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Re: A Tale from Africa

From: Ed Stewart <ufoindex@jps.net>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 09:25:29 -0800
Fwd Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 16:59:27 -0500
Subject: Re: A Tale from Africa

>From: George Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
>Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 22:54:11 EST
>Fwd Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:58:25 -0500
>Subject: Re: A Tale from Africa

To George Filer:

>As I just mentioned privately to another poster to this List,
>the Arabs have been aware of this phenomenon for a lot longer
>than we johnny-come-lately ufologists. They call these folks
>the "Jinn". Their legal status is even recognized in Arabic law.
>For an interesting web page on them, please see the following
>web page (not mine) ...


The article is the intellectual property of FSR and Gordon
Creighton, not ~geibdan, nor the people that constructed the
webpage, nor Blue Resonant Human who is given credit on the page
for the article submittal.

>I would like to use your article in Filer's Files. Please let
>me know if I may. Naturally you would receive credit for your
>fine work.

Shouldn't you be asking that from FSR and Gordon Creighton

In order to assist you here is how you can reach them:

mail: fsr_fsr@hotmail.com

I suspect you won't find any objections, especially if you
provide the publication and the web page with a plug for
subscribers in your "newsletter". The electronic history of the
Jinns article goes back at least till 1989 when it was
originally placed into either PARANET or FIDONET echoes. I have
a copy of the electronic file captured in 1993. Going back to
the article. The following heading points to a Tom Mickus who
apparently was the first person to make an electronic copy of
the FSR article. Someone else may know more.

- The True Nature Of UFO Entities -
G.C. (FSR, 33/3) (SEP/88)
- FSR Editor, Gordon Creighton

Flying Saucer Review
FSR Publications Ltd,
P.O. Box 12,
Snodland, Kent


Note: Italicized words are indicted by CAPITALIZATION such as
this. Footnotes are represented as "*1*". In this article there
are 7 footnotes, all in Arabic script, so I am unable to
reproduce them here. -Tom Mickus 11/26/89




Gordon Creighton

This article, which appeared originally in FSR 29/1 (October
1983) is reprinted now at the request of a number of readers,
and to remind all our readers of what lies ahead for Mankind.
Ever since its publication, the article has been treated
throughout the world with total silence, and there is a general
agreement among all  Ufologists on both sides of the Atlantic
never to give it a mention.

FSR Consultant Dr Richard F. Haines expected me to print
UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA, and I promptly did so. (FSR 32/2 -
1987.) But it might be noted that he did not deem it necessary
to include the slightest reference to my work in his survey, even
as a minimal gesture of courtesy.

Four of the leading experts in Ufology in the world have written
me privately to say that they think I am on the right track.
Only one of them - Ann Druffel - has had the guts to say so

				  [Gordon Creighton]

>George Filer

Do the right thing George and notify FSR of your intentions and
give them the credit they deserve for the article.

Ed Stewart
cc: fsr_fsr@hotmail.com
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