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Re: NASA Speaks in English...

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 17:07:02 EDT
Fwd Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 18:10:06 -0400
Subject: Re: NASA Speaks in English...

 >Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 16:52:10 -0700
 >From: Larry Hatch <larryhat@jps.net>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >Subject: Re: NASA Speaks in English...

 >>From: From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
 >>Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 21:49:02 EDT
 >>Subject: NASA Speaks in English...
 >>To: updates@globalserve.net

 >>"NASA said confusion over whether measurements were made in
 >>metric or English units led to the crash of a $125 million
 >>spacecraft as it approached Mars last week." According to the
 >>New York Times today (10-1-99).

 >>Am I the only idiot who thinks this "mistake" is the most lame
 >>sort of none sense ever perpetrated on US since the president

 >>How two major Military and NASA contractors can each work in
 >>different systems boggles this Gripple brain big time. I cannot
 >>imagine such an error folks.

 >>I've worked for several NASA contractors as well as at NASA
 >>Goddard Spaceflight Center, and knowing (less than some of you
 >>do) what I do, it just can't happen.

 >>It's like Jethro Bodine cypherin to the base ten while everyone
 >>else is doin it to another base _and_ in metric!>

 >>The new NASA call sign: "Help! It's fallen down and I can't get
 >>it up..."

 >Dear Jim:

 >I agree it sounds fantastic, like accelerations in furlongs per
 >second squared.

 >The last I saw any physics done in english units was in high
 >school, early 1960s.  All the college physics, chemistry.. any
 >science whatever was in metric.

 >Maybe an archeological dig in the USA will go down so many feet,
 >and yes pilots still report altitude in hundreds or thousands of
 >feet, but this is rocket science! Literally!

 >Could it be that this is a cover for a different human error,
 >i.e. something even dumber?

 >If so, I haven't a clue what that could be.

 >- Larry Hatch

Me neither.  Not a clue.  But I do know this, the odds of this
kind of "error" happening at NASA and/'or their contractors is
beyond what is normally considered remote.  If it was an error
(Hah!) then this particular "error" just destroyed every single
probability formula that ever was.

And yes, I concur that it is a cover for something.  And it may
have been something stupid. Or something worse.  But good gosh
almighty, that this did not draw more derision here, there and
everywhere, is a sure sign of the deterioration of intellect in
this country.  Lemmings all.  Believe what they tell you or just
don't give a crap.

Hey Errol, maybe we should repair to Toronto.  You guys seem to
be a little better off than us. Except in the area of your gun
laws, you got a little more Motts than we do.

J. Jaime Gesundt, With portfolio.  I just got one.

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