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A Terrible Surprise At The Prophets Conference

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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 16:11:44 -0800
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Subject: A Terrible Surprise At The Prophets Conference

A personal note about Cody, founder of The Prophets Conference,
by Robin Johnson follows these Notes from a Mexican Hospital Bed
from Cody



This Prophets Conference thing is getting more interesting and
truly weird by the moment.

This is Cody, a.k.a. Gary C. Johnson, and I'm dictating this
email to you from an intensive care unit bed in a hospital in
Cancun, Mexico.

I have so many wires and tubes in me, I feel like John Glenn
doing a melatonin test.

Anyway, the purpose for my being here in Mexico is to present
another of the Prophets Conferences - another of the
explorations designed to synthesize spirituality and science,
and to bridge our old worn out reality into a new vision and a
subsequently viable evolutionary opportunity.

We're here in Mexico to do serious medicine and to significantly
impact the Field. Even though I'm not at the conference, from
what I understand, the people who came here from around the
world to do this work are reaching even fuller levels of
understanding and greater powers of presence than any of our
other conferences.

But me, I'm stretched out here playing along the edge of death
because, all of a sudden I have an enlarged heart that could pop
at any moment, and all of my physical systems crashed at once.

I do find this all rather odd because I had full blood work done
three months ago and everything looked quite fine.

I'm fifty-nine and have stayed in pretty good shape (diet,
exercise, giving up destructive habits, etc.) over the years,
and now (out-of-the-blue) this.

Most of those at this conference are authentic and very powerful
medicine people and they are reporting to me, through my partner
Robin, that there are indications of a strong and harmful
sorcery being focused toward me.

I never dreamed that I would be considered of such importance,
but here we are.

Now, I really don't like talking about conspiracy stuff, but I'm
certainly not a na=EFve person, and I rarely express my personal
opinions about any of this, but the people I present, or have
presented, include some substantial players - Edgar Mitchell,
Zecharia Sitchin, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and a host of other
scientists, shaman, healers, and saints - all people who tend to
challenge the status quo of thinking.

Robin and I have received an occasional threat on our lives from
the usual number of cranks; however, we never have taken these
very seriously-that is until now.

Today one of the doctors here at the Total Assist Cancun
Hospital took a call from someone speaking perfect Spanish,
saying they were calling from my office in Washington, D.C., and
inquiring as to if I were going to live - but when pressed, they
did not give a name or number.

At that time, maybe five or six people knew about the heart
problem. Plus, my so-called office is in a small cabin/home
where Robin and I live and work in a very isolated spot on the
island of Maui - certainly not Washington D.C. with a Spanish
speaking staff.

It has really puzzled me why anyone or anything would really
want to bring me harm, but if you stop and look at it, this work
could be a challenge to some. We receive no outside funding, so
we can't be dollar controlled. Money from one event or tour is
used to produce the next one, and by choice we live very simply.

The work being done is focused on finding some quality answers
regarding ancient peoples, Earth changes, UFOs, and the many new
ideas, anomalies, and enigmas with which we are faced (or
blessed) with today-some people might find this work somewhat

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I died yesterday and had a
so-called NDE. The doctor who told me that I had died was very
curious about the experience. I told him about the typical
bright light we have heard so much about, but there was no one
there to greet me except a little dog called "Chocho", which was
my pet when I was three or four years old. This little black
dog kept loudly and very aggressively barking at me to get out
of her space - so, I gladly took her advice and returned to

Following a wild ride in an intensive care ambulance across the
Yucatan Peninsula, with a truck carrying shrimp in rolling
flames in the next lane, I now occupy a Mexican hospital bed in
Clinica de Merida where I'm receiving a full battery of tests.

Oh, an additional miracle in passing-

Lying next to me in intensive care at Total Assist Hospital was
a Mayan woman, Maria del Socorro Chimal. She had been hit by a
truck several weeks prior, and the doctors did not expect her to
come out of coma. So I made a request of the Prophets
Conference participants, all healers in one way or another, to
include her in their prayers, meditations, and ceremony. The
next day the doctors were completely astonished and were asking
me many questions, because Maria "woke up". Not only was it
wonderful that her situation turned around, it also shifted the
perspective of the doctors and opened them to the power of
shamanic healing.

So, that is about it for now from Mexico, except thanks from the
bottom of my heart for the wonderful prayers and loving support
during this difficult time. Although this situation has eaten
up seed money, the intent is to now get well, regroup, and keep
this work moving forward. Really, when you're at the end of
history and at the beginning of a Great New Cosmic Cycle, what
other choice is there?

Hasta luego, Cody

by Robin Johnson

This is very difficult to write, as my emotions overflow with
both love and concern. Cody died this week. For a few moments.
Many of you know him as the creative force behind The Prophets
Conferences, and so I feel drawn to share this with you.

