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The Purpose Of Abductions

From: Henny van der Pluijm <hvdp@worldonline.nl>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 05:46:05 +0200 (MET DST)
Fwd Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 17:21:42 -0400
Subject: The Purpose Of Abductions

Hi listfolk,

In the thread 'Get Real' a debate was started about what right
the 'aliens' had to abduct people. This debate touched upon the
question what the purpose of abductions really was.

A remark by Terry Evans struck me. His wife had told him: "It
seems like they are stealing my emotions."

I have a suspicion this goes some way toward understanding what
'abductions' are about.

Anyone who has read the abduction stories by Strieber, Mack,
Hopkins et al. will note that 'abductees', once they are brought
inside the spaceship, are being fed images of apocalyptic
scenario's. The earth explodes, the moon breaks up, the ocean
level rises, shit will happen in the future.

Many 'abductees' come back from these sessions believing that
the aliens are in their own way trying to warn us of impending
disaster. If we go on like this we will destroy the earth. The
rain forest will disappear, climatic changes will happen in such
a way that the earth will become inhabitable, etc.

Many 'abductees' have asked their abductors why they have been
abducted. The response by the aliens has always been something
in the sense that the 'abductees' were 'chosen'. 'Chosen' was
never specified. Chosen for what?

An assessment of the purpose of abductions can start with an
evaluation of what we know about the apocalyptic visions that
the abductees were being fed. Have they happened? Are they
happening? Will they happen?

The answer to those questions is in all three cases no.

Has the world come to a virtual end? No, of course not. Things
have been improving steadily for most of the world's population.
This while abductions seem to have been going on for decades.
According to anecdotal testimony in any case, the first
abductions started before World War II at least.

Is the world as we know it going to end in the foreseeable
future? In the last months I have taken up an interest in all
things environmental. The brief, and somewhat blunt, conclusion
I have drawn from the articles I have read about various
environmental topics is that there is literally nothing that
indicates that the earth's ecosystem is going to be out of
balance in the coming decades or that natural fossils will dry
up before alternative energy resources are available.

There is enough oil, natural gas and coal to fuel the world for
decades to come. New reserves are being found as quickly as old
reserves are being used up. Alternative energy resources, like
solar electricity and wind energy, can take over large parts of
energy consumption even in our age should the necessity occur.

All kinds of measures have been taken against chemical
pollutants, like led in gasoline, CO2s, CFC's. Advanced filters
can filter even the tiniest particles of pollutants out of gas
emissions. Some decades from now most western countries will
have their gasoline consuming cars replaced by cars with fuel
cells. California and Iceland have introduced legislation to
start this process a few years ago in their respective areas.

Furthermore, the greenhouse effect has never been demonstrated
to exist, the ozone layer is growing again and, most important
of all, the growth in world populations is likely to stall
somewhere in the middle of the 21st century. And the western
security regime based on 'mutual assured destruction' (you throw
an A-bomb at us, you get one back) has ceased to exist.
Worldwide corrupt governments are being replaced by
democratically elected ones.

Hardly evidence that the world is going in the tank. To the
contrary, the world is a far better place than it was, say 50
years ago, and things will have improved considerably 50 years
from now.

So the 'aliens' have been feeding their abductees total bogus.
Many abductees don't seem to realize this. Strieber is a prime
example. His writings (books, website) contain somber material
about changes in the earth's climate, material that Strieber
thinks is information that he should convey to the world, in his
way trying to help fending off real disasters that lie in the

Strieber is apparently buying the notion that he was 'chosen' to
do a certain kind of work that will help save the world. But the
real purpose of his 'abductions' was IMO only to study his
emotions. Strieber himself gives a clue to this in his earliest
work 'Communion'.

At one point he is shown the image of his son in a remote,
silent place. He gets the feeling that 'his son is dead'. Now of
course, his son hasn't died, has grown up and is an adult now.
In other words the image of his dead son, like the apocalyptic
images, was bogus. While Strieber observed the various horror
scenario's - end of the world or dead son - the aliens did only
one thing: they watched and observed.

Now my suggestion is that this observation of emotions lies at
the core of the purpose of abductions. Many 'abductees' and
students of the phenomenon have concluded that 'we' have
something and 'they' want it. The suggestion that they want our
emotions seems to be the answer.

That could also explain an observation that several researchers
have made. When studying the characteristics of abductees
several students have noted that abductees tend to be working in
professions that require some amount of artistic creativity, in
other words the skill of expressing emotions in an artistic
product. For that, one has to 'understand' emotions. Other
researchers noted that abductees have higher than average
empathic skills. In other words, the ability to 'feel what
another person feels'. So abductees seem to have a richer
emotional life.

Furthermore, one could also assume that this category of people
has a higher potential for telepathic reception, the means of
communication that the 'aliens' employ.

This 'Quest for Emotions' hypothesis also ties in with another
reported aspect of the abduction scenario: reproductive
interbreeding. Instead of simply copying human sperm and ova to
crossbreed with alien DNA, the aliens continually insist on
involving the 'donor' in the reproductive process, so to speak.
The result seems to be that the 'parent' is aware, during the
abduction at least, of his or her own offspring and develops an
emotional bond with the child. Again the aliens 'get' some of
our emotions.

Now most of the previous has been expressed in some form or
another in various books and magazines. But when I realized that
most of the apocalyptic visions that have been shown to
abductees haven't materialized and, to all appearances, will not
materialize in the foreseeable future, some of the pieces of the
puzzle fell into place for me. Of course, I could be wrong, but
for the moment, I find it an attractive hypothesis.

One more thing. A recent article in a Dutch newspaper mentioned
a study that was done to compare the empathic abilities of the
Dutch compared to Americans. It appeared that the Americans were
on average far more capable of sensing another person's emotions
that the Dutch. I am not aware of any other studies in which
other nationalities were studied on this topic.

If the Quest for Emotions theory is right and if Americans score
better compared to other nationalities as well, this could yet
explain another aspect of the abduction phenomenon, namely that
so many reports come out of the US. Of course, the media factor
does certainly play a role here, but there might be other causes
as well.

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