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{99} Part 1 United Kingdom UFO Network

From: Sean Jones <tedric@TEDRIC.DEMON.CO.UK>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 21:49:29 +0000
Fwd Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:35:10 -0500
Subject: {99} Part 1 United Kingdom UFO Network

------ /  /  //  ____//     /---------------------------------------
 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  /                        29th January 1999
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                  Issue 99
--- (_____//__/    (_____/------------------------------------------

The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in 58 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk giving the issue number. The issue will
be reposted to you. Please put the details as below in the
subject section e.g.  Repost {99} part 1, part 2 or part 3.

In this issue:


United Kingdom News

[UK 1] Show planned for Dolly parting
[UK 2] UK UFO Sighting
[UK 3] UFO `Buzzed' Airliner at Manchester Airport
[UK 4] Close encounters focus attention
[UK 5] WATCHING THE WORLD: The Menwith Hill base
[UK 6] Science, Logic and the FTL Debate
[UK 7] Mission Sets Out To Find Water on Mars

World News

[W 1] US Government faces Kennedy film case
[W 2] Astronomers detect sun-like star
[W 3] Coded greetings to aliens
[W 4] Injuries caused by UFO claims woman's life
[W 5] Real-life X-File? Computer pioneer quits to chase UFOs
[W 6] New Russian Mig fighter
[W 7] Extraterrestrial Civilisations: Coming of age in the Milky Way
[W 8] Experts Estimate 125 Billion Galaxies In The Universe
[W 9] NSA ban Furbies

Book serialisation



By D. Lynne Bishop

Statement, Subscription Information, IRC connecting

How, where, and maybe even why, to find us - and what to do when you
get there.



Well here we are, one issue away from the magic 100, and another
new editor. Some of you might know me, my name is Sean Jones.

Dave has asked me to create this issue of the ezine because he
doesn't want the ezine to become stale and boring so he feels
that varying the editor will provide a nice change each issue.
Hopefully this will mean that the ezine will stay fresh and
exciting. I certainly hope so.

The number of sightings seems to have fallen off a little this
year, but there is usually a seasonal low around the beginning
of the year anyway, so we'll just have to wait and see just what

Another thing of interest to look for this year will be a
decline in crop circles. Why a decline you ask. Well what with
Matthew Williams and Paul Damon coming clean last year and the
Farmers Digest program on BBC1 a few weeks ago debunking the
whole issue I honestly believe that the phenomenon will be
dramatically reduced this year. Hopefully enough to see only
genuine crop circles and no fakes or copycat circles. We will
have to wait and see just what happens on that front of ufology
this year. Watch this space as we will keep you informed of any

We have yet another packed issue, chock full of interesting and
varied news from the world of ufology, so with no more waffle
from me, lets be away.

UK 1

Source: ITV Teletext News
Publish Date: Friday 8th January 1999

Show planned for Dolly parting

Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, is to be stuffed and put
on display after her death, it has been revealed.

The Roslin Institute team which created her has made a deal with
the National Museums of Scotland to preserve the sheep for
future generations.

Dr Mark Shaw, the NMS keeperm of geology and zoology, said Dolly
was a "20th century scientific icon".

[UK 2]*******

From: "Robert Newton" <Isaac@gravity7.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: UFO Sighting

A friend of mine says he saw a black triangle flying at about
40-50 ft at about 20-30 mph at 6-7pm last night, outside St. Ive
near Liskeard, Cornwall.  It had no hump, characteristic of
stealth aircraft but had conventional looking lights at the rear
corners.  It  flew level for a few second and then accelerated
at a steady rate at a 40 degree angle nearer to Liskeard untill
out of sight.  Did anyone else see anything?

[UK 3 ]******

uk.ufo.nw says: Readers may be interested in these files with
regards to the British Airways near miss at Manchester airport,
mentioned below...


