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{99} Part 2 United Kingdom UFO Network

From: Sean Jones <tedric@TEDRIC.DEMON.CO.UK>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 21:48:01 +0000
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Subject: {99} Part 2 United Kingdom UFO Network

------ /  /  //  ____//     /---------------------------------------
 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  /                        29th January 1999
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K         part 2 - Issue 99
--- (_____//__/    (_____/------------------------------------------

The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in 58 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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[ W 1 ]******

Source: ITV (Independant TeleVision) news text service
Publish Date: Friday 8th January 1999

US Government faces Kennedy film case

The US Government may have to pay up to 30 million US Dollars in
compensation for use of the film footage of President Kennedy's
assassination in Dallas in 1963.

The heirs of the late Abraham Zapruder, who took the 26 second
film, have been offered 3 million dollars from the Justice

The problem arose after the much used film passed into public
ownership in August under the Federal law. A panel will decide
the amount.

[W  2 ]******

Source: ITV Teletext News Publish Date: Saturday 24th October

Astronomers detect sun-like star

Astronomers have detected for the first time a disc of debris
orbiting a sun-like star paired with a planet.

They said these features in the constellation Cancer looks more
like our solar system than any yet found.

The orbiting disc is made up of dust, comets and other cosmic
leftovers, and it extends for billions of miles beyond the star
known as 55 Cancri.

[W  3  ]******

Source: ITV Teletext News Publish Date: Saturday 9th January

Coded greetings to aliens

A coded greeting to aliens is to be beamed into space by
scientists from a radio telescope in the Ukraine.

It will contain a greeting, a description through maths and
physics of who we are, and a request for a reply.

In 1974 the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico blasted a
similar message towards the constellation Hercules.

[W 4 ]*********

From: bernhard.nahrgang@ob.kamp.net (Bernhard Nahrgang)

Source: MUFON Date Posted: January 5, 1999 Subject: Injuries
caused by ufo claims woman's life


December 30, 1998

For Immediate Release:


Betty Cash, one of three people injured in a UFO close encounter
near Huffman, Texas, on December 29, 1980, died on the 18th
anniversary of the event, in Birmingham, Alabama. She had been
in poor health ever since the encounter. At the time of the
event, Mrs. Cash operated her own businesses near Dayton, Texas.

Betty Cash, along with Vickie Landrum and grandson Colby
Landrum, encountered a huge UFO accompanied by military
helicopters on a dark road in the east Texas Piney Woods. They
were exposed to radiation from the object, which caused extreme
medical problems such as burns, eye damage, hair loss, diarrhea,
and vomiting. Although they and others observed a large number
of military helicopters along with the UFO, the U.S. Government
refused to acknowledge the event or assist them in any way.

After the encounter, Betty Cash was hospitalized and treated for
burns and the other maladies. The extent of the injuries was so
great, she was forced to close her businesses and never worked
again.  He life became a series of hospital stays, many of them
in intensive care. Eventually, she developed cancer, which was
successfully treated. In November 1998, Mrs. Cash suffered a
stroke. On December 29, during her recovery, an unusual turn of
events claimed her life.

Mrs. Cash was a hero in the fight against government UFO
cover-ups and brought hope to other victims of UFO incidents.
She was devoted to family and friends and never allowed her
illness to prevent her from helping others to cope with the
trauma of UFO close encounters.

For further information, contact John Schuessler, MUFON's Deputy
Director of Administration, and primary investigator of Mrs.
Cash's UFO incident, at (303) 948-6224, FAX (303) 948-6225, or
e-mail at: schuessler@mho.net.

[W  5 ]******

Source: Reuters News Publish Date: Saturday 3rd January 1999
From: bernhard.nahrgang@ob.kamp.net (Bernhard Nahrgang)

[W  ]******

Source: Reuters News Publish Date: Saturday 3rd January 1999
From: bernhard.nahrgang@ob.kamp.net (Bernhard Nahrgang)

Real-life X-File? Computer pioneer quits to chase UFOs

By Andrew Quinn

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 9 (Reuters) - In the X-Files it would be
called the case of the CEO and the UFO.

