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UFOcity.com Report 10/99

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Subject: UFOcity.com Report 10/99

The UFO city.com Report
"The Truth Matters"
October 1999

  "We seek a free flow of information... we are not afraid to
  entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign
  ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values.  For a
  nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and
  falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its

	John F. Kennedy

UFO's and Intolerance, Part II

Last month's editorial on televangelist Pat Robertson's alleged
statement that people who believe in the existence of aliens
from space and UFOs should be put to death by stoning, drew
numerous comments and responses, but none from Mr. Robertson,
who was forwarded a copy of the editorial.  We have since sent
for a full transcript of the July 8, 1997 broadcast of "The 700
Show" during which the alleged remark was made and will
carefully review the text upon its receipt here.  In any case it
will be the subject of a follow-up letter to Mr. Robertson which
will be reproduced in this newsletter.

In the meantime, I have been making an effort to better
understand the beliefs which might generate such a shocking
statement.  They go something like this: New Age leaders are the
willing or unwilling henchmen of Satan. They understand that
belief in the Anti-Christ will be easier to foist on the public
if the public has been conditioned to believe in the existence
of aliens - who are actually demons, the minions of Satan,
appearing as predicted in the Bible at the present, or

After these 'extraterrestrials' and their UFOs are accepted as a
genuine, all religions (excluding Biblical, or Fundamental
Christianity) will accept a new system of worship - a spiritual
paradigm which includes aliens from other planets.  The Vatican
will then accept these 'space brothers' as fellow creatures of
God and establish a new religion - the religion of the Beast.

The alien impostures will then convince most Christians that
they have no need for a personal savior, which is about as
un-Christian as any behavior can be.  The ultimate 'logic' here
is that even if the aliens (even if there are real ones) are not
'employed by Satan himself, they are laboring in his service and
must therefore be his agents, the fallen angels.

I for one do not believe in the above scenario, but it does
sober me to remember that millions of people do.  Food for
thought; more next month..


NASA Says Mars Orbiter Loss the Result of Metric Mix-Up; Others
Say, Yeah, Right

If we are to take NASA at their word, an elementary math mix-up
by world-class scientists who should have known better was the
cause of the September 30 loss of the $125 million Mars Climate
Orbiter.  The alleged error caused the craft to fly too close to
the planet's surface (only 35 miles up!) resulting in it's
disintegration in the Martian atmosphere

How could such a rudimentary error have occurred?   Well, the
Orbiter team at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory was using
metric units and the production team at Colorado's Lockheed
Martin facility (where the Orbiter was built) were using English
measuring units - and NOBODY noticed the discrepancy.

"People sometimes make errors.  The problem here was not the
error, it was the failure of ... the checks and balances in our
processes to detect the error. That's why we lost the
spacecraft." said Edward Weiler, NASA's associate administrator
for space science.

I am a layman is such matters, but I have a real problem with
this explanation.  The Mars Climate Orbiter was able to get to
Mars without a hitch, suggesting that it was successfully able
to execute numerous orders during its perilous voyage.  How
could this sophisticated piece of technology have made it all
the way to the red planet free of command and execution
problems, then be destroyed by a single command at the end of
its multi-million mile journey?   With apologies to NASA, JPL
and Lockeed Martin, the official explanation is extremely

American and Soviet Mars missions began in the early 1960's.
Since then, there have been a combined total of 32, 18 of which
have met with failure*. Most of these failed missions have never
been well explained and some have never been explained at all!
Certainly, space missions are risky enterprises, but Mars shots
in particular have an outstandingly negative success record.
Are Martians to blame?  Possibly, but I doubt it.  I do however
feel there are things on Mars which our government does not want
us to see.  As such, it may well turn out that it is we who are
selectively sabotaging our own missions to Mars, despite the
havoc and negative PR is brings down on NASA and the billions of
dollars of taxpayers money it wastes.

I know many may see this view as extreme, but for me the 'metric
explanation' washes about as well as UFO's being swamp gas and
the Roswell crash being a weather balloon.  In any case, NASA
has announced that the fate of the Mars Climate Orbiter is now
being investigated by three separate review boards.  We expect
they will all come to the conclusion that the problem was caused
by the aforementioned metric error.