A British Airways passenger jet had a close encounter with an
unidentified flying object while landing at Manchester Airport
in January 1995. The Boeing 737, flight BA5061, with 60 people
on board, was overtaken at high speed by a wedge-shaped craft as
the plane descended through 4,000ft on the final stages of a
journey from Milan.

This zip file contains a Real Audio file interview with the 1st
Officer Mark Stuart and a text file containing the official CAA
report and numerous newspaper articles.

File size = 100Kb

Send your request to: ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk

In the subject area of your mail put:


[UK 4 ]******

From: "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean@primenet.com>

Close encounters focus attention

Two close encounters with a triangular flying object have
focused attention on LoFLYTE reconnaissance planes ...

On 7 June 1996, at about 6 pm, an Aer Lingus jet had a very
close encounter some 9,000ft (2,750m) above Stevenage, about 30
miles (48km) north of London.  The aircraft was en route from
Dublin to London's Stansted airport, when the pilots were forced
to take evasive action after spotting an unidentified object
hurtling towards them.  The object flashed past the right-hand
side of the jet seconds later, only some 200-300 yards
(180-275m) away and 100ft (30m) below. Both pilots reported
seeing what looked to be a red aircraft with blue and white
stripes - one of the pilots believing it might have been of
military origin.  This possibility was dismissed after the Civil
Aviation Authority (CAA) comprehensively ruled out a Red Arrows
Hawk, the similar Gnat, or an unregistered, ex-military

Although an extensive search of radar recordings and radio
transcripts failed to produce corroborative evidence, the CAA
conceded that the pilots saw something and agreed in some detail
on their descriptions.  The identity of the intruder was,
however, "impossible to assess" and "likely to remain a

There are obvious parallels between this incident and the 6
January 1995 airmiss near Manchester airport.  On that occasion,
First Officer Mark Stuart "instinctively ducked" as
wedge-shaped object seemed destined to collide head-on with the
British Airways Boeing 737.  The unknown object streaked past
the aircraft's right-hand side, so fast that it could only be
described as dark coloured, with what might have been a black
strike visible along its side. Commercial Air Transport Airmiss
Report No. 2/95 affirmed: "There was no known traffic in the
vicinity at the time and no radar contacts were seen."

As the Aer Lingus encounter also featured the absence of
corroborative radar tracks, the CAA concluded: "This meant that
members could feel reasonably certain that what had been seen
was not an aeroplane."

Yet the previously-published Manchester airmiss report noted:
"The lack of a radar contact is not necessarily unusual if
weather suppressers are in use on radar, particularly if the
object generates a poor radar response.  In these conditions the
radar can interpret a non-transponding (primary) contact as
weather, and therefore disregard it."  In either event, neither
bore the hallmarks of a conventional aircraft.

One candidate cited for the Aer Lingus incident is the LoFLYTE
(Low Observable Flight Test Experiment) hypersonic aircraft, a
triangular- shaped 'waverider'.  A revolutionary design enables
it to 'surf' on a high pressure shock-wave field, generated as
the aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound. When a
prototype was unveiled on 2 August last year, the LoFLYTE was
warmly received in some quarters as a likely explanation for UFO
sightings around the globe.

In a widely reported article, Maurice Chittenden wrote in The
Sunday Times: "Since 1990 there have been unexplained reports of
flat, wedge- shaped objects seen by pilots near air force bases
in California and as far afield as Belgium."

The notoriously sceptical Mr Chittenden now believed that "those
UFO sightings might have a simple explanation after all: a
secret, triangular-shaped aircraft that can fly at more than
twice the speed of Concorde".  This sounded promising and
Belgian TV news reports announced the long-awaited explanation
for the 1989/90 flap.

There is, however, one point which appears to have been swept
aside in the enthusiasm to embrace the LoFLYTE theory.  The only
LoFLYTE which had rolled off the production lines was an 8ft 4in
(2.5m) remotely-piloted model.