Joe Firmage, who at the age of 28 has made not one but two
mega-fortunes as a computer pioneer in California's Silicon
Valley, has quit the $2 billion company he helped found to
promote what he calls ``the most important news event in 2000
years'' -- his belief that many of today's scientific advances
came from space aliens.

``Why would a young, successful CEO risk his reputation on
something this fantastic?'' Firmage told Saturday's San
Francisco Chronicle in announcing his departure from USWeb/CKS
(Nasdaq:USWB - news), an Internet marketing and consulting
company based in Santa Clara, California.

``Because I believe so much in this theory. And I am in a unique
position to communicate an extremely important message. I have
the money, credibility, scientific grounding, and faith.''

Firmage has been dubbed the ``Fox Mulder of Silicon Valley''
after the hero of the ``X-Files'' television series, and his own
beliefs seem strangely parallel to the dark mix of UFO contact
and government conspiracy that lie at the show's core.

Backed by his immense resources, Firmage has sought to prove a
variety of theories regarding UFOs, including one which holds
that many recent scientific advances including semiconductors,
fiber optics and lasers can be traced to a purported alien
spaceship crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 that was covered
up by the government.

``Outright rejection of the evidence without comprehensive
review of the research in print across hundreds of books is
close-minded, unscientific and indeed irresponsible in the
extreme,'' Firmage wrote in one recent essay.

``It is also quite understandable given decades of government
disinformation which, right or wrong in its genesis and
continuation, was specifically designed to create a 'giggle
factor' surrounding the subject.''

Firmage's credentials as a UFO buff are matched by his track
record as a computer industry entrepreneur.

A physics major at the University of Utah, Firmage was 18 when
he formed his first company, Serius, which specialized in
writing computer operating system codes. That was sold to Novell
in 1993 for $24 million, and Firmage served as Novell's vice
president of networking strategy until 1995 when he left to form

That company, which helped companies to develop Internet
strategies, completed a merger with CKS Group Inc. last month to
form a $2.1 billion powerhouse that employs 1,950 people.

During the merger, however, Firmage was edged out as CEO by a
board of directors who did not see eye to eye with him on the
UFO issue. Now, Firmage says, he is leaving the company for good
to pursue his beliefs.

``I want to ensure that the company is not impacted in any
negative way,'' Firmage told the Chronicle, adding that he was
not pressured to give up his job as chief strategist.

Robert Shaw, who took over as CEO of USWeb/CKS, said Firmage
himself had suggested the move ``given the market exposure
associated with his outside interests.''

``Joe is a visionary and he should be quite proud of what he
accomplished. This move should demonstrate to the public and the
employees that he's always put the interests of the company
first,'' Shaw told the newspaper.

Firmage has already laid the groundwork for a campaign to
publicize his UFO beliefs. He has set up the International Space
Science Organization to promote his views, sunk $3 million into
an endeavor dubbed ``Project Kairos'' aimed at preparing
humanity for alien contact, and posted a 600-page manifesto,
entitled ``The Truth'', on his website (www.thewordistruth.org).

Included in ``The Truth'' are new documents from a source
Firmage calls the ``Deep Throat of Cyberspace'' which he claims
back up his space alien theories.

One of the documents is a purported 1947 memo from President
Harry Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal that sets
up a secret U.S. government operation dubbed ``Majestic Twelve''
to investigate extraterrestrials.

Another is an alleged June 1947 letter from Albert Einstein and
Robert Oppenheimer to scientist Vannevar Bush giving advice on
how to deal with alien visitors.

Firmage's departure from USWeb/CKS was greeted with a shrug by
many of his Silicon Valley contemporaries, who have long scoffed
at his otherworldly beliefs.

``I've met a bunch of the valley's pioneers, and none of them I
know are aliens,'' said John McLaughlin, a Silicon Valley
historian. ``The valley was built on ingenuity and hard work.''

