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Flying Discs: A Poetic View

From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose@get2net.dk>
Date: Wed,  27 Jan 1999 04:38:59 GMT
Fwd Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:44:29 -0500
Subject: Flying Discs: A Poetic View

On Wed,  27 Jan 1999 03:49:21 GMT,  in alt.alien.visitors
cyrano@pasdepub.com wrote:

Flying discs and other "mysteries", as seen by biologists and
physicists:A poetical view


Bangkoc, 22 Janvier 2542 (European calendar)

During my life, as a biologist trained, first, in molecular
biology, then in the neurosciences and psychiatry, I came,
several times, in contact with the irritating problem of the
so-called "flying saucers". The first time, obviously, was as a
kid, during my childhood in Geneve, Switzerland, my home.

Many of my fellow scientists, while kids, started their interest
in Science with, of course, "mysterious" things such as
cryptozoology(the study of undiscovered animals, like the
mokele-membe, for example, a purported Loch Ness monster of
Africa...), "telepathy", flying saucers, the sasquatch or yeti,
ghosts, etc, etc.

These imaginary things were the very essence of our motivations
during our childhood:curiosity for the "mysterious".

I remember these great nights when, friends and I, we would go
on the top of our buildings, at the age of 12, to look the sky,
with binoculars, for flying saucers only to find (while
descending from the attic) policemen waiting for us downstairs
and asking:"what were you doing there with binoculars, kids?
Observing naked girls?"

And we, naively, replied:"No, Sir.We were looking for flying
saucers!". Swiss people are extremely suspicious so that
innocent children tracking flying saucers in the skies are
confused with sex "voyeurs"!

Read the "Little Prince" from Saint-Exupery...

Later, in life, when we discovered the scientific method we had
to abandon, one by one, these enjoyable fantasies which
populated our childhood. It was sad to see that the stars in the
sky we saw were, only, stars and that the moving lights, at
night, were, always, airplanes and not cavorting Martians....

Still, when I speak with little children about the moving lights
of the airplanes, I tell them:"See? These are the Martians!" And
their eyes glitter, like when they think about Santa-Claus!

Let them dream a bit.They will have time to learn that moving
lights are not reindeers or Martians but, only, airplanes or
shooting stars...

As to me, only two of these mysterious fantasies of our
childhood remain unexplained to the present day:

1. The flying discs

2. The Sasquatch!

From the point of view of biology I, quickly, discovered that
such things as "telepathy", "paranormal" phenomena, "Loch Ness
monsters or mokele-membe monsters were, only, figments of

As a biologist, and with the present day data, all the above
"mysteries" have been trashed in my mind as I consider them

Still, I see that grown-up physicists are, still, playing with
these "mysteries" of our childhood, especially those physicists
who manipulate a lot of numbers and quantum mechanics, what I
call "hypermathematisation".

When I read some of the naivete they write, like "quantum
consciousness", etc, I start to think:"Gosh! They still believe
in Santa!"

Concerning the sasquatch, I could not yet make any logical
conclusion because the data about this alleged
Gigantopithecus(according to Napier)are too few to go in one way
or another:fantasy, reality? I simply do not know.

When I was 16 years old we once read in the newspaper that there
had been a flying saucer landing, near Geneve, but in nearby
France, in a place called "Marliens".

My older brother Alain seized this opportunity(he was preparing
his master in molecular biology)in order to verify if what
journalists wrote was true or not.

So we all went, in a tiny red Austin car, to Marliens, near the
town of Dijon, France, in 1968 !

When we arrived at Marliens we saw the track which had, already,
half been explored by the local Gendarmerie.

The track was very bizarre and the ground was all covered of a
"mauve"(light violet colour)powder which was, later, found to be
silicon which had started to melt, at around 1500 degrees, if I
remember the Gendarmerie report?

In French "Marliens" rhymes with "Martien" (Martians)so the
jokes were going high about the peasant who complained to the
Gendarmerie about this vandalism in his field!

Speaking with the Gendarmes, they told us that an unidentified
object had been detected over a military base, in Pontoise, not
far from Marliens, on the same night or day when the bizarre
track was found.

The naivete of childhood or adolescence is beautiful:we felt
much awe, thinking that a flying saucer had landed here!!!