After the unveiling, Topher Kersting, Marketing Coordinator for
Accurate Automation Corporation, a prime contractor for the
joint NASA and US Air Force project, confirmed: "The next
version, pending the successful completion of the forthcoming
flight test, is intended to be a 23ft (7m) unmanned remotely
piloted vehicle capable of hypersonic flight.  What is beyond
that is anybody's guess."

On 16 December, the conceptual 100in (2.5m) model had its maiden
flight at Mojave Airfield, California, and remained airborne for
34 seconds, reaching an altitude of about 150ft (46m) before
experiencing flight-control difficulties and an undignified
landing. Speculation abounds that a full-size version is already
in operation, but it is at odds with such evidence.

Kersting also confirmed that the photograph released by Accurate
Automation Corporation was a computer generated Photoshop(TM)
composite, created by a colleague and himself.  "Just because
you see a picture on a cloud background doesn't mean that the
plane has flown," he cautioned.

In the United States, the Center for the Study of Intelligence
recently published a newly declassified document entitled A
Die-Hard Issue: CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90.

Author Gerald Haines, the National Reconnaissance Office
historian, claims that many UFO sightings could be explained by
the CIA's top secret U-2 spy-plane.  Checking with the Agency's
U-2 Project Staff in Washington, Air Force investigators were
able to confirm this, but to protect the spy-plane's secrecy
were forced to explain the sightings as natural phenomena.

The Royal Air Force and the US Air Force are represented on the
Joint Airmiss Working Group, which investigates incidents in UK
airspace. If a UK airmiss did involve a known, highly classified
aircraft, could its existence be acknowledged, or like the U-2,
would its continued secrecy override all other considerations?
It seems all we can deduce with some certainty is that the
LoFLYTE project isn't likely to be responsible for any UFO

At least, not yet.

[UK 5 ]******

uk.ufo.nw says: Readers may remember in the last issue we
printed Graham Birdsall's editorial from the latest issue of UFO
Magazine. In the editorial he mentions that he recently had an
article printed on the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post
newspaper regarding RAF Menwith Hill.

We would like to thank the reader who sent us in the url for
that news paper and also David Hartshorne, Head of Library for
the YEP who sent us Graham  Birdsall's article.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper Publish Date: 17th
November 1998

Spy base links up with space

WATCHING THE WORLD: The Menwith Hill base

THE US communications base at RAF Menwith Hill is to play a
front line role in a "Star Wars" system to warn the Americans of
ballistic missile launches anywhere on earth. New radomes at the
base on the outskirts on Harrogate will be directly linked to
American infra-red eyes in space and will be operational by the
millennium. The change of direction at the controversial
listening centre has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defence.
Previously the only comment about the erection of the two new
radomes - the distinctive golfballs which can be seen at the
base - has been local concern about the extension of the area of
the base. Today Civil Liberties expert Norman Baker, Liberal
Democrat MP for Lewes in Sussex, said the plan "compromised
Britain's sovereignty". He claimed the adaption of the
communications base as a super- early warning centre was proof
the Government had become unable to control the activities of
the base. He said: "In the EEC there are already major worries
over revelations that Menwith Hill can monitor communications
throughout the European Union and America could use that
information for their economic advantage. This step outside
common communications is very worrying." In a written
Parliamentary question Mr Baker asked the Secretary of State for
Defence "when the two radomes which are to be part of the space-
based infra red system will be constructed." A written reply
from Armed Forces Minister Mr Doug Henderson said: "Construction
of the two radomes at RAF Menwith Hill is due to begin in
November 1999 and is scheduled for completion in February 2000.
The radomes will support the new US Space Based Infra-Red
System, providing early warning of ballistic missile launches."
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence refused to comment
further on activities at Menwith Hill. Mr Baker said his further
Parliamentary questioning showed 1,370 American personnel were
now on the base.  He said: "I believe this is a raid on our
sovereignty and the Government can no longer control what
happens at Menwith Hill. We are now being used as Airstrip 1 in
the missile issue." Command A spokeswoman for the Campaign for
the Accountability of American Bases, better known as the
Menwith Hill peace campaigners, said: "We are appalled and
outraged, but it is not a surprise. It moves Menwith Hill to a
totally different level. "It was a major target as a command and
communication centre, but its new role makes it even more
important. This is another huge reason why Menwith Hill should
not be here and why at the very least it should be accountable."
Graham Birdsall, editor of Ilkley-based Quest Communications, an
organisation which monitors earthly aerial movements, space
phenomena and reports of UFOs, said: "I am not that concerned
about the function of monitoring what happens on the planet.
What I find fascinating is the emphasis that this programme
gives to monitoring deep space. "That will be its capacity and
it is slightly ironic bearing in mind years of denial about
space reports of unidentified craft."

