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Open Letter To Iur Readers

From: Tim Matthews <matthews@zetnet.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 21:32:25 -0000
Fwd Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:35:35 -0500
Subject: Open Letter To Iur Readers

Dear All,

This is an important response to an article that recently
appeared in the IUR journal entitled "Alfred Loedding; New
Insight On The Man Behind Project Sign" (IUR Winter 1998 Volume
23, Number 4, pp.3 - 28).

I read with interest the recent article featured in this
excellent and improving journal. The article in question,
written by Wendy Connors and Michael David Hall, is of a
particularly high standard but totally fails to mention certain
points of importance.

(The section of the article below is taken from the forthcoming
"UFO NEWS" Number #3, a joint Lancashire UFO Society, British
UFO Studies Centre effort available for just =A32.50 (or magazine
exchange) from:

The Secretary, P.O. Box 15, Southport PR8 1GR.)

The latest and important news (Jan. 1999) is that the US Navy
has refused to declassify documentation relating to its'
advanced pancake saucer programme citing "National Security" as
an excuse. The USAF is releasing hundreds of pages of documents
on its' own Project Y and WS606A/B and we'll have to evaluate
these first.

The bottom line; flying discs were terrestrial in origin.
Nevertheless, the UFO community, and we, need to decide exactly
how many of the early "disc" sightings can be taken

Read the information below and if you require a full copy of my
article with references then I can it email it to you in MS Word
7.0 upon request....... ............................

"Forces of Darkness.

As we have seen through declassified Counter Intelligence Corps
documents from 1947 and through the recently-released previously
TOP SECRET Air Intelligence Report (AIR 100-203-79) the story
was perhaps more complex than admitted to in the Air
Intelligence Digest; the US Navy clearly had developed a
jet-powered flying disc based upon the work of Charles Horton

A 'Project Sign' document dated 23rd June 1948 written by
Colonel RD Wentworth, Acting Chief of USAF Intelligence, noted
the existence of an "X-plane" built by Chance-Vought.

It also referred to experiments underway within the Navy
Engineering Division into low aspect ratio aircraft and what was
described as 'boundary layer control'. The obvious point to make
is that the sleek, metallic design of most reported discs is
good evidence of low aspect ratio design.

Chance-Vought, initially based in Bridgeport, Connecticut,
developed a circular wing aircraft of low aspect ratio during
the Second World War for the US Navy. This was the V-173 and
became better known as the XF5U-1 'flying flapjack'. A more
advanced version, known as the 'pancake' was built but,
according to official sources, never flew and only underwent
taxiing tests.

The official story has recently been thrown into serious doubt
through the release of these previously classified documents and
through interviews conducted with personnel involved in the
development of jet-powered 'pancakes' and through information
received by former combat veteran and USAF journalist Jack

In early 1998 I spoke with Thomas C. Smith, who graduated in
Engineering from Penn State University during the Second World
War and later worked upon the more advanced XF5U-1 for
Chance-Vought at the Bridgeport facility in 1945/46. Working
with a Top Secret clearance he recalls seeing test flights of
the circular aircraft where STOL characteristics were clearly
demonstrated. In addition he worked upon the skins for the
jet-powered version.

(At that time, the immediate postwar years, aircraft were
changing from propellers to jet engines; in terms of more
advanced designs and example of this might be said to be the
XB-35 Northrop flying wing. It used props but these were soon
replaced by jets and the aircraft was re-designated the YB-49.)

Smith, a lucid and successful man who became President of the
Woodstream Corporation before his retirement, was absolutely
clear that the discplane flew on numerous occasions and he noted
that locals who saw the aircraft were impressed by its' ability
to fly at very low speeds. This gave the impression of a
'hovering disc' to many witnesses.

The STOL (short take-off and landing) requirement is important
and there may be little difference between STOL and proposed
VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft in practice.

