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Re: Ed Walters' Photos and Gulf Breeze Case

From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac@compuserve.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 00:16:16 -0400
Fwd Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 11:43:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Ed Walters' Photos and Gulf Breeze Case

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 >Hello Bruce,

 >Will you ever find rest?


 >>7. Ed arranged for a single polygraph test with Harvey
 >>McLaughlin, who told me he had done thousands of such tests for
 >>companies that had hired him. When Ed passed the test McLaughlin
 >>didn't believe the result. Therefore when Ed returned for the
 >>results of the test McLaughlin said that there were a few things
 >>he wanted to check and he connected up the polygraph a second
 >>time. In between the tests he had checked up on Ed's UFO
 >>sightings and asked some different questions. Ed was not
 >>expecting a second test, so it was a complete surprise. Ed
 >>passed the second test as well.... no indications of deceit, so
 >>McLaughlin wrote in his report that , in his opinion, Ed was
 >>being truthful.

 >>McLaughlin told me that Ed was not a sociopath or "con man" type
 >>of person who would be likely to tel lies. Dr. Dan Overlade,
 >>clinical psychologist who gave Ed a collection of personality
 >>and psychological tests, told me the same thing. Neither of
 >>these men foun evidence that Ed had lied.>

 >I am looking for a clarification.

 >I went to the mentioned site where it is said:

 >"MUFON's Charles Flannigan setup a polygraph test for Walters
 >with Hugh Jones, a fully accredited and licensed polygrapher.
 >Walters failed to show for the appointment, opting instead to
 >arrange two sessions with a Harvey McLaughlin. McLaughin was
 >apparently not a member of any polygraph association which
 >adhere to standards of practice, principle, and ethical conduct
 >of polygraph examinations. Walters has denied investigators
 >access to his polygraph printouts.">

 >The polygraph printouts are not available to investigators?

 >If this is true, then why not?

 >If this is false, then where can one get the printouts?

Eleven years ago Ed didn't want the polygraph printouts to be
discussed among among UFO investigators and non-professionals.
At the time of the tests his integrity was in question and he
was not happy with all the rumors running around. Perhaps if
another polygraph professional had asked for them he would have
allowed them to be reviewed. Unfortunately no one thought of
that at the time, so far as I know.

I spoke to McLaughlin on Sept. 3, 1988. I was probably the last
persion to have any communication with him on this UFO case.
Haven't a clue as to whether or not he's still in the area or
whether the polygraph charts still exist.

McLaughlin's report was clear, however. He stated that Ed passed
the tests, meaning that in McLaughlin's opinion Ed really
believed in the truth of what he was saying about the UFO

McLaughlin was quite clear that he was rather rigorous with ED.
He qusetioned Ed for several hours before each test while
watching closely to determine whether or not there were changes
in Ed's speech patterns or demeanor. M<cLaughlin told he he was
checking to see if there was evidence that Ed was on any drug
that he might have taken before entered the polygrapher's office
in order to "beat" the "lie detector." In other words, Ed's
"belief in th truth of what he was saying" might be an effect of
certain drugs.

McLaughlin said he had had lots of experience with that sort of
thing. But the effects of drugs wear out over time and the
person's speech and or demeanor changes. But he detected no such
effects on Ed, whose speech and demeanor never changed.

The fact that McLaughlin wasn't a member of a polygrapher's
association doesn't mean he wasn't a capable person.

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