Up to now, I do not know what really happened in Marliens as,
like in the extraordinary flying discs wave of 1954, over
France, only the Gendarmerie made a report and that was all.
Apart from the silicon story, apparently nothing serious was
done.I brought some back home, kept it for years, in a bottle,
then threw it away.

In 1954, a huge number of flying discs were seen,
simultaneously, by full villages, sometimes, even landed!

Many tracks were found, at that time, but most were not
investigated in the way it should have been done.

So, because of prejudice and fear of ridicule, we lost an
extraordinary occasion to study physical data, in 1954.

At that time, for 3 months, the "M.O.C", as Aime Michel called
the saucers, were, literally, cavorting in the skies of France!

The first "sauceronaut", in that extraordinary period, was met
by a French peasant in a place called "le Plateau de
Millevaches" which might translate, into my poor English, as
something like "the plateau of the 1000 cows", quite a nice name
for an extraterrestrial first contact with a French!

Monsieur Mazeau, the peasant who encountered this strange "man"
"venu d'Ailleurs"(coming from Elsewhere, as we often say, in
French) first reported the incident to his wife, then all the
village knew the hilarious story of Monsieur Mazeau and the
Gendarmerie came to question him! They found a very frightened
man. Later, when he started to realise that he had perhaps an
exceptionnal encounter he became angry and exploded with :"I
should have killed him, I should have killed him so you would
see that what I say is true"....

The same night, small beings were seen in the north of France,
in another famous case, the case of Monsieur Dewilde.

He was so shocked by what happened that he was, literrally,
defecating of fear when he spoke with the Gendarmes about the
flying saucer he saw, landed, and these little men who
"paralysed" him, probably by inducing a form of akinesia through
unknown external means.

A famous case was the Premanon case, where young children, in
the Jura mountains, not so far from my home, Geneve, saw what
they called "ghosts" and what appeared to be a standard flying

What is interesting, in 1954, is that we can, already, discover
in the reports of Unconventional Flying Objects(as called by the
late Hill), indications that these machines are surrounded by a
repulsive force looking like a "negative" form of gravity.

For example, in the Premanon case the children reported effects
which could only be explained by a repulsive force of some kind,
but a repulsive force different from magnetism because it acts
on all matter.

During that time, a French officer who served in Vietnam,
lieutenant Plantier, wrote a book about the "propulsion" of
"flying saucers"! What is interesting is that, many years later,
Hill wrote a book with ideas similar to those of Plantier.

It seems quite clear, by the way, that Plantier and Hill's books
have influenced those scientists trying to find ways to
manipulate mass and inertia, like Haisch and Puthoff, not to
speak about the steps of the NASA, through Marc Millis, towards
discovering new means of propulsion. Aime Michel said
once:"progress in the study of flying discs will start when
physics will start to evolve". This was prophetic!


After sometimes I forgot about the flying discs, to concentrate
on other more "serious" topics.

The last article I wrote on this topic was in 1976 or 1977, I
guess? This article was called the "Induced Dream Hypothesis".

In it, I speculated that many crazy things described in close
encounters of the third kind, as defined by the late Allen
Hynek, might be amenable to scientific analysis if we postulated
that, somewhat, saucers seen at a close range could interfere
with the normal functioning of the brain and turn on those
neural switches, in the Pons, which trigger dreams.

I speculated, then, that, perhaps, properly modulated
micro-waves might interfere with those brain structures leading
to dream.

The bona fide, with this hypothesis, is that it was able to give
a logical explanation for "paralysis" because, when we dream,
our motor efferents become blocked(this is different from
akinesia, as found in Parkinsonism, for example, or catatonia,
as found in catatonic schizophrenics).

I also wrote an article explaining why I thought it was useless
to try to contact ETI, like Carl Sagan wanted with the SETI
project, because, I reasoned, our system of communication was,
certainly, very, very primitive as compared to possible advanced
means of communication which, logically, advanced intelligences
might use.

As you can see, from all the "mysteries" of my childhood only 2
remain, now.Le "Petit Prince" has closed his book and went back
to his little tiny planet, to take care of his rose and get rid
of the baobabs(see Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince)!

Studying the flying discs through an eye of a
biologist/theoretical psychiatrist, I came to the conclusion
that, some reports, are, clearly, authentic.