We are now sure that the jet-powered version existed. The
evidence, from official sources is clear on this point:

"Domestic flying wing type aircraft observed in various aspects
of flight might be responsible for some of the reported flying
objects, particularly those described as disks and rough cigar
shapes. (See Appendices "C" and "D".) Among those which have
been operational in recent years are the XF5U-1 ("Flying
Flapjack") developed by Chance-Vought, the Northrop B-35, and
the turbo-jet powered Northrop YB-49."

In addition to this:

"The above tends to indicate that some type object has been seen
and the possibility exists that the object or objects seen are
conventional domestic devices, such as weather balloons, test
rockets, or jet-equipped aircraft with pancake or flying wing

Information presented in "The Aeroplane" magazine - dated March
19th 1948 - makes a number of remarkable statements. The
article, one of a three part series entitled "The Biology of the
Flying Saucer", deals with the subject from an entirely
technical point of view and its' author, A.S Weyl, is clearly an
expert in his field. He states, on page 338;

"The Real Flying Saucer?

Since this experimental type was produced [XF5U-1, TM], further
progress has been made in the development. It seems that
axial-flow gas turbines have been installed, and it is quite
possible that a combined propulsion with thermal jet and
airscrew rotor is already under test. With this, for slow flight
(take-off, climb and landing), the rotors are driven by the gas
turbines, while at high speed the rotors are declutched and
feathered and pure jet propulsion is used. This would,
incidentally, explain the extraordinary ability of the reported
'Flying Saucers' to be able to fly very high and fast, and also
to hover, ascend and descend with practically no forward speed."

Despite raising doubts about 'squadrons' of these aircraft in
operation (!), he makes a further important point;

"For operation with gas turbines a speed range from zero (i.e.
hovering flight) to more than 500mph has been claimed for the
Chance-Vought-Zimmerman helicopter aeroplane. Technically, there
is little reason to doubt that such an amazing speed range can
be attained with the combination power plant mentioned."

A clear picture is therefore emerging even if this type of
evidence is leading to a hysterical response from elements of
the UFO community - given over as it is to tales about aliens
and abductions.

The discs came from planet earth!

The development of the flying pancake continued well into the
1960s and Jack Pickett was able to confirm to Bill Rose and
David Windle that the four discs that he saw at MacDill Air
Force Base in 1967 had the markings "X" (experimental) and "UL".
The UL indicates construction by a joint team of Bell and Vought
before 1962. Pickett, having seen the discs at MacDill by
accident was taken aside by USAF Intelligence personnel and
debriefed by a senior officer. He was further tasked to reveal
the true nature and identity of the discs in his own USAF
publication (Pickett worked on USAF periodicals after retirement
from active service). The story was killed at the last minute
after an advanced disc crashed at Avon Park Air Force Base in
Florida that year. The desire to 'come clean' after 30 years was
not popular at the highest levels and it is clear that the order
to continue the cover-up came from the Pentagon.

We are now convinced that the early Pancakes had something
approaching a heel-shaped planform and it is interesting to note
how early saucer reports relate to such an aircraft. In
addition, the McMinnville, Oregon, photographic case of 1950 -
said by even some skeptics to be impossible to dismiss - seems
to indicate the activity of a jet-powered aircraft similar to
the 'Pancake'. The protuberance at the back would appear to be a

Given the clear involvement of the US Navy the UFO reports
resulting from the 'Operation Mainbrace' joint military exercise
of September 1952 can also now be explained. We might expect to
see advanced, classified and experimental aircraft during such a
major exercise and not only could an X-plane be tested. The
response of fairly reliable military witnesses would also have
been of interest, especially in light of the CIA's desire to use
flying saucers for 'psychological warfare' - evidence for which
emerged that year (see appendix).

CIA documents made available via the Freedom of Information Act
in 1978 and subsequently make it quite clear that there was
something real behind reports from the USSR regarding Soviet
aims and intentions in the field of advanced aircraft. Beyond
the speculation and paranoia of US military reports it seems
that German scientists captured by the Soviet Union and materiel
recovered by 'Operation Osvakim' led to the development of
various advanced technology projects. Several CIA documents
relating to Soviet 'unconventional aircraft' are reprinted in
the Appendices.