Even Silicon Valley's ``official'' UFO organization, the SETI
(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute which is
partly financed by high-tech heavyweights from Microsoft,
Hewlett-Packard and Intel, is not lining up behind Firmage.

``Roswell has repeatedly been discounted as nothing more than a
military experiment,'' SETI Institute President Frank Drake told
the Chronicle. ``It is constantly exploited by obsessive types
who want to believe. If it's not Santa Claus, then it's

Firmage, however, was unperturbed by the lack of support from
the high-tech world.

``It's the Flat-Earth society mentality all over again, and I'm
here to prove my theory is real,'' he told the newspaper. By
Andrew Quinn

**UK-UFO-Network Note** Joe Firmage's web page can be found at:
www.thewordistruth.org ********************

[W  6 ]******

Source: ITV Teletext News Publish Date: Tuesday 12th January

New Russian Mig fighter

Russia: A new Mig fighter jet, conceived in response to the
latest US combat aircraft, has been unveiled.

[W 7 ]******

Source: Hubble telescope mailing list From: "Nicholas Blachford"
<minator@hearit.demon.co.uk> Date Sent: Thursday 10th December

Extraterrestrial Civilisations: Coming of age in the Milky Way

If civilizations exist around other stars they are likely to be
just emerging across our Galaxy right now: like an apple orchard
suddenly maturing and ripening in the autumn sun.

So concludes Space Telescope Science Institute theorist Mario
Livio, in a paper to be published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Livio emphasizes that his theoretical work doesn't necessarily
mean extraterrestrial civilizations really do exist, but it
shows they cannot be dismissed either.

We would be a lonely, isolated quirk of cosmic evolution if
intelligent life forms appear on a planet at some random time in
the parent star's life, say some theorists.

Instead, Livio makes the case for a possible causal link between
the sun's lifetime and the appearance of intelligent life on
earth. This link should hold true for sun-like stars elsewhere
in the universe: offering an equal opportunity for intelligent
life to arise elsewhere in space.

The second part of his case is based on the possibility that
carbon -- the fundamental building block of life as we know it
-- may not have been widely available until the universe was
about 1/2 its present age.

This means that, given the added billions of years more required
for biological evolution, intelligent carbon-based life didn't
make an appearance any earlier than roughly 3 billion years ago.

He points out that before the universe could make life like us,
it has to make carbon atoms. The carbon was created by nuclear
fusion in the hearts of early stars, and then ejected when the
stars lost their outer gas layers and left their cores behind as
white dwarfs.

Livio calculates that carbon production may have peaked only two
billion years before the sun and earth formed, based on
estimates of the star formation rate made with Hubble Telescope
and other ground- based telescopes.

Though life first emerged on earth a few hundred million years
after its formation, it took a vastly longer time - nearly 3
billion years - - for the first multi-celled organisms to
appear. It took almost another billion years before life emerged
from the sea onto the land.

The earliest humans appeared less than 4 million years ago - at
about the halfway point in our sun's lifetime. If this were
purely coincidental, other theoreticians have argued, then it
would take much longer than the life of a star for most
civilizations to arise. And so it would be unlikely
extraterrestrial civilization would come about at all. We would
be alone in the universe: reduced to a novelty - or accident -
of the cosmos.

Because sunlight provides far more energy for life than other
chemical processes, biological evolution is intimately linked to
the sun's behavior, Livio maintains. For example, the complex
evolution of our atmosphere is interrelated with the sun. Our
planet's atmosphere had to develop ozone to block out
destructive UV radiation from the sun before animals could
emerge on the land

Likewise, he says, other civilizations should have emerged not
much sooner or later than about halfway through their parent
star's life cycle.  That is, around stars like our sun, or
slightly cooler, that live healthy long stable lives and release
enough energy to nurture life on accompanying planets.

If Livio is correct, and the Galaxy may be blooming with new
civilizations, then where are they? Why haven't they visited us?