Obviously, this poses great many challenges to both the
biologists and physicists!

A biologist will ask himself, for example:

-How come do these beings from "l'Ailleurs" (the Elsewhere)
resemble so much to homo sapiens?

- Can they breathe our atmosphere?

- If yes, what about bacteria and viruses? Are they immune to

- What about the structure of their brain?

- What about the structure of their amino-acids and DNA-mimetic?

- What about their attitude of non-contact?

A physicist will be flabbergasted by the apparent unusual flight
behaviour of these machines and his first natural reaction will
be to dismiss them because they "defy" the laws of physics.

In this respect, I think Plantier and Hill made a great job to
show that the flying discs obeyed the laws of physics, but
"transcended" them, in the words of Dr Pierre Guerin.

Not a long time ago, the founder of the French GEPAN (now it has
a different name), Dr Claude Poher, said that "he did not care
at all about who piloted these machines but his only interest
was how did they FLY !!!".

The GEPAN was created by the French CNES.

In fact, it was Claude Poher who gave me, again, some interest
in this topic when I was on the verge of throwing everything in
the garbage can, out of frustration!

He said that younger scientists should pursue the study of this
phenomenon. But, to study "flying saucers" is ridiculous, as
everyone knows...

As to me, I am more interested in the theoretical psychology of
these people from "l'Ailleurs" than Claude Poher, especially
because I have studied consciousness, both from within and
externally, since 1976.

I am interested to understand how more advanced brains might
function and I have, already, some interesting thoughts about

For example, I found that consciousness is the result of an
induced resonance in the memory areas of the brain. This
resonance is fractal-like in structure.

What leads to the fractal-like resonances, between memory
domains, leading then to consciousness, is a little system,
situated in the brain stem, and which I termed the S.A.C,
meaning the "consciousness activating system", in French.

The purpose of the SAC is to hypermetabolise tiny areas of our
global memory which, when activated,
"radiate"(see:http://dog.net.uk/claude for explanations of the
terminology)in our imaginary space-time, leading to fractal-like
resonances, that is conscious events of real or non-real
events(like in dreams or schizophrenia).

Another highly important thing which I discovered, through a
molecule called psilocin(e)is that consciousness can be
monofocal or polyfocal. Psilocin(e) is a cogitatiogenic molecule
which means that it is a molecule which increases our thoughts,
by stimulating the functionning of this part of our brain which
makes us, so specifically human:the pre-frontal cortex.

Our normal form of consciousness is monofocal, which means that
we can be conscious and focus only on 1 thing at a time.

With psilocine, consciousness can become polyfocal and you start
to be, simultaneously, conscious of different perceptions.

It is a quite extraordinary phenomenon which, I think, should be
increased in higher forms of intelligences.


By constructing(through what I call "neuromorphogenetics", a
science not born yet)a much stronger SAC, ramifying,
extensively, within the fabric of memory.

Another thing which I have discovered is that biological
memories(I guess, at least in mammals)have the equivalent of
what computer scientists call "softwares" and "hardwares".

The basic software of our brains is called an M.H.V. The basic
hardware is called an Unime (from the French "unites

Both are structured in a simple reiterated way and function in a
fractal-like way.

The importance of intelligence relies on many factors:the
performances of the SAC, the number of connections between the
Unimes and the intensity of the metabolism going on in the MHVs.

Our consciousness, alas, can function only between 2 natural
metabolic barriers.

The higher barrier is called the "illusion threshold". The lower
barrier is called the "serotoninergic threshold".

The normal waking state metabolism leading to our normal waking
state consciousness is called, obviously, the base-line level of

An important discovery of mine is that consciousness is,
crucially, linked to metabolism versus time:

The higher the metabolism of the MHVs and the higher
consciousness is, AT THE EXPENSE of the available time of
consciousness. The lower the metabolism of the MHVs and the
lower consciousness is, however you can be conscious for an
extended period of time.

Our memory is structured in such a way that there is a LIMIT to
the theoretical "size" of our consciousness, per unit of
time.The more our consciousness expands and the less time we
have to be conscious! It is a kind of "Heisenberg-like"
principle, if you want an analogy!!!

This can be, very nicely, demonstrated with cannabis sativa:it
makes us more conscious, but only for SHORT intervals of
time.The net result of this is that we forget our illuminations!