Given the levels of concern about developments within the
Eastern bloc (a memorandum to the Director of the CIA dated 4th
October 1955 notes a detailed report of a discplane in
Czechoslovakia) then the Air Intelligence Digest report takes on
a greater significance.

AID relates to 'Project Y' - a USAF requirement for a VTOL
discplane utilizing no runway and able to operate from
'dispersed' (and hidden) bases. The design work was undertaken
by the AVRO Special Projects Group at the company factory at
Malton, Ontario, a state-of-the-art facility. The SPG was headed
up by John C Frost, an eccentric Englishman noted for this
remarkable aircraft designs. Having worked for De Havilland
after the war Frost was said to be a visionary. He did, however,
get his ideas for flying disc aircraft from "a group of Germans"
after their transportation to the USA under the terms of
'Operation Paperclip', the more successful counterpart to

Frosts' counterparts were Jim Chamberlain and Dr. Richard Miethe
- a German aviation expert and former colleague of rocket
pioneer Werner von Braun from Kummersdorf days. Miethe has
become a legendary and near mythical figure within Ufological
circles - partly because so little is known about him. Recent
years - our investigations and the technical research of
aviation and photographic expert Bill Rose - have allowed us to
get a better idea of Miethe's work.

Despite admissions by none other than Dr. Alexander Flax (former
secretary to the US Air Force) on American TV that Miethe had
worked for the USAF in the postwar period skeptics still claim
that German circular wing technologies, demonstrated at their
most basic by the Messerschmidt AS6, are  a 'Nazi UFO myth'.
Nevertheless, our investigations have uncovered the following
information made public by reporters working on an article for
"France Soir";

On 7th June 1952 the  'Dusseldorfer Nachrichten' carried an
article entitled "Flying Saucers - German V-7". The Dusseldorfer
borrowed it directly from the French paper. Part of the article
quoted a German engineer, Dr Richard Miethe; "I dare to state
that flying saucers which appear in the sky were constructed in
Germany according to my own specifications..."

So two separate strands of highly classified Research and
Development appear to have been underway within the US during
the 1950s. The Air Intelligence Digest appears to have been
examining the lesser known and more radical discplane=85.

This introduction and reprint is the second in a series of
reports into flying disc technologies. The big 'UFO' lie is that
'we' did not have the capability to build such vehicles. Perhaps
this taste of the truth will
encourage you to come to different conclusions.

Finally, consider this; The 'Project Silver Bug' technical
report released to elements of the Defence technical and
intelligence community in February 1955 can be seen as a natural
follow on from the AID report reprinted below.

The role of ATIC - Air Technical Intelligence Centre at
Wright-Patterson AFB, focal point for so many 'UFO' myths - was
pivotal. From the earliest days of official USAF interest in
collecting and analysing flying saucer and 'UFO' reports there
were constant denials of knowledge from ATIC regarding either
the nature or origin of the objects reported. It was ATIC who
were involved in 'Silver Bug' - the project which we now believe
led to the development of a classified operational discplane
tested at Papoose Lake, Nevada from 1955-6 onwards with the
possible designation D-5A. This fact has led many us to conclude
that the ATIC official studies ending with 'Blue Book' were
little more than;

1) 	a front for the development and operation of a small number
of secret discplanes tasked to assist in the defence of both the
US Distant Early Warning (DEW) systems and the Northern NATO
borders from the late 1940s. 2) 	A US anti-Soviet
counter-intelligence operation.

The reliable testimony of Jack Pickett, and others who choose to
remain in the shadows, indicates at least a thirty year line of
development relating to US discplanes. So far we have scratched
only the surface of this cover-up=85=85

Tim Matthews - January 27th 1999"

Tim Matthews - author of "UFO Revelation - The Secret Technology
Exposed?", out on February 18th!!

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