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Re: British Ufology Has Been Reborn!

From: Jenny Randles <nufon@currantbun.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 11:53:23 +0100
Fwd Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:42:55 -0400
Subject: Re: British Ufology Has Been Reborn!

 >Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 16:34:01 -0500
 >From: Amy Hebert <yelorose@swbell.net>
 >Subject: Re: British Ufology Has Been Reborn!
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 >>From: Jenny Randles <nufon@currantbun.com>
 >>To: <nufon@currantbun.com>
 >>Subject: British Ufology Has Been Reborn!
 >>Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 17:05:28 +0100

 >>UFOIN -  A new start for British ufology

 >This sounds great!

 >I have one question...If someone has new information they wish
 >to publish under copyright, will they share it with UFOIN and be
 >assured no authors and/or would-be writers will take the
 >material and publish it in their next book?

 >How will these ego-needs be regulated?

 >What happens if/when one or more of the more published authors
 >in the group takes information shared with UFOIN and puts it in
 >his/her/their next book claiming it as their "discovery" without
 >giving credit or asking permission from the original

 >With everyone and his grandmother trying to become a "well-known
 >expert", lecturer, author, how do we share openly and freely
 >with each other without regard to one's next book or TV

 >Jenny, can you share with us the standards or "rules" designed
 >by UFOIN that address the issues mentioned above?


Thanks for this salient point - although I suspect it is not so
much of a problem in the UK as you suggest it is elsewhere. The
people I regularly work with would never dream of stealing work
and claiming credit for it. Ufology, of course, does often
involve cross fertilisation of research and ideas but to me
giving credit to the people who do the work is a fundamental
principle. I think others share that view.

There are two ways UFOIN has decided to address the issue. The
first concerns the code of practice. Several of us involved in
UFOIN helped draw this up in l982. We are currently updating,
tightening it up and issues like the one you raise will form a
part of it. The code self regulates the behaviour of an
investigator towards other UFOlogists, witnesses, the
authorities and the public at large. It aims to set ethical
standards of the type that you define.

The updated code will be permanently located on the UFOIN web
site. Here everyone can read it. If any UFOIN investigator is
considered by anyone to have breached it then that person (UFOIN
team member or not) will be urged to formally complain and the
matter will be debated by a jury of the alleged offenders peers
(ie all other members of UFOIN). After both parties are allowed
to have their say a free vote will determine what action to take
and this action will not be decreed by a ruling council (as
there will not be one). It will be determined by every other
member of UFOIN in our perception of devolved open government.

The other way the issue is being addressed is in the
publications policy of UFOIN. We intend to go for full openness.
A research project or case investigation conducted by any team
member will be fully disclosed at all stages to other UFOIN
members. Indeed their assistance in the work will be solicited.
This is happening now with a study of the l967 wave (likely to
be UFOINs first published report this side of Christmas). Two
members (Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke) have done the initial
research at the Public Records Office. Now that other aspects of
work to be done have been isolated members of the team are
chipping in and doing necessary research modules within the
overall project. The UFOIN principle is that the ones starting
the research have the right to publish it and so others chipping
in send their results to that person or persons to be collated.
I imagine it would be considered a serious breach of etiquette
and probably the C of P if anyone jumped the gun before in this
case Andy and Dave had chance to publish via UFOIN. They'd view
it that way. So would I .

The report will be published in hard copy form in the name of
the investigators/ researchers with full credit to those who
chipped in. After a period not yet agreed (but we will not be
talking years, probably just months) an electronic copy of that
report will go onto the UFOIN web site. This will be a UFOIN
report, not copyrighted as such, because UFOIN believes in
making its data publicly accessible.

I am not sure what we would do if a person requested to publish
a report through UFOIN and retain its copyright. I dont think it
will happen because UFOIN is not a publishing outlet or a medium
for other peoples work. These already exist. Its a team of
voluntary members in the UK who have agreed to our joint aims
and are working together to fulfill them. If they dont like our
plans to publish all our work openly for the benefit of all
UFOlogists then they wont stay with UFOIN. Its their choice.
Nobody is asking anyone who cares to protect their data or who
wants to steal other peoples to join UFOIN. All we are asking is
that those who do agree to our principles.

Once out in hard copy form and on the net we will not object to
anyone using our research anywhere - subject, of course, to
fully crediting the source (UFOIN) and the main researchers
involved in that project. In our view ufology is about doing
research and sharing it with everyone so that as a community we
can try to figure out what is going on. It is likely that if the
primary researchers want to write a book or journal articles on
their work they will do so, but they, like everyone, has agreed
this to be after the data goes on open access. In other words
nobody will hold it back for selfish reasons.

That means that if a UFOIN member, yourself or any other
UFOlogist wants to do so they can also write about what we do
once it is put into the public domain. Indeed we would hope that
some would follow our work and use it to aid their own studies.
UFOlogy should not be about withholding information from others
for personal motives and that wont be what UFOIN is about if
things happen as we intend.

Hope this clarifies things a little.

Best wishes,

Jenny Randles

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