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One of Santilli's Statements circa July 1995

From: Neil Morris <neil@adm1.ph.man.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:27:18 -0800
Fwd Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:49:57 -0500
Subject: One of Santilli's Statements circa July 1995


As there seem to be a number of newer UpDates members who
weren't around when the AA film erupted onto the scene here's
one of Ray's replies to a series of questions asked by James
Easton, Ray gives a brief "history" of the film together with
details of the number of reels and stock types.

If you FTP into my machine adm2.ph.man.ac.uk and log in as
anonymous with your email as password you can find a bunch of
"large" text files in the roswell sub dir there, with a generic
file name of ALL-xxx.txt, these are digests of many of the
dialogs going on at the time on alt.paranet.ufo newsgroup and
others, relating to the AA film. In there you can follow the
trail identifying the "phone and curley cord" and "the clock",
"surgical instuments" AND how they should be held!. It's all
interesting stuff.



    06-Jul-95  18:48:23
Sb: #93080-#Disturbing Developments
Fm: Ray Santilli ***********
To: James Easton ***********


The only disturbing development is that I am often creditied for
saying things that are just not true.

Around July of 1993 (I do not have the date to hand) I was
working in the US on a music programme. The programme was based
on the development of Rock'N' Roll and the fear it was creating
in the establishment. As a result of our research I came across a
freelance cameraman of the 50's who was used by Universal News
because of a union strike at the time. He filmed many young up
and coming stars.

We purchased of him around 5 minutes of film, paid him cash, no
paperwork it was all very simple. As a result he then asked us
if we were interested in buying other footage. He then relayed
the story we now all know.

We agreed to meet him at his house and for the first time viewed
the footage.

Although I agreed to buy the footage if everything checked out I
did not have the available CASH to give him and was not able to
raise it through normal means.

During this time I had contacted Philip Mantle in order to find
out as much as I could about Roswell, I acknowledge that I may
have said to Philip at the time that the film was already
purchased (standard practice when you do not wish someone to
circumvent you for the product).

To cut a long story short. I did not come up with the money and
kept up a strained relationship with the cameraman with promises.
Eventually  he just gave up on me and refused to take my calls,
At the end of 1994 I re-established contact, this time with the
money, the transaction was finally concluded in January.


Please ask Colin Andrews for detailed information regarding the
Chinese that came with him to my office, I can't remember their

The Cameraman was sent from Washington.

The Cameraman processed the film at his lab.

The autopsys were conducted in Dallas.

20 reels of positive safety print, 1 reel of scrap,  1 reel of

On leaving, in 1952 the cameraman was able to take anything that
was deemed his property, There was no security, no checks he was
able to take what he wanted (I know it sounds strange).

The reels were not labelled with a discription of their contents.
Just numbers.

On part of the tent footage there is a date board which was
added after (it continues after the footage is over) It could be
the date of process (we don't know).


Its 1am, I may have missed some questions there may be spelling
errors but thats it for now.




Neil Morris@Home.
Email:             Neil@adm1.ph.man.ac.uk


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