*See "Mars Missions Successes and Failures"

Also visit the website of the Mars Surface Anomaly Analysis
Group which posts photographs of possible artifacts on Mars


Space Sciences Organization Takes Off In Silicon Valley

On October 12, a number of Silicon Valley's top corporate
executives met with Joe Firmage and members of his International
Space Sciences Organization to discuss, among other things,
possible links between UFOs and cutting-edge (terrestrial)
technology.  The details of the gathering (including its
location) have been kept private, but we understand that
attendees also included research scientists, as well as
representatives from NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain
View California.

No matter how the meeting may be characterized in the press,
NASA is obviously taking it seriously.  "We're trying to
determine if any proprietary information will be talked about at
that meeting," a NASA investigator was quoted as saying in the
San Francisco Examiner.

The International Space Sciences Organization had no comment on
the NASA inquiry.


Tobacco Ad Sparks UFO Controversy

Successful advertising has always taken advantage of popular
trends, styles and beliefs, but the line between trendy and
stupid can be a thin one.  Are individuals who have been
abducted by UFO's "the dumbest people on earth?" That's what the
text of a current print ad for Winston cigarettes would have us

UFO's and aliens have been a staple in all types of advertising
for years now, but more often than not it's been with some good
humor or cleverness. Not so of the Winston ad.  Accompanied by a
nice grainy photo of an alleged UFO, the copy reads, "If aliens
are smart enough to travel through space, why do they keep
abducting the dumbest people on earth?"  Funny?  Hip?
Meaningful?  No on all counts.  Meanspirited and meaningless is
more like it.  The fact is that the ad makes no sense and the
copy is genuinely demeaning to a very real group of individuals.

Mocking people who have suffered through traumatic events is
simply not funny.  Even if one does not take such accounts
seriously, most people who maintain that they have been the
subjects of alien abduction seem to be suffering the effects of
something, and at the very least should be accorded a little
respect and sensitivity.

Personally, I don't think the folks at  R. J. Reynolds'
advertising agency though this one through very well.  What
about those abductees who are - uh oh - Winston smokers?  Are
they also among "the dumbest people on earth?" Or are abductees
who smoke Winstons given some special R. J. Renyolds
dispensation?  Or, is the message here that smokers - especially
Winston smokers - are among the smartest people in the world?
Sure they are..


What Radar Tells About Flying Saucers

"U.S. Air Force and civilian radar experts know enough about
temperature inversion to be sure that it doesn't explain the
strange objects they've seen on their scopes in Washington, and
in other places. And the official Air Force gun-camera photos
reproduced here for the first time back them up..."

So begins a refreshingly nuts-and-bolts article from the golden
age of flying saucers.  "What Radar Tells About Flying Saucers"
was written by one of the true pioneers of ufology, Marine Maj.
Donald E. Keyhoe (ret.). The original article appeared in the
December 1952 issue of The men's magazine, True.  "What Radar
Tells.." is one of a series of vintage UFO articles currently
posted on the Internet and is still very much worth reading.
You can find it at http://users.ev1.net/~seektress/key1.htm


Laser Signal to Travel Across Universe Forever

A September 23 Associated Press news story states that beginning
next year, a Roswell, New Mexico-based company will begin to
attempt communication with extraterrestrial life forms via a
powerful laser broadcast array named "Starlite."  According to
representatives for Light Messenger Inc., the signal will travel
across the universe forever.

"Think of it as the greeting card for the new millennium,"
Starlite creator Frank Costantini said.

The first messages sent into space by Starlite will feature the
words of children with the Starlight Children's Foundation, a
nonprofit organization that helps the families of seriously ill
youngsters.  For a one-time fee of $19.95 however, anyone can
have their own message sent into the cosmos. For information.
visit http://www.starlite.com, or call Starlite International's
toll-free number 1(888)905-STAR.


