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Re: 25 Rules of Disinformation

From: Greg Sandow <gsandow@prodigy.net>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 00:55:51 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:54:35 -0500
Subject: Re: 25 Rules of Disinformation

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>Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: 25 Rules of Disinformation
>>Gary, did anyone ever see Hynek enter this federal building,
>>and take the elevator to the floor where that "gear locker"

>>Greg Sandow

>Gee, Mr. Sandow, I don't know!  What a shock!  Obviously my
>life's work is crushed by this massive attack on my position!
>What can I possibly do to recover!  Holy Cats, I'm ruined!

I was making a joke, as the very self-important Gary failed to

As for the rest of Gary's comments, in my "sophomoric" (his
word) way I actually smoked out a tangible -- hard to believe,
but there it was! -- reason why he believes poor dead J. Allen
Hynek was an intelligence agent. Hynek once asked some fellow
astronomers what they thought about UFOs, and passed the
information on to the Air Force, for whom he was serving as

The wonderful thing about this incident is that it's very well
known. For years, in other words, the UFO community has known
about this little deception on Hynek's part, and not drawn
conclusions from it. Silly us, perhaps. Maybe we thought the
deception didn't amount to much, didn't involve any serious
breach of confidence, and didn't provide any damaging
information -- as, let's say, reporting to the Air Force and the
CIA on the state of CUFOS's finances might have, later in
Hynek's life. Who among us has not, once or twice, gone on a
similar "mission" for somebody we know? "God, I've got such a
crush on Marjorie," our friend might tell us. "You know lots of
her friends. Would you kind of talk to them, ask them a few
questions, try to find out if Margie likes me? Don't say I asked
you to!"

Gary has been telling us for quite a while that Hynek was
involved in dirty intelligence stuff, and that he has evidence
to show that, although he won't share any of it. Now he opens
the door just a crack to the secret room where, apparently, he
stashes his evidence, and....lo! It's something everyone knew
all along! Something Hynek freely talked about! Gary, of course,
reads far more into it than anybody else ever did....but wait, I
forgot: He has all that OTHER evidence.

And, of course, he's always right. Just ask him.

Greg Sandow

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