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Philip K. Dick [was: Re: Abductions: A Funny

From: Stephen Lewis <stephen.lewis@tsl.state.tx.us>
Date: 12 Oct 1999 18:21:33 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:17:14 -0400
Subject: Philip K. Dick [was: Re: Abductions: A Funny

 >From: Greg Sandow <gsandow@prodigy.net>
 >Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 01:23:30 -0400
 >Fwd Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:46:18 -0400
 >Subject: Re: Abductions: A Funny Thing Happened...

Hello Greg, list and all,

 >>Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 11:32:30 +0000
 >>Subject: Re: Abductions: A Funny Thing Happened...
 >>From: Stephen MILES Lewis <elfis@austin.rr.com>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

 >>I think even UFO UpDates venerable Greg Sandow met PKD.]

 >I'm not going to touch "venerable" (makes me feel old!), but I
 >did know Philip K. Dick. I met him in California a year or so
 >before his death, after getting his phone number from another
 >science fiction writer, Thomas M. Disch, who'd been the
 >librettist for two operas I'd composed. Tom knew I loved Dick's
 >writing, and thought I'd enjoy meeting him.

Oops. Thanks for not being offended Greg. And thanks for
responding. I had hoped you'd notice my reference to you and
PKD. Not enuf people are familiar with his contributions to
SF or UFOs.

 >"Enjoy," though, wasn't quite the word. My wife (now ex-wife)
 >went to visit Phil, and found him morose (I'm sure we weren't
 >the first people to find him that way). He announced that he'd
 >been to the doctor, and was going to die. I still don't know
 >whether this was an accurate report of something the doctor had
 >told him, a fear based on a serious diagnosis, or simple panic.

I just recently finished reading the PKD biography by fan
Lawrence Sutin. It's towards the end of the book that he
mentions you meeting PKD. The biography title is derived from
PKD's own book Divine Invasion.

Morose wasn't the word most people would have chosen. At least
not those I've read of who met him. Quirky, weird, eccentric or
some such, maybe.

Phil was a hypochondriac and often had fears of medical problems
- he institutionalized himself several times. Towards the end of
his life he began to realize he was going to die. Whether this
was a self-fulfilling prophecy or not is for others to decide.
He had high blood pressure and the last years of his life was
questionging more and more what he had to live for.

As an aside - yer lucky he didn't hit on yer (then) wife. He had
a history of falling for certain types of women very quickly. He
was married a number of times.

 >Phil then went on to tell us about the paranormal experiences --
 >constant contact with what he believed to be a non-human
 >intelligence, which put thoughts in his head, and struck him
 >with a purple being (I hope I'm remembering this right), at
 >which point he knew beyond any doubt that his young son was
 >desperately ill with something never diagnosed by any doctor.
 >And when Phil rushed the kid to the hospital, he really was
 >found to have the condition Phil said he had.

Pink beam! Right square in the forehead, tween the eyes. You
know. Where the psychic third eye is supposed to be. And the
psychic diagnosis of his kid's impacted hernia was most amazing
- whether he obtained the information via his own psi abilities
or from VALIS.

Its hard to sum up the paranormal experiences of Phil. There was
certainly something going on there, more than schizophrenia,
IMHO. He had multiple "witnesses" to some of the phenomena.
There were no overt UFOs or Alien Entities. But like much of the
Contactee and Channel literature, he seemed to be "plugged into"

 >All this had been related in Phil's novel "Valis," but not about
 >him -- it all happened, in the book, to one of his characters.
 >it wasn't widely known, as it is now, that Phil was relating his
 >own reported experiences.

I didn't find this out myself until the early 1990s. I found
Austin's own Crash Collusion magazine as well as Greg Bishop's
Excluded Middle magazine were "in the know" regarding PKD as a

Then the idea was reinforced in me when I saw Jacques Vallee
speak at the MUFON conf in Albuqurque in 1992. He cited PKD as
an example of the plight of the experiencer who may never know
the true origin of the encounters. Vallee further drew on PKD's
perspectives for his recent (no-show) presentation at the London
Otherworld Reality conference: "Rise of the Replicants: Five
Scenarios Impacting Consciousness in the years 2012-2025"

 >What struck me, first, was that he'd tell two perfect strangers
 >about all this. Maybe he told lots of people. And, second, I was
 >almost dumbfounded by something missing in the way he
 >interpreted what happened to him. He spend endless hours trying
 >to make sense of both his experience and the knowledge he felt
 >it conveyed to him. He read widely about western mysticism, to
 >find precedents and, more generally, to find a framework for all
 >his thoughts. But he didn't read anything in Eastern thought. I
 >think I asked him why not (my memory of all this is now a little
 >dim), and his answer was noncommittal.

Phil was a paradoxical person; he was an introvert in some
respects and yet, as you say, felt at ease telling people about
his ideas and experiences upon first meeting.

Phil was also a Christian, or rather, a Gnostic. His reluctance,
if any, to read Eastern mystic perspectives probably stemmed
from that. However, I was under the impression (perhaps falsely)
that he was at least semi fluent in some Eastern philosophy.

 >Never once did he suggest that aliens of any sort were
 >contacting him. His theories were more along the lines of some
 >vast disembodied cosmic intelligence.

 >Greg Sandow

Well, yes and no. In his fiction he utilized many sci fi
conventions to get across his ideas, however, as you say, his
idea was more of a Mind At Large conception of the hierarchy of
Intelligences which he thot he might've been encountering.

He speculated (endlessly) on several other ideas, including one
akin to Trevor James Constable's space critters, ie- the
Intelligences which contacted him may have been more energetic
than corporeal. He even considered the possibility that these
etheric entities could influence human perception and thus
appear however they wished - he alluded to this in his fiction
as a sort of adapted mimicry. Along this same line he wondered
if such a race could actually be walking amongst us. Perhaps
even living in symbiosis.

Gee, that sounds an awful lot like what I was suggesting in that
other UpDates thread: the purpose of abductions. ;-)

Thanks again Mr Sandow.


ps-Is Mr Williams of UFODESK fame the Williams
who interviewed PKD a number of times?

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