Video Pick of the Month

The Truth About Crop Circles: Colin Andrews Live at Madison
Square Garden, Multimedia presentation, running time
approximately 2 hours

For my money, Colin Andrews has proved himself to be the most
accomplished researcher investigating the crop circle mystery.
He is co-author (along with Pat Delgado) of  Circular Evidence,
a genuine international best-seller with more than 250,000
copies now in circulation.  An electrical engineer and former
civil servant, Colin left Her Majesty's service more than a
decade ago to pursue crop circle research full time. His
organization, Circles Phenomenon Research International,
maintains the largest archive of crop circle images in the
world, and thanks in part to a study grant from Laurance
Rockefeller, CPRI's research will likely continue to remain in
the vanguard of this most fascinating area of study.

Having had the pleasure of attending a number of Colin's
lectures over the years, I can say without hesitation that his
presentations are always compelling and thought-provoking, and
no one else in the field can hold a candle to his remarkable
archive of aerial photographs.

This video covers some of Andrews' best research, and more than
establishes the authenticity of this global phenomenon.  The
powerful beauty of the formations challenge the viewer to delve
more deeply into what is easily one of the major paradoxes of
our time.  The Truth About Crop Circles captures a remarkable
evening with a remarkable researcher.  Highly recommended.  This
tape and many other outstanding titles can be found at


UFOcity.com Announces Its First Label Release!

UFOcity.com takes real pleasure in announcing the upcoming
release of Ultimate UFO!, the most ambitious UFO DVD-ROM set
ever produced.  The double DVD package will include the most
comprehensive collection of UFO footage ever with clips spanning
almost 50 years.  The footage totals more than five and a half
hours of viewing  and was shot in 26 countries - and outer
space, courtesy of NASA.  You will be able to watch it
accompanied by a music soundtrack, or with running commentary by
myself and noted UFO historian and researcher J. Antonio
Huneeus, co-author of UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available
Evidence, and International Coordinator for the Mutual UFO

To compliment this remarkable collection, Ultimate UFO! will
feature more than 250 pages of the best authentic declassified
government UFO documents available, many of which were formerly
classified SECRET and TOP SECRET. These reports, orders, letters
and position papers make for hours of fascinating reading and
show how seriously the offices and agencies of the United States
government have taken the subject of UFO's since they first
appeared on the scene in 1947.  To characterize these documents
as historic is an understatement: America's Post War history is
indelibly stamped with 3 letters - U-F-O!

In summary, Ultimate UFO! will include:

 An in-depth audio commentary by well-known ufologists Peter
   Robbins and J. Antonio Huneeus
 Links to six outstanding UFO websites
 Interactive menus
 Chapter Stops
 The UFO Experience video series trailer
 DVD-ROM containing
   Over 250 pages of government documents
   More than 50 pages from the now legendary MJ-12 papers -- the
   most controversial documents in the history of UFO studies.

Minimum System requirements:
Pentium PC with a DVD-ROM Drive and Windows 95 or higher


If you place your order for Ultimate UFO! between now and
December 31, we will send you one of three outstanding UFO
CD-ROMs (retail value $29.95 each) absolutely free, no strings
attached!  For credit card orders, simply go to
http://www.ufocity.com/shop/dvd.cfm and place your order.  Money
orders should be sent directly to:  UFO DVD OFFER c/o BMW, 250
West 57th St., Suite 317, NYC, NY 10107.  Ultimate UFO! is
$39.99 plus $3.95 shipping. $2.00 shipping for each additional
DVD.  Sorry, no personal checks.  New York State residents
please add 8.25% sales tax. The free CD-ROM's available are
Beyond Roswell, Left at East Gate and Psychic Discoveries Behind
the Iron Curtain.  Please let us know your first choice, but we
reserve the right to substitute as supplies are extremely
limited. Allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.


UFOcity.com Welcomes Shadowbox Collectibles Online!

Taking UFO's seriously shouldn't preclude having some fun with
the subject as well.  That is why UFOcity.com is delighted to
bring to your attention a series of UFO-related collectibles
which should pass muster with even the most scholarly researcher
- not to mention with their kids!  Shadowbox Collectibles' alien
figures and I (for "identified") FO's are based entirely upon
first-hand reports of actual encounters.  The figures are
extremely well cast, beautifully detailed and carefully hand
painted.  Most come in a carded blister pack complete with a
collectible trading card. They also have glow-in-the-dark
figures and keychains.

