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Re: From Maxwell Burns

From: Jenny Randles <nufon@currantbun.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 19:27:21 +0100
Fwd Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 18:01:32 -0400
Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns

 >Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 17:35:43 +0100
 >From: Roy J Hale <royjhale@netscapeonline.co.uk>
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 >Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns

 >>>From: Jenny Randles <nufon@currantbun.com>
 >>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >>>Subject: Re: From Maxwell Burns
 >>>Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 20:27:19 +0100

 >>>These are some of the things that persuade me. Amidst the UAP
 >>>and misperceptions that I am sure account for 99% of the
 >>>evidence there appears to be a low level of contact with another
 >>>intelligence more advanced than we.

 >>>I am actually personally quite amenable to the argument that these
 >>>entities are so human and so interested in our DNA for one very
 >>>good reason. They are us - or rather one day they will be.

 >Well, if that isn't a confused answer I dont know what is.

 >So now they are Yesterday's People... No, sorry they are
 >Tommorow's People right?

 >Pray, enlighten us more with your theory.


Okay. I'll try to make it simple as ABC.

A - A lot of UFOs (90% plus) are misidentifications of ordinary
things (ie IFOs)

B -  But that leaves up to 10% that are novel phenomena. Of
these I reckon most are UAP - natural, physical atmospheric
phenomena that push back the frontiers of science - but only
slightly. Most on this list wil switch off because they are not
exotic enough, but I think they are crucial to UFO research
because this is the ey to interesting real science in data we
can verify.

C - Contact with some other intelligence is apparently occurring
in a very few cases (under 1% of all sightings I believe). It is
possible this evidence will find an explanation in terms of
human consciousness and its as yet unexplored limits when we
chart how the mind works over the coming decades. However, for
reasons cited in my last e mail I suspect there are reasons to
support the liklihood that an intelligence is involved other
than the mind of the witness .

D - Despite the phenomenon itself professing an extraterrestrial
origin that is merely an option, but it has problems too that
make we suspect it not to be the answer.

E - Extraterrestrials are most likely to look, think and act
very different from us. Until we  meet one for sure we cannot
know but thats what science and logic implies. The entities in
UFO cases are too human in not just appearance but all of their
attributes. Consequently, it is at least tenable to look for
another option that involves an outside intelligence (that is
one other than the witness) - displaying technology beyond what
we have now, acting and appearing unusual but essentially doing
this in a terrestrial manner.

F - Future humans will, we trust, evolve, develop new technology
and be interested by their ancestors. If at any point (next
week, next year, next millennium, whatever) they develop
technology that can traverse time it is possible they would
visit us, study us, and happily allow the myth of alien contact
to continue. Why? Because it is part of their past and did
happen and it provides the perfect smokescreen to future
historians to study their own roots.

This is not my theory or an especially original one. But it is
an argument I find plausible for many reasons. One is deeply
personal. Whilst I have never met an alien I have to my mind
conclusively experienced time travel. As such I believe it is a
fact of the universe and I think it is almost certain it will
become possible to use technology to travel in time at some
point . If that is the case then logic tells you one thing -
time travellers should be visible in our past and our present.
We might not recognise them as time travellers (they would be
unlikely to announce themselves as such). But they would be

So we have two  options - seek out possible evidence for
futuristic humans visiting our past and present in what would be
flying craft. They would probably be taking inordinate interest
in us and yet pretending to be anything other than time
travellers. If we find this evidence (and I think UFO entities
are pretty good candidates) the prospect of time travel ever
happening is vindicated. If we do not find any time travellers
then it probably means that time travel simply never will be

Because I know that time travel is a distinct possibility I have
no problem accepting it as a mechanism for the visitors we
confront. I regard this as easy as accepting these visitors to
be from an a distant star system.

It then comes down to a choice between which of these options
best fits the appearance, actions, thought patterns etc of the
entities reported. As already indicated if you balance the
aliens versus humans equation human is in there fighting for top

So, I support this possibility and have been researching it
quite a bit in recent years. I will continue to do so. But I
dont say its the truth - just that its an idea worth deeper
study. I suggested in my book 'Time Travel' (Sterling l994) ways
to seek this evidence. I gather one US TV station has picked up
on these and an TV movie is appearing this autumn staring
Catherine Bell of JAG. In that she plays a reporter doing one of
the experiments I propose and finding proof of time travellers
amongst us. So look out for that. And in case you are wondering
- no the TV station did not pay for using this idea!

You might also note that Jim Penniston, the key witness to the
Rendlesham Forest case, says his deeper memories of the close
encounter in the forest are that the entities involved were time
travelling humans  - not aliens. What is certainly true is that
in cases such as this (as demonstrated markedly by the Oz Factor
state described by so many CE witnesses) a distortion of
time/space is central to the incident. A time travelling machine
probably would create precisely this effect in its local
environment as a natural by product. As you might expect I have
been seeking a reason for why the Oz  Factor state occurs for
many years.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Jenny Randles

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