However, this can be modulated by molecules called the
benzodiazepines, like Valium, for example(for example,
associating cannabis with benzodiazepines enhances creativity).

From these things I deduce that higher forms of intelligence
might, reasonably, be likewise:

1.They will have a much bigger SAC, in order to produce and
maintain a constant polyfocality For example, a highly polyfocal
consciousness could focus on hundreds of different events

2.They will have much more connections between their Unimes than
we have

3.They will have found a way to maintain a high metabolism of
Memory without paying the time price we have to pay.

Now, let us come to an additional thing which should distinguish
them from us:their communication systems.

As we can see when we are debating in this forum, for example,
sequential symbolic communication is quite limited(and it is an
euphemism...)and when we try to "communicate" the noise on the
line, between us, is so high that, most often, we do not
understand one another!

This problem will be solved through neuromorphogenetics, by
creating artificial "telepathy", that is the transmission of
non-sequential non-symbolic information emitted at a very high
rate of "bits" per second.

With such a communicational system the data transfer between 2
communicating individuals will proceed at a huge speed and with
practically no distorsion.

So to items 1, 2, and 3 we have to add this fourth item: higher
forms of intelligences should communicate with a non-sequential,
hyper-fast and exceedingly low distorsion system.

This is equivalent to the concept of "telepathy" of
science-fiction writers!

Now, coming back to the flying discs!

If these are real, their occupants might well have achieved,
already, the 4 points I have been talking about.

In this case, the logical result of this, for us, is:

And this is what is observed!

So this is the way I see things, as a biologist having
specialised in the study of the brain and consciousness.

One day, those courageous physicists who are now trying to
understand the structure of the Vacuum will be rewarded and one
of the reward will be the construction of flying discs by the
human species!

Perhaps, only then, some form of limited contact might arise
but, still, as long as we cannot work on the 4 points I have
mentionned, I think that any full contact will not occur and I
think that we are totally wasting our money with the SETI
project.Advanced intelligences, probably, do not communicate
like we do but might use means of communication totally unknown
to us. Remember the idea of the Alcubierre interstellar parcels,
for instance! Of course it needs a lot of energy but we are
talking here of advanced intelligences, not homo sapiens lost in
a forest with electromagnetic tam tam!

Money should better be given to these enthusiastic physicists
who decided to understand a bit more than traditionnal quantum

I am not at all a physicist but I think, intuitively, that
physics will become a properly organised science, like, let say,
molecular biology or biochemistry, only when the microstructure
of exoreality will have been correctly understood.

Basically this means that we have to understand how the Vacuum
and "particles" link to one another.

An intuition of mine is that the Vacuum looks like something
crystalline, a fractal representation of the crystalline nature
of the atomic world. Poetry?

Are the quarks of protons and neutrons stuck into crystal
facets? Poetry again!

This intuition about a crystalline-like spacetime came to me
last December, when watching  frozen ice, scintillating, on a
road nearby my home in Geneve.


Because, everwhere, in Nature, we see similar crystal-like
patterns appearing again and again, and again, at different
scales, like in fractals:atoms, molecules, proteins, viruses,
the foraminifera, the diatomea, beehives, and even in corals!

All this seems to me to be the fractal macroscopic
representation of a microscopic structure of exoreality akin to

"Particles" might just be stable vibrations of lattices of a
crystalline vacuum.Poetry?

After I got this intuition, I searched in the net if anybody had
ever thought about the idea that spacetime might be like a huge
crystal-like "pomagranate"( ! ) and guess what I found?

The articles of David Ritz Finkelstein on the "adamantine"
aether! Crackpotry? How can I know? You are the physicists, not

I was amazed. Following the roads of intuition is amusing
because you never know where you are going to go.

The future will tell us if the works of Finkelstein or Tessien
went in the good direction or not.

As to me, of course, I cannot answer! Physics is not my field
and I am just a babbling baby in your field, chaps!

I am a child, with glittering eyes, waiting to see some of those
great minds in Physics explaining to us, the ignorants, at last,
a physics having reached the status of molecular biology or

Hey, Santa Claus! Explain us how the world is made?

Where are the Santa-Claus? Perhaps, one of you, here, IS a
Santa-Claus already!!!

Cordially yours,


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