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Re: From Maxwell Burns

From: David Clarke <crazydiamonds@compuserve.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 16:35:00 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 09:32:41 -0400
Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns

 >From: Jonathan Dyton <jon@wibble.powernet.co.uk>
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 >Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns
 >Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:22:15 +0100

 >>Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 01:10:01 -0400
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 >>From: Sue Kovios <bradford@globalserve.net>
 >>Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns

 >Anyway. Now those event's have been the subject of massive
 >investigation - and a lot of it happened very very quickly
 >afterwards as well. Quest sent a team over there, the BBC did an
 >(pretty mediocre but sceptical) episode of one of it's
 >paranormal type shows on the events (and didn't mention anything
 >about triangles), there was tons in the Uk forums and in the
 >magazines at the time that were still quite boyant, but I saw
 >not one item about the shooting down of an RAF plane.

That's because no one in the real world would ever have given
such an absurd claim the time of day without some pretty good
evidence to back it up.

All we have ever got - and are still getting from behind prison
bars - are promises of new and conclusive evidence which never
arives Remember the guy out walking who happened to bump into
some Tornado pilot (as you do) who said a plane had been lost
that night.

Remember the patience we were all sposed to have as Max was
going to come up with the name of this mysteriously dead but
unmissed pilot?

Well we're still waiting more than two years later but people
are still hawking this rubbish around.

I well remember one of the researchers from BBC Mysteries
cracking up in hysterical laughter when I explained Max's theory
to her. But I still asked her to give him a chance to air it
live on TV, so the whole country could share the joke..

She didn't bother in the end, which was a shame.

But in the wacky world of ufology any kind of ludicrous story
can be floated on the grapevine nowadays and there will always
be some gullible soul out there waiting to swallow it whole, and
set up some new cult or other to promote it ad infinitum.

That's how myths are created - and I would have thought enough
had been deflated by now for people to realise this. Those new
to the subject know little if anything about the history of
ufology, hence the continual credulity which prevails.

Oh hum.

 >Now, I can't produce everything written from March '97 until the
 >first thing by Max saying a plane was shot down in ufological
 >circles - but if it someone made those claims before Max and
 >made them publically I haven't seen them in print nor any
 >reporting of a lecture with those claims. If someone has it'll
 >be a darn sight easier to produce the one article or piece of
 >news than for me to produce everything written in that time on
 >this list! If it exists, then I'm wrong, it's that simple..

Well I can help you out there old chap, because I was present
from the word go with my notepad and pen ready as helicopters
whirred over my head and police dragged their tired and cold
carcasses off that God-forsaken moorland.

No one mentioned UFOs at all until Max showed up on the scene -
as the witness Sharon Aldridge later testified. Yes there was
talk of Ghost-Planes (see my article in current issue of The
Unopened Files), and this was even taken seriously by the police

The UFO connection with the Howden Moors case is entirely the
product of Max Burns imagination and I give him all due credit
for creating a modern-day myth.

I distinctly remember discussing the case with the Maxwell Burns
Cult [as surely it now is] at the 1997 BUFORA Conference, about
five months after the incident had occured. Then the Maxwell
Burns Cult was hawking the story round that a UFO had crashed on
the moor and had been retrieved by one of those blue-beret type
retrieval things.

During the discussion (Andy Roberts was witness to this) it
became obvious that Max was not familiar with the area he was
talking about, did not recognise some of the well-known areas of
the Peak District moors we fielded to him, and was quite plainly
"making it all up as he went along."

Obviously imagination was working overtime henceforward as the
case underwent a mysterious metamorphosis from this point and lo
and behold the Tornado jet shot down by Flying Triangle appeared
- no doubt after a lengthy and vivid brainstorming session with
the assistance of whatever subtances Max was ingesting at the

Anyway Jonathon, I digress, as the question you were asking
concerned when was the first appearance of the RAF jet nonsense
in the media or in public.

The answer is (and I claim first prize here) or was the Summer
1997 issue of now defunct Alien Encounters magazine, where after
a mish-mash of misreporting and selective use of facts, Max
puzzled about the sonic booms recorded near Sheffield and asked
that immortal question:

"Could this have been the UFO making a crash landing, or a
Tornado crashing after being attacked by a UFO?" So that was the
monstrous birth which started the Max Burns Cult, which has
taken a life of its own ever since.

Those of us who have watched events unfold, including Martin
Jeffrey who undertook an independent investigation and reached
the same conclusion as myself, have often mused over how and why
Max dreamed up this particularly detailed fantasy when the
"crashed UFO retrieved by blue berets" would have been far more
inviting and less easy to disprove.

I can only guess it must have been some sub-plot in an episode
of the X-Files or maybe he just made it up (the simplest
explanations are often the best).

The only conclusion I have been reach does not relate to Max
himself, but more to the credulity of those who have taken his
claims seriously for more than a millisecond.

In the days when people had to write letters to each other to
discuss the pros and cons of UFO cases, the barely literate
characters who populate the airways today would have had a hard
time promoting such a huge confidence trick, and hoodwinking so
many for so long.

But in the days of the Internet any old tripe can be dished up
to the great unwashed, and be taken seriously regardless of the
lack of one single checkable piece of evidence.

As they say, there's one born every minute!

Still it's all been vastly amusing, and I wouldn't have missed
it for the world - to actually be present at the birth of a

Thanks Max - what a privilege it's been!

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