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Re: Get Real

From: Amy Hebert <yelorose@swbell.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 23:36:36 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 16:48:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Get Real

 >Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:26:24 +0000
 >From: Dave Bowden <grafikfx@netscapeonline.co.uk>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >Subject: Re: Get Real

I wrote:

 >>When she got the photographs back from the
 >>photo lab, all she got were pictures with a glare on the glass
 >>doors - or so she thought.

You replied:

 >Well don't it just always happen.

Was this meant to be conducive to stimulating and intellectual

 >Why would your kid say "Oh, look. An alien"? I hope you have not
 >been trying to influence this poor kids mind in any way.
 >My kid would have said "Oh, look. A monster or a creature!"

Oh really, Dave? You mean your kids have not seen the movies,
the T-shirts, the pens, pencils, toys, the X-Files and all the
alien-related images bombarding kids these days? Most kids who
see a picture of a bug-eyed critter call them "aliens" these
days not monsters.

People who know my work know that I refer to what most people
call "aliens" as "beings of unknown origins" and those who
abduct as the "Abductors" - whether human or non-human. I do
not like calling them "aliens" because we do not know where they
are from, why they are here or who they are. The only reason I
titled the article "Alien Convention" is because people
understand these words and because the main witness, herself,
thought they might be "aliens". I didn't want to use the word
"alien" in the title but figured people just aren't ready to
understand the concept of beings of unknown origins or BUO's as
I call them. Since the printed word is used to communicate,
that is where I focus and leave "political correctness" up to
people like you.

 >>Some people see these images, some don't.

 >I've seen that before, it's called 'faces in the fire', goes
 >back a long way.

That's interesting, Dave, because you have never seen these
photos in person. Thus far, all you have seen are the scanned
images of the photographs yet you feel qualified to make snap
declarations based on so little information. I hope you don't
do this often because you are probably missing a lot.

 >Give us a list of who you mailed this to, some of us might like
 >to follow this up.

I will gladly do so via private E-mail for anyone if you (and
any other recipients) promise not to publish the information
publicly. I do not wish to point out anyone in public because it
is only my opinions based on personal experiences. I would love
for someone to ask these researchers why they never contacted me
or bothered to ask even a few questions. Thank you for
volunteering, Dave!

 >This may come as a shock to you Amy but I am not a debunker.

Never said you were.

 >I simply ask the questions that a lot of people should be

It is good to ask questions, Dave. We should ask questions. It's
the statements or snide comments based on so little knowledge
that do little to promote understanding and only take up time we
could use learning from each other with mutual respect.

 >Well you seem to have covered everything.

Thank you, Dave, but no - I have much more I want to learn.

 >You all seem to be sure you have been abducted by space aliens.
 >God forbid anyone has the audacity to speak out against such a

The main witness I inteviewed never quite believed she had been
"abducted by space aliens". In fact, the witnesses in the house,
being of Hispanic descent, first thought the beings they
encountered were demons or devils. The baby in the house woke up
shouting the Spanish word for "devil". "Cathy" called them
"aliens" because it was the closest explanation for what they
looked like.

Dave, it's one thing to ask questions, it's one thing to
question someone's experiences but it is a completely different
matter to "speak out against" something. Look back on this post
you submitted and count how many times you asked questions only
to answer them yourself. Perhaps the audacities you chase are
of your own creation.

 >Every effort to gain proof seems to be blocked at every turn.
 >How about a remote power source?

Interesting idea, Dave! It will be added to the ARM list of
proposed techniques.

 >Look at it this way, there's a lot worse going on in the world,
 >victims of hurricanes, train crashes, floods, wars, famine.

Well, Dave, we all try to contribute to the needs of this world
in our own ways. This is my way of helping. It may not meet your
standards of what is important but it meets mine.

 >I even had a personal tragedy that far outweighs the abduction
 >phenomenon, if only I could exchange mine for yours... but thats
 >in the real world and believe me I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I'm sorry to hear of your personal tragedy, Dave. However, I
don't think any of us can say one person's experiences outweigh
the experiences of another. Each person is unique.

If I can help ease your burdens in any way, feel free to contact
me via private E-mail and I will listen.


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