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Re: RPIT - A Reminder

From: Dennis Stacy <dstacy@texas.net>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:40:39 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 17:17:39 -0400
Subject: Re: RPIT - A Reminder

 >From: Gildas Bourdais <GBourdais@aol.com>
 >Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 10:18:49 EDT
 >Subject: Re: RPIT - A Reminder
 >To: updates@globalserve.net


 >Remember how Cavitt refused to show Marcel his report,
 >if that is true?

 >Gildas Bourdais

Yes, and does everyone remember that Marcel described only two
types of recovered debris in the last interview he gave? No
fiber-optic cables, no memory-retaining metal, and, most
importantly of all, no goddamned bodies!

In other words, an interstellar spaceship made up of only two
types of material: short beams and some sort of cloth-like
material, whatever it's alleged extraordinary properties. That's
it. Period. Nothing more.

Now, can someone please explain how only two types of debris, in
whatever quantity, can be re-engineered into a flying spaceship
of a circular, disc-like shape? No, you can't.

Even if we throw in a third, bake-lite material, the basic
problem remains: This stuff doesn't constitue a spaceship that
anyone can conceive of and no amount of wishful thinking renders
it otherwise. It doesn't even suggest a saucer shape, for that
matter. For all we know the material that Marcel recovered could
just as easily have been shaped like a box-kite, a flying wing,
or a balloon as opposed to a flying disc.

The so-called extraordinary nature of the material stems from
Marcel's subjective impressions of same, which may or may not be
reliable, or reliable to different degrees. However much weight
one wants to assign Marcel's own 40-plus years memory of events,
it is a leap of faith to equate Marcel's vocal remembrances with
unequivocal proof of extraterrestrial visitation, any way one
wants to slice it. The two simply don't amount to one and the
same, never have, and never will.

This applies equally to charges of cover up leveled against
DuBose and Ramey, the assumption being that if they were
covering up something it had, ipso facto, to be the
extraterrestrial nature of UFOs in general and specifically the
one that crashed at or near Roswell, maybe in three, four, five
or more separate places (what the hell), strewing some limited
debris here and bodies and other kinds of debris there. Oh, what
a web we weave!

Multiple flights with multiple bags. Multiple crash sites with
multiple recoveries of multiple debris and multiple bodies, and
all of it absolutely true, Corso, too!  (Where is Rudiak now
that we really need him?)

Yes, I believe in Roswell, and the recovery of extraterrestrial
technology and bodies in New Mexico in the summer of 1947 that
ultimately led to us winning the Cold War against the Soviet
Union, never mind that no government cover up could ever
guarantee that another saucer (or two, three or four) couldn't
crash near or just outside Moscow or in downtown Cincinatti,
Paris, London, Berlin, or Cleveland. I also believe that the
same ignorant grey fools who crashed in the New Mexico desert
are to this day conducting millions of abductions per year,
using their selective invisibility techniques and their ability
to beam living organisms through solid objects to their
advantage. All covered over worldwide by MJ-12. In fact, I
believe any and everything, just as long as orthodox ufology
tells me it's so. And as long as it dates to Roswell, New
Mexico, June (or is it July?), 1947.

Dennis Stacy

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