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Re: Taking the Heat Out Of 'The Heat'

From: Roy Hale <roy.hale@virgin.net>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 17:09:03 -0000
Fwd Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 15:44:20 -0500
Subject: Re: Taking the Heat Out Of 'The Heat'

>Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:58:14 -0500
>From: Tony Spurrier <TSpurrier@compuserve.com>
>Subject: Re: Taking the Heat Out Of 'The Heat'
>To: updates@globalserve.net <updates@globalserve.net>

>>From: Roy Hale <roy.hale@virgin.net>
>>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:11:38 -0000
>>Fwd Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:22:02 -0500
>>Subject: Taking the Heat Out Of 'The Heat'

>>Issue 5 "Down To Earth Magazine" out now, the Magazine for
>>todays ufologist =A32.00 per issue


>You have a very interesting magazine but I have a query on the
>report entitled "Three sided mystery' apparently written by you
>which appeared in issue 2.

>In the report you state that two witnesses see a large flying
>triangle and then drive to Great Munden, Herts. You then state
>that the week that followed the deserted country lanes around
>Great Munden were closed for road works and state that this was
>a 'business like response' from the MOD. The query I have is
>that the road closures commenced on the 1st October 1997, and
>the large triangle was witnessed some 3 weeks earlier. This
>discrepancy alters the whole implication of your article, can
>you explain why this wasn't picked up during your investigation?

>Following the report you have included the 'Elufon comment'
>which was again by yourself. Do you comment on your own articles
>or was the original article written by someone else?

>In those comments you state "I can assure the reader that the
>military are aware of the Extra-Terrestrial Triangle and are
>tracking this craft whenever they get the chance". Have you got
>in your possesion government documents that back up your
>assurances, or was this purely your opinion?

Hi All,

Well it's good to see you back in action Tony after your little

Now then, what was it you recently informed me of? Oh yes
"On-board encounters are happening here in the UK". Right' maybe
you could inform the whole list as to where and when these
events are taking place? I think most researchers especially
those who are very sceptical on ET visiting us would be thrilled
to learn that you have seen,  heard about  on board encounters.

Couple of questions for you:

1.) You told me that on-board encounters are happening in the
UK. Were you witness to these or is this just hearsay?

2.) Are you saying that you are in fact the person who is having
on-board encounters in the UK?

3.) Would you like to share with this list your evidence of on
board encounters in the UK?

4.) Are you therefore informing the UFO Research Community that
you know off individuals who are having on board encounters?

5.) On Board Encounters meaning? Perhaps you could explain what
these are?

6.) Seeming your sceptical nature of the FT's origin, could
these be Military on board encounters? Or does your training
enable you  to differentiate?

7.) Tony I wonder why you did not pick up on this so called
discrepancy when you posted it on the UFO Compuserve
Forum(1997)? This really is a great ploy that you keep using,
and well I and the rest of ELUFON do admire you for trying.
(Quote of the year 1998) "Never heard of it man"

I think you should address your question to the last editor of
the magazine who had editorial control, I think you know her
quite well, she if I remember also contributed to this article,
in fact I would say she had a lot to do with the article facts,
as it was her who had the sighting! Oops should I have said
that....... But like the good old chap that you are, I doubt if
we will ever hear the last of you, occasionally rambling on
about back issues of the magazine, which you read.....(I'm glad
it shows we are grabbing the attention of our readers!! Issue 5
out now, go buy it) ooh say about mid 97, and have suddenly
found fault with it, my god you do take some time to retrieve
your pigeon hole messages.......well you certainly stored this
one for a long time........what other exciting things are going
on in your life right now Tony?

Oh yes my humble opinion on our beloved Flying Triangle?
Documents you say, you want documents, you hear that
everyoneTony Spurrier wants evidence do you hear!!! He wants
evidence that the Flying Triangle is of ET origin. Firstly do
you think that the Government(S) would give me documents saying:

Dear Mr Roy Hale:UFO Researcher of the Century:

We are writing this letter to you today, because we at
theGoverment feel that you are the only UFO researcher in the
World who warrants this secret information. Which is the

There is an Extraterrestrial Flying Triangle visiting the world
especially the UK. We hope that you will keep this information
tucked away for safe keeping, and we would hope that you will
never inform or show anyone else this letter. Doing so could
lead to you being given a heavy fine.

Yours Sincerely,

Government BOD 1.........DEPT: E.T. / F.T./U.F.O./For your eyes

And yes I love commenting on my own articles I love it, because
it makes me feel good inside, and I re-read the comments over
and over and over again, and I keep saying to myself this is
great, how do I do it each other month, it's called "Love
thyself Therapy" you should try it, it really works.

Now if you dont mind I am going back to my REMOTE VIEWING to see
if I can work something out!!!

A poem for my friends:

THE OWL: {Judith Gallant}

Who is that? you ask,
He's the watcher of the wood
Silent,swift and deadly

Happy day's to all on the list......


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