members...

Uh, er, ummm.... lemme see... you write...

>Does Mr. Mortellaro expect us to take this statement at face value,
>or is it a joke?  "Corporal punishment and a cruel death" for
>accidental leaking of information?

Hiya Bob abd List,

OK... well, well, well.... now how to answer this interesting
queery, er, query.. Le question est, comme dit un en Francais?
Uh, p'tetre, en Englais... without offending the questioner...

Lemme see, Bob.  The best way I can say this, is, yes, I
confess, I was just kidding.   Hell, I can't even think of
something amusing to come back at you with...

But I will say this, in all seriousness,  this time I am _not_
kidding. you really need to conact my boss, Dr. Jaime Gesundt.
In fact, I'll give you his telephone number and I will go even
one step further, I will even notify him that you will be
calling and suggest, to him, that he place you on the "comp"
list for a free case of Gripple Plus.

Gripple Plus is our latest and newest product here at Freshly
Made. It is designed for those whose nerves are completely shot
and are exceedingly uptight, so much so that they cannot
distinguish truth from phallises.... falsies... make that
"falsehood!"  So sorry, I just had a Jolt of Plus and boy are my
arms tired.

So to you, my good friend Bob, and the rest of this marvelous
list, I have the following two things I would like to say...

First, thank you for keeping me in money.  Ever since I started
writing to UpDates, sales have soured... soard, soared.

Second, if I can't get a good yuck out of you, then it's OK if
you take me seriously.  It's really _OK_.  Just as long as you
buy my Freshly Mades.

Dr. Gesundt for Jimmy Mortellaro who is indisposed (hic!)
We will sell no wine, until it's ready!

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