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Re: Abductions: A Funny Thing Happened...

From: Joseph Polanik <jpolanik@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 00:33:05 GMT
Fwd Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:56:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Abductions: A Funny Thing Happened...

Amy Hebert <yelorose@swbell.net>wrote:

 >>From: Joseph Polanik <jpolanik@mindspring.com>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >>Subject: Re: Abductions: A Funny Thing Happened...
 >>Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 23:50:46 GMT


 >>And I am merely suggesting that those abduction reports indicating
 >>experiencer Awareness during Sleep Paralysis don't fit into the two
 >>categories outlined above. They are not completely physical events.
 >>And they are not completely illusory events.

 >I'm curious, Joe.  How do you know they are not completely physical and
 >not completely illusory events?

Those who theorize that AAEs are completely physical have
trouble explaining how people could be 'abducted' spiritually as
some say they are. In a few cases, it is known that the
experiencer's contact with the aliens (or whatever they were)
occurred in a non-physical state because the physical body was
under observation at the time of the experience.

This camp also has trouble explaining why abductees would
suddenly manifest psychic abilities after their experiences, or
why abductees would have a history of previous anomalous
experiences such as OBEs and NDEs. Some researchers call this
the 'paraphysical' component of abduction experiences.

The opposite theory, that AAEs are completely illusory events,
was discussed in my previous post. How can the experience by a
complete hallucination when some of the report points to
accuracy of perception?

[Note: I'm saying that some reports indicate some accuracy of
perception. I'm *not* saying that *all* reports indicate *only*
veridical perception.]

Since both camps take an extreme position and since neither camp
can prove its case, a more moderate middle path may have some

 >How do you know when someone is really "aware" or just dreaming
they >are aware?

Let's try a thought experiment to help me clarify what you see
as the difference between awareness and a dream of awareness.

You go to bed this evening and fall asleep. Sometime in the
night you get up to use the toilet. You have great difficulty
finding the bathroom. Finally, in frustration, you decide to
'go' in a cardboard box in your closet. You start to do just
that when, suddenly, you snap your body awake and scurry off to
the bathroom.

While your body was still asleep, were you really aware of
needing to relieve yourself or were you merely dreaming the
awareness of needing to relieve yourself?

If the latter, please explain why such dreams are invariably

This was my point in reflecting on the difference between sleep
paralysis and ASP, Awareness of Sleep Paralysis, as an
explanation of a certain class of abduction experience. The
awareness of being paralyzed is an accurate perception of the
body's physiological state.

We all have sleep paralysis 4 - 6 times every night as we cycle
into REM sleep. So, having sleep paralysis doesn't distinguish
abductees from non-abductees. It has no predictive power. But,
having Awareness of Sleep Paralysis might well distinguish the
abductee from the non-abductee --- at least for that class of
cases I was referencing.

 >Would you please describe, for interested readers,
investigators, >researchers and therapists, the techniques you
use to validate and >evaluate these experiences?

I look for similarities between reports of abduction experiences
and reports of other anomalous experiences. The greater the
similarities, the less we need to postulate aliens to explain
the differences.


Joseph Polanik, jpolanik@mindspring.com
Trionic Research Institute, http://www.trionica.com

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