The following morning upon our arrival in Mexico for The
Prophets Conference Caribbean, Cody was hurried to the emergency
hospital. He could not breathe. He was immediately taken to the
emergency room where there began a maze of wires, x-rays,
intravenous medications (5 different bottles), and people
rushing around talking frantically in Spanish. Although I could
not understand their words, I clearly understood what was taking
place and felt in shock.

I would like to share some background information with you.
Cody is a man of passion, and he has been driven by a vision
that takes him to places where few of us live. He has dedicated
his life to the transformation of perception and the conscious
evolution of humanity and Earth, our Mother. Pushing the
envelope to the very edge has been his way to know and
understand who we are as human beings in this experience and
where we might be headed. His search for the truth and research
of where the mysteries may be hidden is relentless. It is part
of him. It is his soul's calling. He has been gifted with an
intuitive sense of transcendent awareness and he generously
shares it with all. That awareness has just been heightened by
his Near Death Experience.

Gathering people together has been Cody's way of creating
change. He was doing this through music when we first met in
1974. In the late 60's and 70's music was a powerful vehicle for
social, political, and environmental awareness, and through big
musical gatherings with artists like The Jefferson Airplane,
Bonnie Raitt and Little Feet, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, The
Doobie Brothers, (benefiting groups like The United Farmworkers
Association, SolarCal, The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, Food
Banks) Cody helped plant the seeds of change. These musical
gatherings were celebrations of a shift in perception that was
birthed during this time.

Through his own growth and evolution the gatherings took a
different form and in the early 90's Cody began bringing
together groups of people to explore ideas from ancient cultures
and bridge them with the findings of quantum physics and new
science. The first of these gatherings was with Carlos Castenada
and his group of sorcerers. In the beginning the gatherings took
the form of weekend and weeklong workshops, delving into ancient
ways and new findings, turning and twisting reality to find out
'what is really going on'. He brought together a visiting
faculty of visionaries, shaman, researchers, pundits, scientists
and mystics to find keys that would unlock the doors to the
great mystery. Visiting faculty member and author Tom Robbins
affectionately named our organization Axiom the "Timbuktu U."
gypsy campus -- attended in powerful and interesting places by
an international student-body ("Timbuktu U" from his most recent
book "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas"). These individual
explorations, including shamanic dance with Gabrielle Roth,
Christian Mysticism with Matthew Fox, altered states of
consciousness with Stanislav Grof, Michael Harner, Terence
McKenna; indigenous cultures with Angeles Arrien, Hyemeyohsts
and Swan Storm; UFO phenomena with Whitley Strieber, Edgar
Mitchell; hidden secrets left by the ancients with Zecharia
Sitchin; sacred geometry with Drunvalo Melchizedek; and ancient
tantric practices with Margot Anand, moved into a new format to
allow for a greater synergy.

Cody shaped The Prophets Conferences to weave together the
leading voices of science and spirituality, shamanism and new
technology, with ceremony at ancient sacred sites. And the
Prophets Conference Caribbean added the dimension of sound and
music. During this spring equinox celebration people are
gathering all over the planet simultaneously to tune in to the
new energies, and much of this has been stimulated through
Cody's efforts. This conscious matrix deeply touches people's
lives and hearts, taking the seeds of change that were planted
years earlier and bringing them into form. Many are inspired by
his vision and follow the call to join with other like-minded
beings. New, magical relationships are created, and as each one
moves forward, we not only realize significant change within
ourselves, but we also are making a significant impact on the
Greater Field. The kindred spirits attending these gatherings
are Medicine people, and a reinvisioning and a reconfiguration
of reality are truly happening. Right now at this very moment as
I write this. A cycle spiraling around for yet another turn in
our evolution has begun with this New Year, and a cycle
spiraling around for yet another turn in our evolution has begun
in his new life.

And now, I ask of you to share your love and support with this
very beautiful being. His very enlarged heart, holding the space
for all of our hearts, has put a tremendous strain on all of his
vital organs, which are still in very critical condition.
Although he has recently been moved from Intensive Care, he is
not yet "out of the woods." I ask you, as his beloved, his
friend, his partner in life, and one deeply moved by his
contribution to our world to open your hearts and give back in
whatever way you are able. Meeting these medical expenses is an
unexpected and a formidable task. As we have always been in good
health, we never felt the need for medical insurance. Also, we
invested all of our financial resources into this work, and=85
Your prayers, meditations, ceremonies, and financial support
during this challenging time are greatly appreciated, by both of

A complete set (18) of high quality conference audiotapes will
be included with each donation above $260. See conference
schedule at http://www.greatmystery.org/schedule.html for a list
of the presentations.

If you are able to make a financial donation, please send the
funds payable to:

Axiom Mystery School
Account Number 41200-3477
For Cody Johnson Medical Expenses
Mail to: Nevada State Bank, 3600 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502

Mahalo nui loa,

	"You that come to birth and bring the mysteries,
		Your voice thunder makes us very happy,
			Roar, lion of the heart
			  And tear me open."

You are encouraged to forward this information to your friends
and respective mailing lists. Thank you. We will be back
on-line sometime in April. Send mail to <Cody@greatmystery.org>