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Nick Pope's Weird World

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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:10:24 +0100
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Subject: Nick Pope's Weird World 

Hot Gossip UK October'99

Welcome to the October column, bringing you the latest news and
views about UFOs, alien abduction and other weird stuff.

Operation Thunder Child

My new book, Operation Thunder Child, is out this month. The
official publication date is 4th October, but copies should have
found their way into the shops towards the end of September.
Operation Thunder Child is a science fiction novel set in the
near future, and deals with the concept of an escalating and
hostile alien presence. What I've tried to do is to tell the
story in as realistic way as possible, drawing on my official
knowledge and experience of working at the Ministry of Defence.
Accordingly, I use knowledge about UFOs and abductions picked up
during my three years researching and investigating these
phenomena, and also utilise information picked up while working
in the Air Force Operations Room (part of the Joint Operations
Centre) during the Gulf War. I've really tried to write as
accurate an account as possible, giving people an insight into
the way in which the government and the military would really
respond to hostile alien contact. What I've tried to do is give
readers a seat at the Top Table in the MOD, and show people how
decisions are made in times of national crisis (although the
book deals with alien contact, details about crisis management
would apply equally to any normal conflict). Authenticity was a
paramount concern: I discuss Rules of Engagement, weapons
systems, operational doctrine and tactics and other real-life
details. I also explore the way in which this situation would be
reported to parliament and dealt with in the media. That said,
some details have been changed to ensure that no classified
information is included - this is the first time in publishing
history that a science fiction novel has needed to be officially
cleared by the Government! Another interesting fact concerns the
disclaimer. Most novels have to contain a statement that all the
characters and events are entirely fictitious. But my book draws
on real UFO incidents from the Government's files, and reflects
other things that have actually happened. For legal reasons,
therefore, my book had to contain a specially worded disclaimer
that points this out. Unsurprisingly, the book is already
proving to be controversial, and there is as much - if not more
- bad feeling about this book in certain quarters as there was
about either of my two non-fiction books. I should be making
various media appearances in late September/early October, so
look out for me, talking about this new book. Operation Thunder
Child is published by Simon & Schuster as a large format
paperback, and costs #39.99.

New Abduction Book

Another new book has been published about the alien abduction
mystery. The Complete Book of Aliens and Abductions is the
latest offering from Jenny Randles, and is a brave attempt to
give an overview of the whole alien abduction/alien contact
mystery. It covers a lot of ground, looking at links between
abductions and folklore and examining the possibility that
cultural factors (e.g. science fiction films and television
series) may have an influence on the phenomenon. Lots of
potential explanations are offered, and there are plenty of case
studies - some well-known and some less so. This is a welcome
addition to the number of books devoted more to abductions than
UFOs, and is a well-written and comprehensive overview of this
intriguing mystery. The book is published by Piatkus, and costs

New Magazine

After the demise of Sightings, Alien Encounters, Uri Geller's
Encounters and UFO Reality, it seemed as if magazines on UFOs
and the paranormal were dropping like flies. Now a new title has
appeared. Beyond is a monthly magazine which hit the news-stands
in September, and promises to reflect all shades of opinion,
whether people be believers, sceptics or neutrals on the topics
covered. There's considerable diversity in the subjects
featured: the first issue contained plenty of news and articles
about UFOs, but other featured subjects included ghosts, crop
circles, psychic detectives, synchronicity and much more

The Unopened Files

On the subject of magazines, an established title which I
consider to be one of the most interesting and thought-provoking
publications currently available is The Unopened Files. This
magazine covers ufology, but also carries a range of fascinating
articles on secret technology, conspiracies and suppressed
information. The Autumn issue (Number 12) is now out, and should
be available from all good newsagents. One of the features is a
lengthy interview with me in which I make some candid remarks
about Operation Thunder Child, and explain why my new book is
already proving so controversial.

Psychic Development

For those with an interest in all things spiritual and psychic,
check out an interesting new book: The Psychic World of Derek
Acorah. This new publication is part autobiography, part psychic
self-development guide, and is packed with interesting accounts
of occasions where Derek's powers were demonstrated. There are
also various tests to judge your own psychic powers, and
suggestions for developing such skills. It's informative but
fun, and is well worth a look. It's published by Piatkus, and
costs =A39.99.

Alternative Therapy

Every now and then my work with abductees can throw up a bizarre
and abstract moment. One such moment occurred a few weeks ago.
There's a particular abductee who I've been working with for
about three years, and we've got to know each other socially. We
went out one evening for a drink, and found ourselves in a
karaoke bar. After some encouragement from her, I volunteered to
do a song, and found myself belting out a number to a packed
pub. The song I chose, somewhat appropriately, was the classic
David Bowie number, Life on Mars. I'm sure there'll be some
people who might think this a tad unprofessional, and I'm not
quite sure what other abduction researchers will make of this.
In reply to any criticisms, I'd simply point out that having fun
is pretty good therapy for just about anything.

Leeds Conference

The annual conference held by UFO Magazine took place in Leeds
on 17th, 18th and 19th September. Next month's column will
contain a full report on this event, with all the conference
news and gossip.

Ed's Note:

Nick Pope's three books, Open Skies, Closed Minds, The Uninvited and
Operation Thunder Child are available from all good bookshops. His UK
publishers are Simon & Schuster. In America, The Overlook Press
publish his books in hardback while Dell Publishing produce paperback

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