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A&E's 'Celebrity Close Encounters'

From: Lesley Cluff <manitou@fox.nstn.ca>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 23:23:12 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 15:34:33 -0400
Subject: A&E's 'Celebrity Close Encounters'

Would love to hear the comments of others re this program.
Personally, the 'celebrities' interviewed were well interviewed,
well spoken, well researched.  Learned a lot.

But as to the overall program - the producers failed to any
research of their own, relying instead on a chap from the
sceptic mag.  They let him get away with saying the sightings of
UFOs over Washington DC in the summer of 52 were essentially
delusions caused by too many bad Hollywood movies that year.
Project Blue Book is mentioned, but no one read the book by the
first Blue Book top investigator, Ruppelt, who in his own book,
Report on Project Blue Book, details the event and how many
different radar stations in the area picked up the sightings,
how they happened over several days with a week in between I
believe of none, and all form an official perspective! The man
lied!  And they didn't catch him on it, in fact they favoured
his words with lots and lots and lots of repeated pictures of
the saucer movies posters and scenes from the movies.  ad

Opinion supported by facts and personal research were from the
celebrities, unsupported opinion from the official
representative of the sceptics (only one really) and a few whose
experiences are still opinions but which were enough to balance
the program without the idiot liar.  Overall opinion of the
producers was obvious - celebrities have no right to influence
public opinion using their status.  I noted at least twice, if
not three times that the announcer plainly referred to this
possible misuse of the public's trust and that was repeated also
by the sceptic.

I hope they have another program on the misuse by celebrities of
their public trust when they choose to take on medical disease
research and political candidates.  And I'm sure any Canadian
would be happy to play the role of the 'sceptic' on that one!

It followed well on the heels of the Sunday night program about
the cattle mutilations, targeting American secret black OP.s as
the culprits - but missed a few points like why, if its a secret
black OP.s would they leave the carcasses littered all around the
fields, often dropping them back down to the ground after
lifting them up - assuming it would be wise to maintain secrecy
if the carcasses were quietly and secretly disposed of, leaving
the cattlemen to assume the missing animals were taken by cattle

And of course, a point well raised by a colleague here on Update
- if they want to check out say the effects of the early atomic
bomb tests on succeeding generations of animals and people and
how the poison may have or how much it has infiltrated our food
chain, then why didn't they just don cowboy hat and buy some at
the livestock sales barns like everyone else who wants a few
good cattle!

And the sounds of the program coming up, bringing UFOs down to
earth sounds like more of the same - carefully selected facts,
ignore the obvious questions that you can't find answers to.

I am sure that if the answers were so easy to find, then there
is enough collective intelligence on this List alone to have
figured out the same conclusions as these programs suggest, plus
plugged the obvious holes in their arguments! But then, to
someone who knows nothing, even a little bit can seem to make a
lot of sense.  And since they aren't interested enough to check
out what might be missing in the meatless stew they were handed,
they will happily and lazily accept the conclusions of these
programs as God's word on the subjects!

Martha Stewart offers a lot more valid information and always
answers those little niggling questions! Where's the TV


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