[UK 6]********

Science Logic and the FTL debate.

        Many things have been said about travelling at speeds
faster than light but is it really possible? Science fiction
stories since the sixties have theorised the mechanics of faster
than light drive, but science has always stood solidly behind
Einstein because of E=MC2, which basically says that the speed
of light is the speed limit of the universe. What I am going to
bore you with now is why I believe popular science is wrong and
the old science fiction stories are in my opinion, right.

        What is not well publicised by the various mental giants
of today's popular science is that quite often in the past big
name scientist's have been either mistaken or totally wrong
about some things. These self same scientists would have the
great unwashed general public, that's you and me, believe that
science is never wrong. Now I could make this article a massive
debate about the number of times scientists have been wrong in
the past (and present) but that really isn't my intent at the
moment. Suffice it to say that scientist have made enough
mistakes in the past for me to be able to confidently say they
are bound to make some more mistakes now and in the future.

        I'm sure you have all heard or read about hyperspace and
warp drive (who hasn't seen Star Trek or Star Wars?) and that to
exceed the speed of light you need some sort of device that
circumvents the known laws of physics. This is certainly the
most likely method of exceeding light but is it the only one?
I'm not so sure. Another thing you might have heard a little
about is tachyons. It has been theorised (but not proved
according to some learned friends of mine) that tachyons travel
faster than light and thus appear to us mortals to travel back
in time. Now a little while back Gunter Nimtz at the University
of Cologne(1) transmitted a signal of a Mozart's Symphony  No40
in a photon beam and they measured the time taken and "proved"
that is was some 4.7 times faster than light. I'm sure some of
you have heard about this but have you heard about Nichola
Tesla? He performed a similar test back in the twenties that
sent a signal at twenty seven times faster than light! (2)

        Surely now you would have thought that popular science
would take this into account and say "well perhaps faster than
light is possible" but no popular science is still rock solid
behind Einstein, seems the man was never wrong, but ah! He was.
Did you know he made a blunder which he called his great
mistake?(3)  No? Well even the man made "God" of today's popular
science made mistakes. Now I don't mean to mock the man, not at
all, I just want to point out to the people that would have you
believe that he was the greatest that even the vaunted Einstein
made mistakes too.

        Now today's science says that to exceed the speed of
light is not possible because of the amount of energy it would
take and that matter is affected by these extreme speeds which
makes it impossible for a solid object to travel faster than
light. But. My argument is Are the scientists saying faster than
light is not possible just because they don't know how to do it?
Take an example and compare it with this scenario. Just two
weeks before Neil Armstrong landed on the moon there was many
popular scientists of the day saying that it was not possible to
leave the confines of this glorious planet that gives us mortals
life. But if we was to take the information back a hundred years
into our past and tell the scientists of the day about man
walking on the moon what do you think they would say? In my
opinion they would say that it is not possible and then come up
with information which they believe correct as to why it is not
possible. I think that we are still in the same situation. Until
some fantastic engineer or amazing piece of technology falls
into our hands that shows that faster than light travel is
possible scientists will say that it is not possible.

