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Re: Get Real

From: Sue Kovios <bradford@globalserve.net>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 20:38:20 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 04:03:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Get Real

 >Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:49:22 -0500
 >From: Amy Hebert <yelorose@swbell.net>
 >Subject: Get Real
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

 >Last night while my kids were flipping through the channels
 >searching for something to watch, they happened across "Close
 >Encounters Of The Third Kind" so we watched the last hour of the
 >show.  Remember the part where a "mother ship" lands, or hovers,
 >whatever, and a huge ramp lowers? After a suspenseful pause,
 >these people who were abducted 50, 40, 30 years ago or just last
 >week come walking down the ramp in a daze. Onlookers are shown
 >smiling these great big smiles and one technician comments, "He
 >hasn't aged a day.  I guess Einstein was right."

 >Now, what is wrong with this picture?

 >Abductees, taken from their lives years ago, are finally
 >returned by their abductors and everyone thinks this is just
 >hunky-dorey.  These abductees may not have aged a day since they
 >were abducted but their lives have been totally disrupted.  Most
 >of their family and friends, if still alive, have continued to
 >age in their absence.  They have no jobs, their education would
 >be out of date compared to today's standards and they will have
 >to adjust to a very changed world.  So why is everyone smiling?

 >No one knows what was done to these abductees yet these UFOs and
 >"aliens" are welcomed with open arms.  It doesn't seem to matter
 >that citizens of this planet were taken against their wills and
 >returned years and years later.  To hell with the abductees, we
 >have made _contact_!

 >Then to top it off (this one really got me), we give them _more_
 >humans to take with them....no questions asked!!!

 >(ROFL...and crying)


I sympathize with abductees and experiencers.  This is
happening in the Real world, you're right.  Close Encounters
was made 23 years ago, before the general public really
knew what abduction was all about.  It wasn't really until
'Communion' that people became aware of the reality (even
though there were many who already knew, those being the

I'm sure the intention of the movie was not to discredit the
reality of abduction.  It is not based on a true story, although
some of it may have been indirectly, it is fantasy/sci-fi.  Is it
wrong for someone to imagine what it could be like?

CE3K is more of a kids movie.  The scenario you refer to is
meant for children.  If it contained scenes such as some in Fire
In The Sky, it would not have been as successful as it was.
Spielberg caught the attention of the world.  I think that was a
good start, don't you? Perhaps there were many people who came
forward because of this movie.  It's not horrific, new age or
totally unbelievable.  And it may even be comforting to a child
that has been abducted allowing him/her to talk about something
that may have happened to them.

I can see how some would see it doesn't reflect reality, but it
wasn't intended to.  Which would you rather have your child
watch, CE3K or Fire In The Sky?  Let kids see something good out
of all this.  Next we'll be picketing in front of Spielberg's
home protesting for Human Rights.  Then I'll say 'Get Real' or
'Get a Life' or 'Go back to your day job'.

It's a PG13 movie.  I don't believe I'm even responding to this.
I'm going to play with my stuffed ET now, the real one, not the
fake furry one. (That's a joke and no Dr.J I don't mean EBK.)
And no, I'm not making a joke of all this, I take it seriously,
to an extent, but sorry this is too much.

Did you realize Spielberg, Stephen King, Letterman? were born in
1947 and Demi Moore (who is an amazing acrobat) is from Roswell?
Why _does_ Letterman like his theatre so cold?


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