Livio cautions that his work does not prove the existence of
extraterrestrial civilizations, but points out that earlier
conclusions that they do not exist may be premature.

He says that that it's also risky to think civilizations would
colonize the Galaxy. "This assumes we have even the vaguest
understanding of the psychology of extraterrestrial

He adds: "It's impossible to imagine the thinking of a
civilization which might have evolved a million of years ahead
of humans. We could be about as uninteresting to them as an
amoeba is to us. Actual proof will have to await advances in
biology and astronomy."


The Space Telescope Science Institute is operated by the
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.
(AURA) for NASA, under contract with NASA's Goddard Space Flight
Center, Greenbelt, MD.  The Hubble Space Telescope is a project
of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space
Agency (ESA).

NOTE TO EDITORS:  This release is available on the Internet at:
http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/1998/43 or via links in

[W  8]******

Source: Sightings On The Radio Publish Date: 7th January 1999
From: bernhard.nahrgang@ob.kamp.net (Bernhard Nahrgang)

Experts Estimate 125 Billion Galaxies In The Universe

A U S T I N, Texas - Looking back in time at a tiny section of
sky, the Hubble Space Telescope found there may be 125 billion
galaxies in the universe, about 45 billion more than the last
best estimate, astronomers reported today.

The new number was based on observations by the orbiting
telescope's Deep Field camera last October, when it looked at a
speck-sized area of the southern sky, taking what amounts to a
visual core sample of the heavens.

The Hubble telescope took a similar view of the northern sky in
1995, and then estimated that there might be 80 billion galaxies
in existence.

Harry Ferguson of the Space Telescope Science Institute, which
studies Hubble findings, said the southern observations looked a
bit further into the past than the northern ones, and managed to
detect dimmer objects in space, which accounts for the higher
galactic count.

12 Billion Light Years Away

The Deep Field-South project looked 12 billion light years away
in distance, back in time to a period perhaps one billion years
after the theoretical big bang that astronomers believe created
the universe. Hubble's glimpse of the southern sky took in an
area that would appear to be "about the size of a grain of sand
held at arm's length," Ferguson told reporters at the American
Astronomical Society meeting in Austin. But in that small
segment of the sky, the telescope spied 620 galaxies. Scientists
extrapolated from that sample to theorize that there might be
125 billion galaxies over the whole sky. "Anybody could have
predicted it," Ferguson said, stressing that by looking further
back in time, it was expected that more galaxies would turn up.

Weird-Shaped Galaxies

Ferguson and other astronomers at a news conference acknowledged
that some of the newly detected galaxies were oddly shaped,
unlike the symmetrical Milky Way that contains Earth and other
more familiar galaxies that are shaped like spirals and
ellipses. These newly-spied galaxies appeared to be a
disorganized collection of loosely-bound lumps. One astronomer
likened their shape to a Danish pastry with raisins and another
called one group of these galaxies "a pastry shop." The notion
that there might be more galaxies than originally thought is
grist for astronomers trying to figure out how the universe
developed, especially in its earliest stages, Ferguson said.

Perhaps Ghost Galaxies, Too

Because these observations by Hubble could see very faint
objects whose light made its journey toward Earth billions of
years ago, it probably counted so-called ghost galaxies in its
estimate. Ghost galaxies are tiny, and consist of large amounts
of mysterious dark matter. Since astronomers believe that 90
percent of the universe may be made up of dark matter, that
makes the ghosts worth studying and new astronomical instruments
make this possible. A light year is the distance light travels
in a year, about 6 trillion miles.

[W 9 ]******

Source: ITV Teletext News Publish Date: Saturday 16th January

NSA ban Furbies

The National Security Agency has banned Furbies from its Forte
Meade premises in Maryland, USA.

The Furby, Christmas's must-have-toy resembles an owl, with
tufts of hair between its huge pink ears.

But because it can repeat what it hears, NSA officials were
worried that "they'd start talking classified," one Capitol Hill
source said.

------ Continued in Part3 -----

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