        Exceeding the speed of light is not possible because it
violates all the known laws of physics. I have been told this
most emphatically by several educated and very intelligent
people. BUT my answer to that is what about the laws of physics
that we don't yet know? What about new discoveries that are
found each day? Do they all reinforce current scientific
thinking or do some challenge it? Science is continually being
updated with new discoveries each day and why is it that
scientists are still saying that certain things are impossible?
Is it because they will have to re-write their books from
scratch or because they are afraid of that the universe is
bigger than they first thought? By the way did you read in a
magazine a little while back about science has just had to issue
a statement about the size of the universe, they were wrong!(4)

        Also another point about the planetary system that we
live in, NASA scientists are not sure about the gravity outside
Pluto's orbit. No I don't mean the Disney character I mean the
planet. It was recently announced that Pioneer 10 and 11 have
slowed down in space. "We've been working on this problem for
several years, and we accounted for everything we could think
of," says NASA planetary scientist John Anderson. So far he and
other scientists have not found any reason for the spacescrafts
"wierd behaviour". They are beginning to think that it must be
"extra gravity" - and that would send a lot of theoretical
physicists back to the drawing board.(5) Now it looks like not
even NASA knows all about the galaxy that we live in, so what
about the rest of the universe.

        Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, has shown how
faster than light travel need not be necessary due to time
dilation at near light speed, but that's okay for the travellers
but what about the people they leave back home? The people back
home won't feel the time dilation so to them their intrepid
travellers will be gone for a life time, will that be a
realistic form of travel between the stars, after all that is
the whole reason for travelling faster than light. The distance
between stars makes visiting them damn nigh impossible unless we
can exceed the speed of light and get to them in a "reasonable"
travelling time.

        I am not a scientist and I feel that science has been
wrong in the past and undoubtedly it will be wrong in the
future, and I still feel that science is wrong about faster than
light travel being possible. Do you?

copyright Sean Jones 18Dec1998

(1) Photon speed testing done by Gunter Nimtz at the University of
Cologne (Source New Scientist April 1995)
(2) Quote from UFO Updates http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/updates/1998/dec/m
Re- Mars MARCI EDL Movie, by Mike Christol + The Zeneth Factor Video
(3) Einstiens "Great mistake". (Still tracking the *exact* quote)
        Any person who can supply the quote, could you please email me
directly at
(4) Universe size statement, source Scientific American
(5) UFO Magazine Jan1999

[UK 7]*******

>From  Vash@geocities.com

Source The Daily Telegraph  7th Jan 1999

Mission Sets Out To Find Water on Mars

The hunt for water on Mars has begun in earnest, with a fleet of
Nasa spacecraft and seed-like mini-sensors heading for the red
planet at 17,400 miles per hour.

The Mars Polar Lander was launched from Cape Canaveral on Sunday
and will join the Mars Climate Orbiter, launched in December,
and the Global Surveyor already in orbit around the planet.

"People like Herschel and Schiaperelli saw ice caps appearing
and receding on Mars 200 years ago", said Professor Colin
Pillinger of the Open University, where a team is also working
on experiments for a Mars probe.  "Now we're going to find the
real scientific truth about ice on Mars."

The space fleet is the result of a change in Nasa thinking.
"There was a period of going through the solar system, one
mission at a time, visiting planets here and there," said
Pillinger.  "Then they realised a series of shots to one
location would save on development costs because 90 to 95 per
cent of the cost of a mission is taken up with development. Make
a second one and its almost free".

Global Surveyor and Climate Orbiter will survey landing sites,
then guide the Lander down to the edge of the Southern Ice Cap,
a region seen from aerial survey to have a curious layered
land-form.  The orbiters will then form a high-speed
communications relay from Mars back to Earth.

The Lander carries a suite of sensors and imaging devices as
well as a 6ft-long robot arm equipped with a camera.  Directed
by ground control, the arm will dig a trench, then load a tiny
sample into a mini-oven that will rapidly heat the soil.
Scientists hope that vapour released by the soil will finally
reveal the presence of water on Mars.

Polar Lander is also carrying a tiny microphone, which will send
the first audio signals back to Earth from the Martian

Article by John Pratty.

---continued in part 2 ------

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