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Re: Get Real

From: Amy Hebert <yelorose@swbell.net>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 18:24:25 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 09:51:16 -0400
Subject: Re: Get Real

 >From: Martin Murray <bubastis@warplink.com>
 >To: "Errol Bruce-Knapp" <updates@globalserve.net>
 >Subject: Re: Get Real
 >Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 03:22:53 -0400

 >My own take on this is that although the beings may perceive us
 >in the same way that we perceive the animals of this world that
 >we capture and test, sometimes for their own good, they are not
 >that much above us, despite their extremely advanced technology.


 >The more I learn the less these beings
 >impress me, and I would certainly love to know what it is that
 >they think gives them the right to do what they do.

My point exactly - what is it they think gives them the right to
do what they do?

I got several messages in response to the comments I made in the
original "Get Real" post explaining to me that the movie was
only fiction (allegedly) and was not intended to reflect
reality.  The fact that so many reacted only to the surface
connotation of the movie and my post indicates how little
thought is given to the subliminal messages and cues we put out
and take in every day.

I began researching abductions in 1992.  Over the years I have
noticed all kinds of trends in how abductions are perceived.  On
the one hand, some people perceive abductions as "for our own
good" or for "their" good but it must be OK because they are so
advanced and we are not dead yet.  On the other hand, there are
those who view abductions as horrific experiences perpretrated
upon minds, bodies and souls and a gross violation of human

For many years I tried to understand the abduction enigma and
tried to decide if abductions were OK or not OK.  Some assumed
abductees claimed their abduction experiences were terrifying at
first but later they came to view them as "enlightening" and
since they couldn't stop the process, they learned to relax and
just accept the situation.  Some assumed abductees claimed they
were "chosen", "special" and trained by the abductors to "help
save the earth".  And always there were those who found nothing
redeeming about being taken against their wills and only wanted
the abductions stopped.

One day I got tired of sitting on the fence and decided to make
up my mind as to whether abductions were right or wrong.  I
found my answer in the very word used to describe these
experiences - "abductions".  I asked myself, "Is it OK to abduct
someone or something?", "When is it OK to abduct another person
or another being?", "Who has the right to abduct others?", etc.
When I thought of abductions, I thought of what it _means_ to be
taken by someone or some being against one's will. My decision
was easy.  All I had to do was _listen_ to the words being used
to describe abductions.

Day after day I listened to people discussing abduction
experiences on lists, at meetings and in support groups (local
and on-line). People seemed to spend more time debating what
abductions were, whether or not they were really happening, who
was being abducted by whom and what they meant than they spent
acknowledging the fundamental violations of rights we take for
granted in this country.

I have interviewed and investigated enough individuals who claim
to have been abducted to know that people _are_ being abducted.
I have seen the scars, the marks, the fear these individuals
experience.  Saddest of all, I have talked with the children who
must endure being ripped from the security of their families and
homes and subjected to "alien" environments and procedures in
every sense of the word.  When it comes to the children, my
anger boils and I become able to fully understand the extent of
these violations.  _No_ child should _ever_ have to endure these
atrocities. It's the pictures the children draw, the nightmares
they must live and the inability to feel safe...anywhere...that
makes the true nature of abductions horribly clear.

If we spent as much time debating the meaning, purpose and
intent of abductions, murders and rapes as we spend debating the
rights of aliens or governments to abduct humans, our prisons
would be empty and there would be even more politicians.  (Ah,
'tis nearly so.)  If we do not tolerate abductions, murders or
rapes of citizens in our countries and laws, then we must not
tolerate _any_ beings, human or otherwise, who commit these acts
on our planet for _any_ reason.

No offers of advanced technology, spiritual "enlightenment" or
alleged world peace is worth even one human being's rights to
freedom, self determination and free will.  I don't care if
these abductors believe they do have the right to abduct humans,
animals and earth's resources, I, for one, refuse to give up my
rights or the rights of others for their presumed rights to
abduct whomever whenever they please.  If they need something
from us, let 'em ask and make darned sure they get our
permission and cooperation first.  And I don't mean "clearance"
by the few who have set themselves above and apart from other
humans but consent from _all_ human citizens on the face of this

The Abductors and their allies (human or otherwise) know that as
long as we remain confused, awed and afraid in the face of
"superior" technology, we believe ourselves powerless, impotent
and therefore, will not resist or defend our rights.  As long as
we remain focused on whether or not abductions are real, who are
the Abductors - government, aliens or demons and who has the
right to abduct, we do nothing.  The contingency for our
ambivalence has always been part of the abduction agenda.

The movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, reflects the
state of indecision and complacency in which humankind slumbers.
As long as we can look forward to "contact" little else matters.
As long as the final climax results in confirmation of our
beliefs about other life in the cosmos, the irradication of our
citizens, abductions of men, women and children and "forced
intercourse" with our minds is...but a trivial concern.  Let us
not think upon these concepts and the issues too long or we will
lose our ability to submerse our minds in vats of alcohol and
illusion.  Bring on the popcorn and fantasies so that we may
escape reality and make no commitment to react.

"Sssqqqqqhhhhhhhshshsh" (loud static) - We apologize for this
temporary interruption of the Coma and now return you to your
regularly scheduled programs...

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