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Re: 200 Questions-Remember Bennewitz!

From: Mike Farrell <mikefarr@midcoast.com.au>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:09:40 +1100
Fwd Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:29:26 -0500
Subject: Re: 200 Questions-Remember Bennewitz!

Hello UpDates List,

I just got a funny feeling listening to all this talk about the
"200 questions" and the reputations, credibiltiy, and
accountability implied. Do you all remember what happened to Dr.
Paul Bennewitz. If not, look in any good UFO book for

Now here was a man who lived next door to the Kirkland Air Force
base in New Mexico back in 1979-80, and is generally credited
for having offered the ultimate fear-mongering conspiracy
theories about the "aliens" and secret government involvements.
He claimed to have picked up electromatic signals from UFOs and
had translated their messages. He also took over 2600 feet of
8mm motion picture film of UFOs over the weapons test and
storage area. Eventually, after "flack" from "officials" and
"ufologists", and fearing that aliens were coming through his
bedroom wall at night and injecting him with chemicals, he
"suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalized." (ref: Cosmic
Test Tube, pg 167 & 321, by Randall Fitzgerald)

Now this is not about "Bennewitz", but what is happening to
Richard Hoagland gives me the same kind of feeling. We are now
in a crucial year in the "battle" for the "hearts and the minds"
of the people. (remember vietnam!)

We're going to hear lots of claims and counter claims for the
true picture of UFO reality in 1999, as we build up momentum for
the dramatic climax or anti-climax of the year 2000. (ready or
not-the millineum bug awaits us!)

Granted, we've been hearing some pretty outrageuos claims by
Richard Hoagland, Art Bell, Peter Gersten, and the like. And the
"Lord of the UFO Dance" in the current guise of Robert Stephen,
is a voice to be reckoned with!:->   But let's not be too quick
to put heads under the guillotine. Each person has made a
valuable contribution to the credibility and the awareness level
of the Global UFO Communtiy. And we can't expect everybody to be
"right" all the time. Some people will be remembered not for
their conclusions, but for what they brought to our attention.

The fact is, Richard Hoagland single-handedly drove home the
point that NASA does indeed deserve it's acronym "Never A
Straight Answer". And if you want to argue that point, it still
doesn't dismiss the fact that public perception of such agencies
is sorely lacking in Trust and Confidence. We all know that
where's there's smoke, there's usually fire! NASA has not been
completely honest and responsive to the citizens that began and
still pay for it's missions. Most NASA activity is now
classified military priorities. As the citizens of Earth, we are
still waiting for accurate and comprehensive images from Earth's
orbit and our Solar System. NASA and the world's military still
treat the average citizen as unworthy cannon-fooder at best and
as contemptable meddlers at worst.

As I like to tell people, it's not like NASA and the Military
get their funding from selling lemonade on the corner. They get
their money from the honest, ignorant, naive, intimidated, and
fearful TAXPAYERS of the world, not to mention from the
weaknesses of drug addicts, who depend on those regular CIA drug

So what's the point here? Let's not lose respect for those
ufologists who have opened our eyes to the "slight of hand
tricks" by "secret governments" and "puppet politicians" who
can't keep their pants on while working!

Let the challenges be made, and let the challenged answer in an
open forum. And let the "researchers" decide! Perhaps all those
asking these 200 questions and those who should answer them,
would do well to remember, that many of us "on the sidelines"
have been at this UFO business a lot longer than most. We are no
longer living back in the 80's when wild speculations ruled the

This is 1999. And we are facing the new millineum with litle
patience for that which does not further the Truth. And guess
what, we are "big enough" to handle whatever comes out into the
open to be considered and examined. There's a whole new breed of
researcher "out there" today, armed with the modern tools of
communication and cooperation, and the willingness and the
determination to think for ourselves and question all authority.

It's always been up to the people. We just never had the means
to make our voice heard and count in numbers as never before.
The powers that be know this and will do everything to confuse
and distract us from dealing with the "real issues" at hand. If
you doubt the power of the organized people, just imagine what
would happen if all the consumers in the world agreed not to pay
their next month's mortgage, until the governments and churches
opened all their files for public review. A scary thought for
bankers everywhere!

"It has to be possible for the average citizen to turn on his
computer and get any piece of information the government
possesses or we don't have a free society". (Whitley Strieber)

Let's get to it Hoagland and Stephens! You both have your
supporters and critics. What we need is the Truth from each of
you as you know it. Then have the confidence that "we" can
recognize what is of value to the future of Global UFO Research
and Awareness.

"There's no reason in the world why we cannot understand who we
truly are, why we are here and where we are going. There's no
reason why the average individual cannot be fully empowered to
meet the cosmos on his own terms. We are incredibly powerful,
beautiful and extraordinary beings! We have to wake up to that!
And when we do wake up to that, we're going to sweep aside the
cancer that is eating our governments and we're going to find
the truth about whether there are any 'aliens' here, and we'll
learn to work with them productively if they are!"  (Whitley

We need each other to figure this thing out!
The Truth is Just Around the Corner!
Mike Farrell

Director of Project GUFONE '98
(Global UFO Newsvideo Exchange)
P.O.Box 2526
Port Macquarie
New South Wales 2444
 "And since seldom do instruments record flying saucers,
  it's the people who report seeing them that are the most significant
  way of getting at the Truth!" (J. Allen Hynek)

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