Most of the collectibles in the Shadowbox line are very
reasonably priced at between $3.00 and $6.00 and are available
for view by just clicking on the item at
http://www.UFOcity.com/sbox/sbox.cfm  The company also has a
line of terrific mythological figures (sasquatch, yeti, Loch
Ness monster, dragons, etc) to choose from.  Shadowbox
Collectibles make great gifts and are fine additions to your own
UFO-related collection.  Check out their online catalogue at


 From Arcturus Books Online October Catalogue

Arcturus Books' new catalogue is out and as always, there are
numerous new and ongoing UFO and paranormal titles to choose
from.  Here are our picks for the month:

256pp, large spiral bound.  This reproduction of No. 14 differs
from the Leon Davidson "Analysis Of" book in the sense that A)
this is the complete collection of statistical tables which
comprise the report, and B) there is no "analysis" of these
statistics.  Raw data, waiting for your analysis!  $20.00

(Documents) PROJECT GRUDGE.  FUFOR, 1999, lg. softbound, about
300pp.  All the documentation pertaining to Project Grudge.  As
such, a must for libraries emphasizing the historical aspects of
Ufology.  Rob Swiatek contributes the foreword.  $25.00

BEYOND. 1999, qual. soft, 288pp, notes, glossary, index.
Originally a 1997 German work, this now gets its first
English-language exposure.  It is full of evidence which reveals
something of the true nature of the actual powers possessed
within human consciousness, and very reminiscent of the work now
being done with various subjects by Dr. Berthold Schwarz.  Are
we in a degenerative state today, with respect to such powers,
or are we only now beginning to awaken these powers in
ourselves, after tens of thousands of years of existence as
"homo sapiens"?  I suspect the latter possibility is correct-and
here is an excellent place to start examining the evidence for
it.  $17.95

Halliday, Ron.  UFO SCOTLAND.  1998, qual. soft, 337pp., photos,
bibliog, index.  Case studies of Scottish UFO encounters, seems
to be all-1990s material,  good solid reporting from an area not
previously well known in UFO circles.  $15.95 (Stock due in
about 2 weeks)

BRITAIN.  R. Hale, 1997.  HC, 216pp, photo-illus, bibliog,
index.  Reprint of 1987 original.  The Uffington Horse, the
Cerne Abbot Giant, the Long Man of Wilmington and other hill
figures are described here, and some are assigned a date much
earlier than previously given.  If your interests include
Megalithic Britain, this book is sure to please.  Priced too
low, at $19.95

INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER.  Summer, 1999, Vol 24:2.  Jerome
Clark says "It ain't over (for ufology) yet (without mentioning
anything about the fat lady who still has to sing).  Also,
Argentinian UFO crash-landing; 1997 South Pacific sighting
(article by Richard Haines);  Part One of "The Mystery of Howden
Moors" in the UK;  UFOs in Canada, 1998, by Mark Rodeghier, and
Michael Swords unveils "Classic Cases from the APRO Files."
Always the best, $6.00


In Closing: No Aliens, No UFOs, No Elvis - National Enquirer
Revamps It's Image

"No Aliens, No UFOs, No Elvis" will be the slogan of the "new"
National Enquirer.  The Wall Street Journal reports that the
venerable supermarket tabloid will be sprucing up it's image and
avoiding UFO and Elvis sightings coverage in the future.  The
strategy is part of an effort to gain new readers,
respectability, and a greater share of the gossip market now
dominated by "People" and "Us" Magazines.

We cannot say whether or not the absence of UFO coverage from
the Enquirer will be of any assistance in making the subject
more mainstream or respectable, but despite years of griping,
some of us will begrudgingly miss the tabloid's more overtly
goofy coverage of UFO's.  But if you are a member of this group,
fear not.  We are confident that "Midnight," "The Tattler," and
the other tabloid sleaze sheets will more than take up the slack
and keep us supplied with as much "I Had Elvis's Love Child
Aboard a Flying Saucer" as we can handle.


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