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Alfred's Odd Ode #291

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 06:51:43 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 18:50:33 -0500
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #291

Apology to MW #291 (For January 30, 1999)

One pays a price for thinking thoughts, regarding ebbs and
flows, of the inculcated gracelessness we know as "status quo".
UFO's are surly counter to this *fog* that's been contrived;
what the few can call a blessing, but by most is _most_
despised. Its sullen grasp exceeds its reach, discounts a human
contribution; it's the hunger and its gracelessness they employ
for _more_ confusion. This hunger and its gracelessness is the
tool to be deplored (!) -- is the fuel for what reduces us, and
what drives us to the floor.

Most pray for some stability (which they'll have at _any_ cost).
They'll let the *man* run rampant -- never worry what's been
lost. They'll eat the pap the *man* gives out and swear by its
veracity, forgetting _holes_ he's leaving as if _worthy_ of
apostasy. Forget *accepted* models (based on shallow
supposition); forget they _make_ a rebel, and what they _do_ to
opposition. Forget they boycott publishers, and can make the
money scarce! Forget they _play_ the music, AND they're sitting
in the chairs!

It's hard to have a steady deck, or stars to steer her by, when
the rules are double dealing, and the field is a slide. It
breeds its own corruption -- another wrong to make a right
'cause "just plain folks" won't spread their cheeks; they'll
hunker down and fight!! But, hamstrung by *convenient* want of
_expensive_ education, folks are blathered by possession, and
betrayed by orchestration. They ape the mainstream party line of
blindness to their ills 'cause the *curing* costs the change
they'd face for paying down their bill!

We KNOW there's stuff that fills the sky with colored, flying
light! The evidence it's *thinking* tends to qualify our fight!
And _fight_ it _is_ as more is known, and the longer _you_ hold
on -- shall determine depths of failure we achieve when things
go wrong! Give it up, you cruel elite, entrenched in your
convenience. Your day is past, not worthy a scintilla of
bereavement. Give in to _toleration_, and the peace that it can
bring. Admit at last autonomy, that we're, each _one_, queens
and kings! Give out the information we, by right (!) should
surly have. If GE=99 drops a trillion, well that's a shame, and
too damn bad! Don't _pretend_ to save us from the *awful*,
*scary* truth. Don't protect us from reality, just let it go!
Let loose!!

We'll _lose_ to gain a bigger prize of honest satisfaction.
We'll lose, and have the finer things we've lost in past
distractions. Our loss will be collective gain! Mere _pennies_
for the stars! We're mining all the asteroids -- it's NOT a
bridge too far! What's gone provides the _greater_ gain -- no
more we'll bow and scrape! We shan't abuse our planet that we
use up, foul, and rape. No more phony "mastery", but righteous
steward-ship. No more crass authority to give us grief and lip!
Each decides his own glad fate, with all his bases covered --
that power's _individual_ is the wealth that we'll recover!
Every _man_ defends his castle -- and every _woman_ has her
home; they _earn_ it *just* for living, just for having finger
bones! Every one is safe, and glad -- and health care is
_assured_. And we're set free from _tyranny_ to which we're
presently detoured!


Respect the elder child, of any age or station, as much as you
respect the unborn one, and preclude our flag's ablation. Yeah,
that's right -- brought into this world, not _only_ a free lunch
(!), but a free bed and roof!! That's how _important_ the
individual needs to be -- unfettered by hunger, disease, and
abuse -- poised to make a self actualized contribution to an
appreciating culture that respects it . . . for _merely_ being
brought into this cruel unforgiving world (_forgetting_ it'll
bring the saucers down. <g>).  What tools, used to accomplish
the preceding, are sitting in dusty repositories (?) -- hidden
away from the minds, hands, and hearts of those, the currently
disrespected, who have paid, and paid _dearly_ for them!

Restore John Ford.

Explore the Alien View!
Ponder the Wit & Wisdom of Ching Chow!


<Updated 28 January>

John Ford Restoration Fund -- Send your checks and
money orders to _me_, Alfred Lehmberg
(cut out the lawyers, they got their's) at:
304 Melbourne Drive, Enterprise AL, 36330. Strict records kept.

"Only thin, _very light_ envelopes with a return address will be
accepted <g>." ~~~ $225.00 pledged -- $125.00 collected ~~~

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake.

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