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Some Questions For Nick Pope

From: Tim Matthews <matthews@zetnet.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:28:01 +0100
Fwd Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 20:44:21 -0400
Subject: Some Questions For Nick Pope

Dear All,

As Editor of BEYOND magazine, the new and exciting bi-monthly
British newsstand magazine, I received a gratis copy of Nick
Pope's new "technothriller" 'Operation Thunder Child' this

The book doesn't read particularly well although I'm sure Nick
had a problem moving into the realms of fiction writing.
Importantly, there are some serious and misleading comments in
the Press Release accompanying the book that warrant our
attention. I'll deal with them as they emerge;

1 - "Nick Pope, the Government's official UFO expert". This is
not true, he hasn't worked for Air Staff 2a since 1994. When he
did his three year tour we know, through our investigations,
that he was not a UFO expert of any kind, working on the subject
on the most limited basis.

2 - "a novel that has made some at the MOD nervous". Yes,
probably because people (taxpayers, that's us), want to know why
Nick/his publishers are able to put out these quarter-truths
without any comeback. The MOD is probably wondering what people
think its staff get up to;  9am, arrive at the office, 10am,
meeting with agent, 11am, meeting to discuss newspaper article,
12am, two hour break for dinner with TV executive.....

3 - "this novel has been written by someone with inside
knowledge". You wouldn't think so! Although full of weapons
details, anyone could have got this from Jane's Defence Weekly.
Nick did not have that much knowledge of the UFO subject because
he only spent around 30 day looking into it during his tenure.
That's a fact!

4 - "From 1991-4 Nick Pope was responsible for investigating
UFOs and alien abductions for the MOD". Not true. See above. In
a recent letter ro researcher James Easton, the MOD made it
_clear_ that it had _not_ investigated _one_ case of so called
"abduction". The cases in Nick's "The Uninvited" are worse than

5 - "Nick Pope has dipped into the 'real X Files' and packed the
book with references to "formerly classified" UFO events
investigated by the MOD". Really? These must be those same
events featured in the Public Records Office files which both
myself, Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts have examined in detail
recently. There were no shadowy 'secret groups' of
investigators, no UFO 'incidents' of merit and no policy on how
to deal with cases which were routinely fobbed off onto
horrified, low-ranking civil servants - like Nick!

The only interesting document is the 24th June 1965 one which
states that "it is our policy to play down the subject of UFOs".
It is clear why, the MOD was inundated with letters/reports from

6 - The "Rendlesham Forest Incident......reflects what Nick Pope
was told by USAF officers". It'll be interesting to know what
they told him as it's clear that there was no 'incident' as
such, just a misidentification of some lights in the woods.
There is no evidence of merit to suggest an alien landing, an ET
event, the existence of a 'craft'. Larry Warren may disagree,
but then who takes him seriously?

7 - "The alleged downing of an RAF Lightning BY A UFO in 1970".
Alleged by whom.....I think we know and again, there is _no_
evidence to suggest that a UFO downed a Lightning. It's a good a
story, that's all. It'll probably fool the gullible reader for a

8 - Get this; "The descriptions of the shape and capabilities of
the UFOs, and the physical description and behaviour of the
aliens are based on actual UFO reports and alien abduction
claims investigated by Nick Pope "as part of his official MoD
duties." Which, according to his employers, the MOD, is not the
case!!! The official word is that he spent a tiny proportion of
his official time investigating UFOs and did not investigate
abductions. What he did in his spare time is certainly different
- but was, by definition, _not_ official....

9 - "Nick Pope has worked for the MoD for fourteen years. As
well as a tour of duty spent researching and investigating
UFOs".....this can _only_ realistically be described as a lie.
Maybe it's not Nick's lie; maybe it's the spin doctors (that
Nick mentions in the book) at Simon and Schuster.

10 - "They [MoD] had the book for three months - before giving
final clearance to publish". The suggestion, of course, is that
they were desperate to stifle the publication - or something
along these lines. Nick suggested that similar blocking tactics
were adopted for 'Open Skies, Closed Minds' but there was
_nothing_ vaguely interesting in it, let alone material of a
classified nature.

So what is going on?

I think it's clear. The facts are routinely obscured as part of
a mass marketing campaign. I'm not of the belief that Nick is
part of some conspiracy to mislead us all although I'm sure if
he'd concluded that some UFOS were man-made things would be
different. What I think is happening is a ruthless pursuit of
money and book sales at all costs. We shouldn't be surprised.

What I think is wrong is where claims that we _know_ are wild
exaggerations of untruths are allowed to be presented to both
press and public as truth.

Simon and Schuster are said to be a reputable company and yet
they insist upon putting out misleading statements. What is the
world coming to?

Tim Matthews.

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